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Cannabis industry

Federal Pressure on Cannabis Industry

Effects of Federal Pressure on Santa Monica’s Cannabis Industry

icon  14 Apr, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: keith miller

On November 8, 2016, all of California was celebrating the official ballot votes approving Proposition 64. For those in Santa Monica, cannabis for recreational purposes was legal, and everywhere else in the state, too. Anyone over the age of 21 could use weed, carry it on their person, and even grow some at home. However, everyone is now anxious with President Trump being in office. Just ten days after his election, Trump instated Jeff Sessions as head of the Department of Justice. Sessions is an Alabama senator with strong opposing views on marijuana. Trepidation is now pervasive in L.A.’s cannabis industry, and stakeholders are extremely insecure about what will happen next or how to proceed. After all, cannabis is still illegal under federal law. California’s marijuana industry feels under threat.  Santa Monica cannabis industry do not feel that they have sufficient legal protection. Although Proposition 64 legalizes recreational weed, cannabis …

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Marijuana Industry Predictions in Los Angeles

6 Predictions For the Los Angeles Marijuana Industry in 2017

icon  06 Apr, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: keith miller

Last year saw a massive victory for the legalization of cannabis in California. In 2016, voters approved Proposition 64, making it legal for people to grow, carry and use marijuana recreationally. According to the Los Angeles Times, the city’s annual marijuana sales crossed the $1.3 billion mark in 2015 already. Combined with the approval of Proposition 215 in 1996, weed is now legal for everyone in the state. The future of the marijuana industry in Los Angeles looks very bright indeed, despite a few potential setbacks in U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his policing policies. The market for recreational marijuana in Los Angeles is still in its early stages, and many industry folk will be keeping an eye on progress during 2017. Even so, cannabis delivery service in Loss Angeles looks set to grow exponentially. So, just what are the biggest predictions for Los Angeles marijuana industry in 2017? …

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Setting Up Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Business Plan Made Easy

Setting-up Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Business Plan Made Easy

icon  22 Mar, 2017  /  icon  2        Author: keith miller

The prospects are becoming bright with each passing day; marijuana business has become real time business in the U.S today. You will agree with me that not every business plan makes it across the margin; many have failed and the delicate terrain of marijuana is not an exception. To reap the full benefits in this business, you must have a solid business plan for your marijuana delivery. We are going to take you through all the knotty gritty of setting up a business plan that you will be proud of. Financial Planning And Creating A Budget You definitely have strategic goals for your marijuana delivery service. Goals are met when they are backed up with the commensurate financial plan of action. How much is involved? How are you going to source the revenue? You must get this solidly on the ground. The Business License Of Marijuana Delivery Service The first …

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25% American Beer Drinkers will Predictably Embrace Marijuana when Legalised

25% Among American’s Beer Drinkers will Predictably Embrace Marijuana when Legalised

icon  15 Mar, 2017  /  icon  2        Author: keith miller

On purely health grounds and for recreational purposes, some states in the U.S have legalized Marijuana. The law is no respecter of persons, but with the impending legal backing to marijuana by more states in the U.S to marijuana, studies show that 25% of American beer drinkers will change to marijuana. Studies in states where marijuana has not been legalized show that a quarter of the beer drinkers have switched to the pot. Legalizing marijuana is within the states for now; pundits predict that if it gets to the national level, it is predicted that the beer industry will lose more than $2 billion on their retail sales index according to studies carried out by the Cannabis Consumer Group. There is an anticipated takeover of 7% of the marijuana market. The reality of the survey results above has been reflected in three states in the U.S. The legislation has taken …

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10 Wondrous Benefits and Healing Properties of Marijuana

icon  07 Feb, 2017  /  icon  5        Author: keith miller

Marijuana is one of the most interesting topics to hit the mainstream media in recent times. It has fans and doubters alike, and the decision to legalize it has been viewed by many as highly controversial, with doubts and concerns raised aplenty. However, marijuana also has lots of benefits and healing properties which most people are unaware of. These benefits make marijuana a highly effective and popular form of medicine and have resulted in an increase in cannabis delivery in Santa Monica. Some of these benefits are discussed below. Marijuana can be Used to Treat Glaucoma Glaucoma is an eye disease which increases the pressure in the eyeball, causing damage to the optic nerve and potentially resulting in the loss of vision. Studies have found that marijuana can be used to treat glaucoma, as it decreases the pressure in the eyeball. This can slow down the progression of the disease, …

