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How Sublingual Cannabis Strips Work

As the legal industry grows and cannabis delivery becomes mainstream, people are experimenting with different consumption methods, often according to emerging studies into bioavailability, or absorbability. No longer are there only joints, bongs, and edibles, but you now have ever-growing options. One of these is sublingual. All you do is place an infused drop or strip under the tongue.  Sublingual strips are becoming increasingly popular. Their discretion and fast-acting effectiveness secures their place in the market. They work by absorption through the mucus membranes in your mouth, specifically those soft, yet tough, places under your tongue. This area has several functions; the most important is to act as a barrier that prevents microorganisms from attacking organs and tissues.  Mucosal membranes are also sensitive, providing feeling in the oral cavity so you know if you bite something sharp, or worse. They also secrete saliva, which aids in breaking down food and …

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