Cannabis need to know: There are over 50 approved Cannabis Permits in Adelanto!

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There is high activity on marijuana, currently being experienced in the city Adelanto, in San Bernardino County. These developments form part of the much anticipated reforms that have been taking place in California. For some time now, medical marijuana has been available in various marijuana delivery services. However, each city has had different experiences based on the laws and regulations set. This has led to different growth patterns for the marijuana industry hence affecting patients’ ability to buy marijuana within their regions. The statistics as of now show that Adelanto has already approved 42 permits for medical marijuana alongside 14 cannabis manufacturing permits. The city received a lot of applications and some are awaiting approval while others have either been rejected or withdrawn by those who made the applications. This information was available from documents that were offered by the senior planner of Adelanto.

The 42 approved permits for marijuana cultivation happen to be the first activity by the city of Adelanto for its gradually growing medical marijuana industry. One of the applicants was given a permit along Beaver Road and sought to be given a 5,000 square foot facility. There was yet another on the same location but within the industrial park seeking a 30,000 square feet. There were even others seeking as big as 300,000 square feet according to the city’s documents provided by the city planner.  The permit activity being witnessed in Adelanto supports the narrative that there is a continued interest in the marijuana industry shown through entrepreneurs. Most of them have continued to provide marijuana for sale online whereas others provide cannabis products from local dispensaries within the region. Actually, the city permitted the hiring of a contract planning organization to address the backlog linked with the continued submission of paperwork for the application of marijuana business permits. Adelteo is a prime example of what might happen to the rest of California. With this trend, there will be much improved access to marijuana.

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Cannabis Permits Activity in Adelanto
About 50% of the approved permits on marijuana cultivation were given towards the end of 2015. During this time, the ordinance permitting such an activity was very new. Later on, three more applications got approved during the spring. Others were green lit in the period between August and October 2016. The next thing that was authorized by the city council was manufacturing of marijuana products and with this, patients could easily locate a marijuana delivery service providing the same round the city. These permits were granted in between August and September 2016. Most of these entrepreneurs in Adelanto made applications and had been awarded licenses for both manufacturing and cultivation purposes. The cannabis industry in Adelanto was largely boosted by the passage of Measure R, which is a marijuana excise tax of 5% imposed by the city along with Proposition 64 that saw the recreational use of cannabis become legal in California.

Marijuana delivery in California is becoming more and more pronounced and cities like Adelanto are taking the lead in this. Throughout the state of California, buyers have enjoyed the ability to order marijuana online and the reforms don’t seem to end any time soon. More is being unveiled with the dawn of every day. The pace at which Adelanto is growing in its marijuana industry is a sign of what developments are expected in the coming years. Both the entrepreneurs and customers have something to be happy about. This will of course be guided by city’s regulations set to safeguard the interests of all parties in the business. The marijuana industry is a promising sector in Adelanto and has held a lot of hope for the resurgence of the city’s economy. There is evidence at least in the short-term that there will be a return to a well-balanced budget for Adelanto following a long struggle that has been experienced in the past years. The 56 joint permits granted so far are also a representative of a major start from the maiden plans that were initiated in 2015 at a time when the maximum number of proposed permits was limited to five.  This limit was later increased to six before the city officials consequently settled on just giving permits based on the available space in Adelanto’s industrial parks. In that case, the zoning where the cannabis activity was to be conducted, would then determine the number of permits that can be allowed.

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In September 2016, the first cultivation and production facility was started by Genex Trading who broke grounds within the limits set by the city. Looking at the manner in which these marijuana permits are issued, there is a lot of optimism for consumers when seeking for help from a marijuana delivery service. Adelanto city will certainly benefit a lot from construction and creating these important structures before making any approvals for marijuana permits. Ideally, marijuana reforms are slowly taking shape in California and Adelanto seems to be among the many cities to watch.

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  1. Avatar for dominic tarabochia dominic tarabochia December 4, 2016 / 8:31 pm / Reply

    Three more were approved during the spring, and several more were green lit between August and last month.

  2. Avatar for louis lio louis lio December 4, 2016 / 10:22 pm / Reply

    There is a lot of optimism for consumers when seeking for help from a marijuana delivery service I am really hopeful for the future

  3. Avatar for kadrito oming kadrito oming December 4, 2016 / 10:58 pm / Reply

    A long struggle that has been experienced in the past years. Its a great news for residents in these states

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