Cannabis Could Cure Economic Challenges

Cannabis could Cure Economic Challenges

The new market for recreational cannabis has given a glimmer of the hope to some towns that have been left by the wayside in tough economic times. Across America, there are towns that are battling to surface from economic challenges and with the dawn of the new marijuana market, they are seeking out refuge and a new start. California is one of a few states that have legalized recreational marijuana and in some towns in the golden state this heralds new business opportunities. By becoming an active role player in the legal marijuana industry, some of these poor towns are looking forward to getting a foothold in the countries economy.  

One town such as this, Blythe, is looking into the trade. This desert town on the border of Arizona is approaching the business side of agriculture and distribution of cannabis. This includes online pot deliver services, retail shops, and marijuana dispensaries. Blithe is part of the agricultural sector of the Palo Verde Valley and is hoping that their knowledge and experience in the agriculture industry can grow with the newly regulated marijuana market. For over a hundred years, the small desert town has been recognised as being an agricultural based town.

Blythe has been not altogether onboard with the legal recreational use of marijuana in the first stages of the launch. However the town has since seen the business and economic opportunity for growth.

Blythe has many advantages against potential competing counties (Coachella Valley and coastal areas). Due to Blythe being at the near bottom of the economy, the town offers affordable land, an abundance of water for irrigation and the possibility of cheaper taxes.

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However the news has not been altogether well received by the small town’s community and council. The opportunity for economic growth was not a given reason for parts of the town to accept the legality of the recreational marijuana market. The small town is worried that issues related to public health and safety could arise from the legal marijuana market. The town has a history of failed attempts at economic resurrection and this is the main reason for parts of the community being hesitant to accept legal recreational marijuana. However some believe that since recreational marijuana and the growth thereof is legal, then the town could play an active role in the market and they might as reap the benefits from this newly regulated market. The opportunities for new business ventures simply cannot be ignored. Online marijuana dispensaries, pot delivery services and many other opportunities could be taken advantage of. This is the attitude of Tim Wade, a retired city councilman.

Blythe’s current population numbers are sitting around 20,000. The town is currently relying on the economic benefits of the two state prisons that the town houses. This, however, is not enough for the town to have a thriving economy. There are many citizens that are unemployed without a foreseeable soluble. The rate of unemployment is just under 15% and the majority of the town’s population are trying to survive and raise families in poverty. These statistics are a sad reality for the agricultural town and this is why the prospect of the marijuana market could potential be a stepping stone for the town of Blythe to raise itself above the poverty line.

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Retired counsel man Wade has said that the general idea in the townsfolk is that they are waiting for someone to come and rescue them from the economic slump that they are in. However wade believes that if the town wants to change the living conditions and economic state then they need to play an active role in doing so.

Big businesses and corporations are hesitant to conduct business in the town as it is not a profitable option. The townsfolk simply do not have the money to spend in retail and shopping. It is for this reason that Blythe could rescue itself by getting involved in the agricultural business of marijuana. And from there, individuals could start their own pot delivery services, online weed dispensaries and so forth. Once the town opens itself to the idea of legal marijuana, many doors of economic potential could be opened.

The cannabis industry is interested in trading with the (almost) despaired town of Blythe. Already to date, approximately 40 businesses are starting up in the poverty stricken town. One such new business venture is a facility that produces cannabis. Because of the agricultural foundations of the town, this same facility is looking at setting up a whopping 2 million square acres dedicated to the growing and cultivation of cannabis. The new venture for marijuana farming could be an excellent way for the town to climb out of poverty. However there are still some that have voiced concerns. No concrete arrangements have been made and this has made some folk weary. There have been many different opportunities that have knocked on the town’s doors for a few years however all have fallen short.

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What is required is solid business planning, knowledgeable and detailed planning for this new opportunity to be a success for the farming community. Blythe is one among many small border towns suffering under economic strain and poverty and hopefully these towns could reap benefits from the newly regulated marijuana market.

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