Cannabis Guide to Becoming a Dabbing Master

cannabis dabbing master

Even the best of us fall behind when it comes to the latest and greatest cannabis trends.  There are so many ways to consume cannabis that it may give you anxiety to try something new.  However, you may be missing out on some seriously amazing marijuana experiences.

While dabbing has been around for a decade, it has really picked up steam these past couple years.  But, what is dabbing?  By now you have surely seen these waxy concentrates for sale at your local dispensary.  However, knowing what they are and how to use them takes a little bit of work.  So, clear your schedule.  Here is everything you need to know to become a cannabis dabbing master.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing referrers to using cannabis in a highly concentrated form also known as dabs.  These wax like substances are made in a special way to delivery an intense high.  It all starts by taking out the THC as well as other cannabinoids like CBD from marijuana.  This is more like a science experiment because experts need to use solutions as well as gasses to master this process.  What they are left with is an ultra-sticky cannabis oil substance that resembles bee’s wax.

Depending on the process, dabs can either be sticky or much harder like a glass like substance.  These special concentrates are then exposed to high levels of heat and inhaled through a special dabbing device.  The result is a highly potent substances that is a faster and more effective way to get your buzz on.  While this may sound like a round about way to get your marijuana, there is some serious science behind it.  Oils tend to be the most potent part of many chemical compounds.  However, this shouldn’t be something you try to do on your own.  These compounds can be fragile and the process of removing them is challenging.

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What will you need to dab?

The most common misconception about dabbing is that you can heat up these concentrates using your favorite bong.  In order to consume dabs, you need a special set of smoking instruments.  To become a dabbing master, you will need to grab:

  • A high butane lighter:

You need to find a torch that delivers a high heat flame for an extended period.  The heat needs to break down the shatter to offer the maximum amount of smoke.

  • A dab ring:

These rings are specific types of water style pipes.  To properly heat and place your dab, you will need this special vapor ring.

  • A carp cap:

This is an option purchase for dabbers, but it can make your smoking session go a lot smoother.  This dab cap works like a topper on your bowl so that you can take breaks between each hit.  This will help you control you smoke as well as save on product waste.

  • Dab concentrates:

Perhaps the most important thing you will need is the concentrate itself.  What type of concentrate you get will all depend on your personal preference.

While this may seem like a laundry list of things you will need, the experience is worth it.  Best of all, most dispensaries can smoke shops carry these things right in store.  Chances are, your friendly budtender will be there to help guide you through your first dabbing experience.

What types of concentrates are there? 

The type of dabs that you get will total depend on what your dispensary has in stock at the time. However, there are some of the different types that you can find:

  • Flat dab:

The best type of concentrate for beginners is a flat dab.  This type of wax is runny and yields very little stickiness which is easier to work with.  This means that you will be able to carefully move around the product while you smoke it.

  • Pull dab:

The more experienced dabber will enjoy this extra sticky concentrate.  This dab is the perfect mix between shatter and wax.  This way you can “snap and pull” away excess product before introducing heat so you can save product for later.

  • Crumble:

The driest of concentrates is the crumble dab.  This sugar grain type dab has been making one serious comeback.  This is because this is one of the easier concentrates to use with vaporizing pens.  However, it should be noted that drier dabs can often be harder to work with.

  • Shatter:

Perhaps the most popular style of dab out there is the shatter.  This concentrate resembles broken glass and is easy to work with.  When you buy shatter, it will come in crystalized little pieces that can easily be heated up in your dab ring.  This is perhaps why you will most often see this style of dab on most cannabis menus.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are dipping into the sticky stuff or are going straight to shatter, one thing is clear.  Dabbing concentrates are where it is at when it comes to consuming cannabis.  They are easy to travel with and deliver a top notch high that even cannabis experts can enjoy.  So, next time you hit your favorite weed store, give dab a try.  You may just discover your new favorite way to smoke.  Good luck.

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  1. Avatar for Salvatore Salvatore July 27, 2018 / 10:52 pm / Reply

    Holly crap, i just learned all about dabbing and i always wanted to know what the heck people where talking about when they said Dab hits or dabbing online

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