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Weed Vacations

Top 5 Weed Vacation Tips that Will Make Your Experience Fantastic

icon  28 Jan, 2017  /  icon  3        Author: keith miller

Weed vacations are gaining popularity in states that have legalized medical/recreational marijuana. Previously, such vacations were not common due to the decriminalization of cannabis use and other activities related to it. Like other vacations that people usually go, this one needs to be enjoyable and worth reminiscing. But how many people are getting it right? Well, probably a few who take the time to plan well before beginning it. If you usually take such vacations but feel you are not enjoying to the maximum, then this article is perfect for you. With the right practical tips at hand, you can change your experience the next time you are out. Here are some tips for your consideration: #1 Don’t Underestimate Edibles One of the ways people get it wrong when they go for weed vacations is underestimating the power of edibles. If you are not used to edibles, then do not …

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Herijuana OG 2 plants

With New Law, You Can Now Wipe Out Your Past If You Were Convicted for Growing Marijuana at Home

icon  20 Jan, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: Anne Fred

In the past, one could be convicted for growing marijuana at home. In fact, there were thousands of cases involving illegal marijuana growing every year. As a result, some of them were convicted and are now serving varying jail terms depending on the crimes they had committed. With the passing of the new law that makes it legal to use the drug for medical purposes and grow not more than six plants at home, one can have their case reviewed, and the conviction wiped out. However, that does not mean that everyone in jail will be released now that the law has legalized cannabis. Remember that as at now, the law is not yet fully implemented. But still with the new law governing the marijuana industry, some crimes remain punishable. So Which Cases Can Be Cleared Under the New Law? One of the provisions in the new cannabis law allows …

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Support for Cannabis - Celebrities That Help Clean Marijuana’s Image

Are Cannabis-Using Parents Safe Under Proposition 64 ?

icon  20 Dec, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Paul

Marijuana users were relieved when California voters passed Proposition 64 in the November 8, 2016, elections. The law legalized recreational marijuana delivery and use in the state. However, there is a growing concern that authorities will infringe the civil rights of marijuana users. Some of the risk areas include parenting, gun ownership, driving, and employment. A recent report by Brooke Edwards Staggs provides more insights on the potential effects of the new law on cannabis-using parents. Proposition 64 has a new protection for parents that restricts courts from rescinding the custodial rights of parents who use medical marijuana. Cannabis-using parents should feel safe under the new law but their experience before the passage of Proposition 64 proves otherwise. State agencies may interfere with custodial rights because they still have the discretion to grant or deny cannabis-using parents custody of their children. The new law is a not concern to state …

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Support for Cannabis - Celebrities That Help Clean Marijuana’s Image

There is hope in Marijuana Industry for Job Seekers

icon  12 Dec, 2016  /  icon  1        Author: Jack

The number of jobs in the cannabis industry is expected to increase in the coming years. According to experts in the industry, there may be up to 300,000 extra jobs coming up in weed trade. The marijuana industry is ever promising than before. This is something that had not been conceived barely 20 years ago. In 1995, no single state had legalized marijuana for any use, whether recreational or medical. Today, the story is different. A total of 28 states have legalized marijuana for both recreational and/or medical use. The explosion in weed legalization can only be explained best by the increasing public perception towards cannabis. According to the national pollster Gallup, the support for the legalization of marijuana has highly increased to 60% in 2016 compared to a 25% support that was seen in the mid-1990s. A recent survey by CBS News poll conducted in 2015 shows that 84% …

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Recreational Marijuana

Medical Cannabis Spending Could Double in the Future

icon  09 Dec, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Sam Wills

A new study in Phoenix, Arizona shows that medical marijuana spending could double in a matter of four years if the Trump presidency will not interfere with it. According to ArcView Market Research and the New Frontier Data, retail sales by the end of 2016 were pegged at $367 million. However, the figures are expected to reach about $681 by 2020. So, what accounts for the increased spending on medical marijuana? The authors believe that the price of medical weed is certainly going to drop significantly in the next few years. Looking at it from another perspective, there will be more marijuana bought for each dollar spent. The marijuana delivery service operators who were interviewed in the study stated that they have experienced a decrease in the wholesale prices from over $3500 per pound, reaching a low of $1800 in a number of cases. Further decline in prices is also …

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How Can I Get Medical Marijuana

Expounding on the Role of Attorneys in relation to the Cannabis Industry

icon  08 Dec, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Jack

Marijuana for recreational use is now decriminalized in California. However, the federal government still considers marijuana illegal regardless of the use. Therefore, state’s lawyers have to deal with serious ethical matters revolving around the legal fog that still is a major challenge to the latest reforms on weed. Marijuana advocates got a resounding victory on November 8, 2016 during the elections that saw five states legalize marijuana for recreational use. These included Maine, California, Nevada, Arizona and Massachusetts. Four other states voted in measures to decriminalize medical cannabis. It was a time of celebration for marijuana users in these states that have now become marijuana-friendly according to the states laws and regulations. Many hopefuls believe that the recent developments on the issue of marijuana are a turning point for the national government.  Going back to the campaign period, Trump told the Washington Post that he considered the issue of cannabis …

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