Control Epileptic Seizures

Treating Epilepsy with Medical Marijuana

Ever since people became more accepting of marijuana, it has become a common alternative for treating an array of medical ailments. Now, people are replacing their Tums and Advil with medical marijuana. However, unlike most other chronic conditions that over-the-counter supplements can help manage, treating epilepsy requires a specific chemical cocktail not quite so easily available. This is the reason why so many desperate families are turning to marijuana, specifically its cannabidiol, or CBD, properties, to treat their epileptic family members. Pot has proven such a promising anti-epileptic that the Food and Drug Administration is busily funding several clinical trials. Because marijuana, in particular, is such an effective seizure treatment, it is crucial that research continues. Epilepsy Explained Epilepsy is a horrible condition. Sufferers endure recurring seizures, which vary in effect and intensity. They are the result of disturbance to certain areas of the brain’s circuitry, which leads to bursts …

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