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7 Tips to Ensure Quality of Buds

It is not always easy to tell good buds apart from bad ones. The reality is that testing them first is the only tried and true way to know for sure. Even lifelong weed enthusiasts struggle at times to tell quality from not. You can grow the same strain and get different results. Quality varies between crops. Conditions such as climate, airflow, nutrients, harvesting techniques, and curing methods all play a role. However, it is possible to know if your buds are good or not, even with the most subtle of clues. Much like choosing fruits and vegetables, the practice requires some individual subjectivity. Despite this, there are factors to consider that will tell if you are buying quality weed or, say, catnip, even when you order marijuana delivery. These seven tips will help you know what you are buying: 1. Analyze Colors Bud color changes from bud to bud. They …

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