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Pot Prices Set to Nearly Double in California

A new tsunami of regulations and tax requirements is about to reshape California’s legal cannabis marketplace, influencing where it grows, the production of edibles, and what just about everything will eventually cost. Marijuana consumers in the state should prepare for severe sticker shock when retail sales start in 2018. At retail level currently, consumers in Los Angeles pay roughly $35 for a small bag of high quality medical marijuana, which is about enough for five or six joints. However, when recreational sales begin and the new tax laws kick in next year, that same little bag will cost as much as $60 at retail counters in the state’s new marketplace. That astronomical increase equates to about 70 percent at the high end, and according to industry experts, the cost of medical marijuana will likely rise too, albeit not as shockingly. Not even the debris used to make bottom-shelf products will …

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