Cannabis Oil – Effective for Tremors

Cannabis Oil – Effective for Tremors

The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at The University of California San Diego announced last year approval by the Drug Enforcement Administration, or the DEA, of its importation of some cannabinoids. Specifically, the study team imported capsules containing cannabidiol, or CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, extract. They wanted to know what effect they would have on tremors. 

Tremors, especially common among those 65-years or older, are a condition that causes uncontrollable shaking. According to the International Essential Tremor Foundation, at least 10 million people suffer nationally with it and millions more around the world. There is no treatment. Not for Parkinson’s tremors, which occur when at rest, and not for essential tremors, which occur anytime. 

No drugs work. Not effectively. Many patients try to stop the shaking, or at least control it somewhat, by repurposing other drugs. Using blood pressure medications, for example, shows very limited success, along with most other anecdotal attempts. Tremors seem untreatable. However, cannabis is making news now. Scientists think it may well calm essential tremor and other shaking disorders. 

Existing Studies

Principal of the study, Dr. Fatta Nahab, a neurologist from UCSD, began studying the effects of cannabis on tremors after two patients suddenly showed enormous improvement after consuming CBD bought online or smoking marijuana. Drug formula outlined in the FDA application, a ratio of 20 CBD: 1 THC to reduce any associated “high” to nil, included toxicity, purity, shelf life, and other information. 

The team also needed approval from the university itself, as well as convincing a California research advisory panel of the study’s safety. It included around 20 participants, with researchers monitoring tremor activity from a wrist device that measures shaking and its severity. The hope is to treat essential tremor, as well as other types of tremors, including Parkinson’s disease and epileptic seizures.

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Importing Cannabis from Canada

This approval by the DEA marked the very first time any clinical trial has the approval of the U.S. government to import cannabis from Canada. It highlights a new era of cannabis research, one long stifled by stifling prohibition. Marijuana delivery is still illegal under federal law, so private companies and medical communities are conducting their own research. 

To have federal approval for the study, the team needed to obtain their stash from the federally stipulated U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA, which grows weed for the purpose at the University of Mississippi. However, accessing that cannabis has long been a source of frustration for scientists, who also complain of its variety, quality, and effectiveness as a source of clinical study. 

Challenge of Acquiring CBD Capsules

The researchers needed potent cannabis extracts in soft gel form, like capsules. Dosing is easier to both dispense and monitor. Accuracy is exact. Compared to vaporizing or smoking, capsules offer a more scientifically accurate conclusion. Additionally, older participants did not want to inhale for the study, which presented a problem: NIDA does not have any capsules to offer. Zilch. None. Nowhere. 

It took the team two years to jump regulatory hurdles and just get some capsules from Canada. Cannabis is federally legal there now. Recreational sales are already well underway. American researchers are desperate for quality marijuana good enough for clinical purposes. Alternatively, they need facilities that grow it for them. For research specifically and for research only. 

Effect of Cannabis Oil on Tremors

The study found cannabis could help relieve tremors in a variety of ways. Its effectiveness, however, depends on personal tolerance of cannabinoids, severity of condition, and potency of product. While the federal government and its agencies continue to make study harder, companies and private funders are making breakthrough discoveries. One is that cannabis holds the properties needed to curb tremors. 

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According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, quite a few different cannabinoids have neuroprotective properties, ideal for those suffering tremors induced by motor related disorders. It is anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsive, antispasmodic, analgesic, and even, where necessary, sedative. However, this is strain- and tolerance-dependent. Not the same for all, some who might need more. 

Marijuana Delivery near Me

The only real way to know if cannabis will treat your tremors is to try it and see for yourself. There are different strains, different effects, and different cannabinoids, all of which work together to give you the “entourage effect” of synergistic healing. Order marijuana delivery, note how which strains affect you, and then compare the positive results as you experience them.

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