Cannabis and Its Effect on COVID-19

The therapeutic properties of cannabis are widespread knowledge. Cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, are famous already and popular for treating a wide array of health issues. However, everyone is asking what effect it has on COVID-19. Will it help to relieve symptoms? Will it help to keep the virus at bay? Just how much weed delivery should you really be ordering? 

Cannabis is no longer a plant parents warn their children about or that hippies use stereotypically. As research into this plant develops, so does its use in mainstream society. Because of their extensive medicinal properties and ease of use, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, cannabidiol, or CBD, and other cannabinoids are prevalent in many beauty and health products. What is more, they soar in popularity. 

What about COVID-19?

With its many healing benefits, proven in many studies, you might wonder if cannabis can help to curb the pandemic currently afflicting the global population, COVID-19. This coronavirus is already responsible for killing millions, closing international borders, and collapsing economies. It causes fever, fatigue, and respiratory distress. Patients struggle to breathe. Some die. Can cannabis help?

Cannabis vs. the Cytokine Storm

One of the biggest dangers of COVID-19, at least in severe cases of acute respiratory failure, is the resulting “cytokine storm.” According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, a cytokine storm is an extreme rise in pro-inflammatory cytokines. As proteins, the cytokines involved in these spikes cause a massive increase in inflammation. So, should patients order cannabis delivery?

Many COVID-19 patients develop a serious case of lung fibrosis, an untreatable condition that scars lung tissues and makes breathing ever more difficult for sufferers. If cannabis can stop the cytokine storm, it could effectively suppress inflammation. Ultimately, this action would prevent lung fibrosis and put COVID-19 sufferers directly into remission. However, one might want to avoid smoking it. 

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In a study, Cannabis sativa reduced numerous cytokines and pathways related to fibrosis and inflammation. Specifically, the two cytokines reduced by C. sativa were IL-6 and TNFa, both believed to be primary targets when attempting to block a COVID-19 cytokine storm, as well as the resulting acute respiratory distress syndrome. 

Many Studies Prove These Claims

The abovementioned study is not the only one to support the cytokine-blocking properties of cannabis. Another, also published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, concludes that cannabis blocks it specifically in COVID-19 patients. In a mouse study, CBD lowered pro-inflammatory cytokines and played a protective role. This improved the clinical symptoms of the mice with illness similar to COVID-19. 

Others Ways Cannabis Can Treat COVID-19

The medical community is in awe of cannabis. Scientists have been finding it an effective therapy for an array of issues. Certainly, it is proving a very promising anti-inflammatory, with potential to reduce scarring in COVID-19 patients. How else can it help? With THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids showing promise in a range of issues, what other properties does it have that can help mitigate this disease? 

  • Analgesic

The painkilling effects of cannabis are legendary already. Anybody who uses it knows all about its numbing vibes. With COVID-19 symptoms involving sore throat, body ache and headache, pain relief is essential for most patients. Cannabis shows much potential for providing effective pain relief. The U.S. National Library of Medicine believes this due to its ability to increase the effects of serotonin itself. 

  • Anxiolytic

Living through a pandemic is stressful. Succumbing to COVID-19 even scarier. Because this is a highly infectious disease, patients isolate themselves from family and friends. The severe and terrifying nature of this virus can also leave your mental health shook. Fortunately, many cannabinoids show anxiolytic qualities, especially CBD. CBD is the cannabinoid most useful for reducing stress and anxiety. 

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However, as the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains, cannabinoids work best together. Cannabis increases serotonin activity and it lowers levels of cortisol. In this way, it effectively manages anxiety by manipulating these chemicals. Serotonin lowers anxiety, whereas cortisol is a stress-releasing hormone found in high levels among those suffering depression and anxiety. 

To Smoke or Not to Smoke? That Is the Question

While smoking is the most common method of consuming cannabis, it is not the only one. You can still benefit from cannabinoids by consuming them in other ways. Most studies use cannabis extracts, particularly cannabinoid-specific ones, like CBD. You can vape cannabis oil. Spray it up your nose. You can apply it topically, eat it, drink it, or leave it under the tongue to absorb. None of these needs lungs. 

Cannabis Delivery in California

With COVID-19 raging across the Golden State and keeping people indoors, it is easier to order cannabis online. Simply search your favorite search engine for “weed delivery near me” for your closest options. It is clear that cannabis shows much promise in fighting COVID-19, thanks mostly to its analgesic, anxiolytic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show cannabis improves outcomes for patients. 

It lowers the cytokine storm effectively, ultimately preventing lung scarring from inflammatory damage. Research also shows cannabinoids holding other notable therapeutic properties. While these can all provide much relief for COVID-19 patients, studies are still underway before scientists can draw any conclusions. Until then, use cannabis concurrently with advice from your doctor in managing COVID-19. 

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