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Is THC Most Important in Good Weed?

There are many factors to consider when ordering marijuana delivery. Getting good weed remains priority, but just what determines good weed? Is the notoriously psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the deciding factor, or are there others at play too? The truth is that it depends. It depends what you want. If you are looking to buzz, then THC is important, yes. So are terpenes. So are others. Before searching “weed dispensary near me,” think about why you are using cannabis in the first place. What might be the finest buds for one person could well hold little value for another. Your purpose is the deciding priority. If you are using weed medically, then analyzing labels becomes even more important than just high THC levels. What all goes into choosing the best weed? Potency Of course, THC is important, if feeling stoned is your goal. The higher the THC, the more psychoactive …

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