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Californian Cannabis Cultivators Still Unlicensed

LOS ANGELES – Adult use of cannabis has been legalized in the Golden State for over two months already but there are many known cannabis cultivators that are not yet licensed. The estimate is that less than one percent of the total cannabis cultivators in California have obtained a license to legally cultivate their cannabis. This statistic emerged from a 38-page report published recently by the California Growers Association.   The reported stated that there are as many as 68, 150 marijuana growers in the state of California. However, by the 7th February the number of licensed growers was sitting at a meager 534. The report admitted that that a low percentage of 0.78% of the total 68, 150 marijuana growers have received licenses for the legal cultivation of marijuana. The report suggested that the reasons for the delay or lack of licenses are due to a lack of resources on …

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