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marijuana and your health

The Great Debate On Marijuana And Your Health

icon  13 Aug, 2017  /  icon  2        Author: Paul Dillan

For decades marijuana has been viewed as a dangerous drug and the gateway to destruction. Recently even the biggest of skeptics are starting to turn around on this topic. This could be because of the studies that show that marijuana can be beneficial to your health. This wasn’t an accident either. Outspoken members of the cannabis community have worked tirelessly to change people’s minds. But, will new studies start to erase all of the progress they have made? Just this week information came out claiming that marijuana can have a surprisingly negative effect on your health. While this study is still new, the claims are shocking to say the least. The claim is that people who use marijuana are more likely to have heart problems like hypertension later in life. This study was done by The European Society of Cardiology. According to SAGE Journals people who use marijuana regularly are …

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Tensions Over Marijuana Legalization

Tensions Continue to Broil Over Marijuana Legalization

icon  10 Aug, 2017  /  icon  2        Author: Paul Dillan

Earlier this month, U.S. Senator Corey Booker, D-N.J., introduced a bill to get marijuana legalized at the federal level. Called the ‘Marijuana Justice Act,’ this legislation would make cannabis legal across the country and protect the rights of states to make their own laws to regulate their industries. However, his bill faces one rather large obstacle. It has practically zero chance of becoming law in Washington’s current political climate, and media outlets, political analysts, and every professional with a chance to talk about it are not shy to acknowledge this as fact. According to Politico, it has “virtually no chance.” Even the most optimistic advocates of legalization agree. Rolling Stone said it “faces an uphill battle,” one impossible to win. The GOP is Boss Attempting to get cannabis legalized federally in today’s political environment appears an insurmountable hurdle. The GOP is actively suppressing all legislative and congressional actions in favor …

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Federal Marijuana Laws

Senate Rebukes Sessions by Upholding Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment

icon  29 Jul, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: Paul Dillan

Back in May, Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked Congress to repeal the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which prevents the federal government from interfering in state laws that legalize marijuana. It bars them from using federal funds to investigate, enforce, prosecute, or persecute anyone using, carrying, growing, transporting, or selling cannabis in states where it is legal for them to do so. He may want to override Rohrabacher-Farr, but he is meeting staunch resistance from all walks of society, including politicians and citizens. Sessions claims a link between marijuana and violent crime, and he wants to keep weed illegal so that the Department of Justice can investigate and arrest criminals unhindered. Fortunately, the Senate opted to uphold the rights of states and civilians in this matter. Conflict of Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment and Federal Marijuana Laws On Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted in favor of an amendment to a budget bill that prevents federal …

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Legalize Recreational Marijuana

New Jersey Gearing to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

icon  23 Jul, 2017  /  icon  3        Author: Paul Dillan

On May 15, Democratic State Senator Nicholas Scutari announced the latest bill for recreational marijuana in New Jersey. The legislation, if approved, will allow adults to possess an ounce of weed, 16 ounces of solid cannabis infusion, 72 ounces of liquid pot infusion, or seven grams of concentrated marijuana products. However, it does not allow for cultivation at home. The legislative bill would legalize, regulate and tax recreational cannabis throughout the state. It also establishes a regulatory authority, namely the Division of Marijuana Enforcement, to oversee all of this. It will also tax all legal cannabis sales in New Jersey anywhere from 7 percent to 25 percent over a five-year period. Medical pot is already legal, and this bill will make this the ninth state to legalize adult use. To become law, both legislative houses must pass this bill and the governor must sign it. However, Republican Governor Chris Christie …

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States Legalizing Marijuana due to Federal Crackdown

States Legalizing Marijuana as Federal Crackdown Begins

icon  17 Jul, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: Paul Dillan

In a widely viewed win for conservatives, the national vote may inspire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his federal enforcers to further crack down on weed. Sessions, who considers cannabis comparable to heroin, is fighting to override the rights of states to make their own legal decisions. Despite more states legalizing at an increasing rate, the federal government plans more enforcement. Federal Marijuana Laws By month’s end, we should have the results of a federally funded study into whether there are links between marijuana legalization and violent crimes, tasked by Mr. Sessions himself. While we wait, he has already requested that Congress enable the Justice Department to ignore state laws and allow unhindered federal prosecution of medical cannabis. Naturally, this has created a noticeable divide between Congress members in all political spheres and Attorney General Sessions. Many congressional representatives, democrats and republicans from New Jersey to Kentucky, are fighting to …

