California Seed-To-Sale Laws

How California’s New Medical Marijuana Rules Track Seed-to-Sale Laws

In California, it may prove more challenging to conduct business under the State’s new medical marijuana laws. In November 2016, the populace voted to legalize recreational cannabis, joining other states before them. It has been legal to use medical marijuana for years already, and the state has been meticulously monitoring and accounting for all medical cannabis cultivated legally within its jurisdiction. Implications of Medical Marijuana Laws The state has long perfected regulation of medical cannabis from its seed to its sale. According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, track-and-trace systems will be mandatory by June 14, 2017. Already prominent companies sell comprehensive software to track the lifespan of cannabis and ensure compliance with state regulatory authorities. This same system will track recreational weed too. California Seed-To-Sale Laws So far, the state encourages tracking compliance with medical marijuana dispensaries, testing facilities, production sites, and cultivation areas. According to the …

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