Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Los Angeles Responsible for Its Own Illegal Weed Dispensary Problem

Despite being the proud owner of one of the world’s biggest weed markets, the legalization of recreational pot early this year still took officials in Los Angeles completely by surprise. Because of this, unlicensed, illegal weed dispensaries have been spreading at an alarming rate throughout the city and, in fact, now way outnumber their licensed counterparts. According to one dispensary owner in the city, “We were being railroaded by kangaroo courts.” This was his description of the laborious licensing process for medical pot dispensaries back in 2009 already. “They were just denying them out of hand,” he continued anonymously. “Obviously their intent was just to close everyone down.” Fast forward nine years and the state of pot deals in the city are both notably different and precisely the same. Even after recreational cannabis went legal in January this year, weed dispensaries are still complaining about an inhospitable regulatory environment, one …

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