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Anti-Marijuana Lawmakers and marijuana industry

Anti-Marijuana Lawmakers Continue to Hand the Industry Set Backs

icon  14 Jul, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: Jake Methow

It is no surprise that this current administration plans on continuing to put more restrictions on marijuana. Even among the overwhelming evidence that marijuana is actually good for the country, there continue to be push backs. This problem has only elevated since the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. It has been no secret that Sessions has wanted to continue the endless war on drugs, but he isn’t alone. Most recently Rep. Andy Harris has joined the endless crusade against the marijuana industry. This is nothing new for Harris as he has always been vocal against medical marijuana. In fact, rollingstone.com regards Harris as being marijuana’s “biggest foe”. Recently Harris has been pushing for more marijuana research. This leads many supporters of the marijuana community to wonder why. This comes on the heels of the announcement that Jeff Sessions wants to revive the D.A.R.E program. The D.A.R.E program was …

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Greece Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Greece Legalizes the Medical Use of Marijuana

icon  07 Jul, 2017  /  icon  2        Author: Jake Methow

After years of debating, Greece has finally joined the long list of European countries to legalized medical marijuana.  While this is a huge step forward for this Mediterranean country, they are not the first to do so.  In fact, Greece is the sixth European country to rake in the benefits of this lucrative business. The legal use of marijuana in Greece will be primarily restricted to certain medical conditions.  Unlike other areas where medical marijuana is legal, Greece has a short list of conditions.  This list includes ailments like PTSD, cancer and other serious chronic pain conditions.  Greece is hoping that with the new legalization they will be able to control opioid addictions. There have been a growing number of opioid addiction cases, especially in the major cities like Athens.  While this is a problem for the mainland, smaller islands have seemingly been unaffected.  This has caused a slight rift …

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Voters Approve the Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Mexico

icon  02 Jul, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: Jake Methow

The recent legalization of medical marijuana in Mexico is the country’s first step toward reducing violence associated with illegal drug cartels. The decision to legalize has both implications and the potential for businesses, some of which have been importing cannabis-derived products into the country since February 2016 already, when the Mexican government issued the first-ever license for it. Recently, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto put his name to a decree legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. This move followed widespread support for legalization within the Mexican Senate and Congress. Back in April, they passed the measure with an overwhelming majority of 347-7, and now, the Ministry of Health has the job of creating a regulatory environment for medical weed. The recent presidential decree tasks the Ministry of Health with creating and implementing an array of regulations to oversee the use of medical cannabis derivatives, including all strains and types, as well …

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California Allows Cannabis Delivery

California Allows Cannabis Delivery – Medical Marijuana Rules Sustained

icon  21 Jun, 2017  /  icon  2        Author: Paul Dillan

While the State of California prepares regulations for the legal marijuana industry next year, some exciting new developments are underway. As lawmakers consider new standards for organic cannabis, tasting pot samples at local fairs and legal marijuana delivery in California may soon become reality for medical and recreational users alike. The administration of Governor Jerry Brown is working with lawmakers to satisfy the desires of voters: It is actively creating a legal environment to merge the state’s well-known Medical Marijuana Program with recreational cannabis laws. Several new regulations are under consideration to protect public and consumer interests, while ensuring reliable and enforceable avenues of tax collection. Medical Marijuana Rules in California Currently, the law permits legitimate medical patients to use, possess and grow cannabis legally, provided they comply with regulations. Under the Medical Marijuana Program, anyone can become a cannabis-certified patient with a doctor’s letter of recommendation or a Medical …

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Legalization of Medical Marijuana

How Many Countries Have Legalized Medical Marijuana and Why?

