Effects of Marijuana

Does Smoking Weed Affect How Your Body Smells?

With the legalization of cannabis in California, increasingly in other states too, folks are discovering their love for smoking it. For many, it is a rediscovery. For most, searching “weed delivery near me” before a movie night is the new normal. Folks definitely need it to spring clean their homes, or to work out every second night, or to relax after a long workday or even just to get some shuteye. Anytime, really.  However, this newfound adoration for cannabis brings with it some other discoveries too, such as how it affects you, what uncontrollable “munchies” feel like, couchlock, and even how it makes you smell like weed after. No, we are not talking about lingering smoke clinging to your hair, skin, and clothes. A fact that, but no. We are talking about your actual body odor. Smoking makes your sweat smell like weed.   Weed and Your Body Odor Come now: …

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