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Are You Trying to Find Recreational Weed in California ? Good Luck!

Weed may legal in California now, but you have very limited options to get your hands on any of it. Try as you might, you will more than likely struggle to find some for legal sale, unless you live in San Diego or Santa Ana. Of all the cities, counties, and municipalities across the state, those are the only two places in all of California with recreational storefronts ready for sales on New Year’s Day. You will struggle to find weed wherever else you go. The state is far behind the January 1 deadline. Despite having a year to get a regulated market up and running, lawmakers are still busy drafting rules and regulations for it. To make matters even worse, the state’s licensing process is also behind schedule. As a result, almost all recreational marijuana businesses are still without operational licenses. If that is not bad enough, some cities …

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