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Using Predatory Bugs to Keep Russet Mites out of Cannabis Grows

Almost nobody had heard of Aculops cannibicola until recently. Back in 2017, A. cannibicola, or the Hemp Russet Mite, suddenly appeared, causing a widespread outbreak that damaged both cannabis and hemp crops statewide. Farmers were desperate, trying all they could to save their plants. Most were facing catastrophic losses, with some about to discard entire grows. Some likened it to the plague. Nothing farmers did worked. These mites appeared indestructible. Even worse, nobody knew he or she even had any bugs until it was too late. Cannabis plants were falling like dominoes. Weed delivery companies feared supplying demand. Fortunately, a few pioneering farmers decided to try a method used on other high-value crops to control pests: They introduced predatory mites to eat them. Understanding Aculops cannibicola, or Hemp Russet Mites You cannot see the Hemp Russet Mite. It is too small for the naked eye. Further, cannabis plants are their only …

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