Cannabis as Medicine

Why Cannabis Dispensaries Call Transactions “Donations”

You spend hours learning about the differences in marijuana strains, products, uses, laws, and more, only to find when you finally visit that the store accepts donations, not transactions. There is no denying that the cannabis industry is weird. Just navigating your way around a Cannabis dispensary needs knowledge, if not total guidance. So why donations? You are buying weed, a legal transaction, or are you? Understanding the Cannabis Industry Before the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, or AUMA, came into effect at the end of 2016, medical dispensaries operated on a non-profit basis, as non-governmental organizations. Because it was illegal to sell weed, even medicinally, legitimate patients operated as collectives, where they volunteer time and excess harvest in exchange for medicine and donations to cover basic operating costs. According to the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, AUMA changed that by creating a framework to control, regulate and …

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