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5 Ways to Use Cannabis for Non-Smokers

You do not have to smoke weed to enjoy it anymore. Every smoker understands sudden and harsh coughing fits, burning throat, burnt fingers, and more. While such experiences have their place in bouts of nostalgia, more and more are opting to avoid such instead. Fortunately, you can find an abundant array of cannabis products when you search “weed delivery near me.” Not all require smoking. Fewer people are smoking these days than ever before. Not everybody wants to. Those with health worries, especially respiratory ones, may not even have choice. For decades, the stigma of smoking kept many from trying cannabis. This is true even now. Even in legal states. However, being 2021, methods of consumption are many. Options abound for non-smokers. Here are just five of the most common: 1. Cartridges Although vaping requires inhaling, many non-smokers are happy to consume cannabis this way. This is because vaping cartridges contain …

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