icon  18 Jun, 2017  /  icon  3        Author: Paul Dillan

The world is moving in the right direction when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. Countries who have legalized medical marijuana are raking in the benefits. This begs the question, why isn’t it legal everywhere? Legalizing marijuana isn’t as easy as signing a bill. There is a process of votes and passing laws. Here are the countries who have legalized medical marijuana and who have joined the cannabis revolution. Why should marijuana be decriminalized? The number one reason why people are against making marijuana legal everywhere is because they are misinformed. They think marijuana leads to crime and addiction.  Cannabis does not have the chemical structure to cause withdrawal symptoms. However, this doesn’t mean, that people who are prone to addiction are safe either. The best argument for the legalization of marijuana is the benefits that each state can see. This is because once marijuana is legalized, it gets …

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Marijuana edibles legalization

Will Marijuana Edibles Be Legal Under the New California Bill?

icon  23 May, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: Paul Dillan

Marijuana-infused products are exploding in popularity. In fact, financial experts say that edibles alone have a 43 percent share in the total cannabis market. People are trying weed in different forms, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that more and more prefer eating it. Despite this, California lawmakers intend to ban certain edibles and tighten regulations significantly. Why? Children are eating them accidentally and emergency room visits are skyrocketing because of it. When marijuana edibles resemble typical candy, unsuspecting people unknowingly devour them, most notably kids already familiar with candy shaped like fruit, insects, animals, or people. Lawmakers want to ensure that cannabis edibles are unmistakably obvious in an attempt to eliminate future accidents. Legalization of Marijuana in California Back in 1996, California voters approved Proposition 215, or the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. This made marijuana legal in California for medical patients to treat themselves. It allowed them to …

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After West Virginia, Which State Will Legalize Marijuana

West Virginia Legalize Marijuana: What Other States Will Follow?

icon  18 May, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: Paul Dillan

There is a long list of reasons why the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana is on the rise. With all of the therapeutic and financial benefits that have come from this legalization you can’t help but wonder why so many states are not cashing in on this trend. West Virginia legalize marijuana which opens the door for other southern states to follow suit. This begs the question, what state will be next? Different Types of Legalization West Virginia legalized marijuana, but they are not the first. To know what is legal in your state, you first have to know what types of legalization there is. The most common form of marijuana legalization that you will see is for medical use. While some states are stricter than others when it comes to how to determine who qualifies for a medical marijuana card, the process is fairly similar. In more …

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West Virginia Legalize Medical Marijuana

West Virginia – 29th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

icon  28 Apr, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: keith miller

Legalization of medical marijuana in West Virginia really happened, making it the 29th state to do so officially. People are very excited. When West Virginia allows it, you know medical weed is now firmly entrenched in America’s heartland. The state finally enacted a law that gives seriously ill patients the right to treat themselves with cannabis, provided they have a doctor’s recommendation, of course. Medical Cannabis Act of West Virginia On April 6, 2017, the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act, or Senate Bill 386, finally received legislative approval after the House ignored it for some time. Introduced by Senator Richard Ojeda (D-Logan), it gives regulatory control over all medical marijuana cultivators, processors, and distributors to the West Virginia Bureau of Public Health, officially charging it with oversight authority. Benefits of Medical Marijuana Legalization for West Virginia Qualified patients with listed medical conditions are now able to use medical marijuana in …

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25% American Beer Drinkers will Predictably Embrace Marijuana when Legalised

25% Among American’s Beer Drinkers will Predictably Embrace Marijuana when Legalised

icon  15 Mar, 2017  /  icon  2        Author: keith miller

On purely health grounds and for recreational purposes, some states in the U.S have legalized Marijuana. The law is no respecter of persons, but with the impending legal backing to marijuana by more states in the U.S to marijuana, studies show that 25% of American beer drinkers will change to marijuana. Studies in states where marijuana has not been legalized show that a quarter of the beer drinkers have switched to the pot. Legalizing marijuana is within the states for now; pundits predict that if it gets to the national level, it is predicted that the beer industry will lose more than $2 billion on their retail sales index according to studies carried out by the Cannabis Consumer Group. There is an anticipated takeover of 7% of the marijuana market. The reality of the survey results above has been reflected in three states in the U.S. The legislation has taken …

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10 Marijuana Legalization Opponents in USA

Top 10 Marijuana Legalization Opponents in the USA

icon  09 Mar, 2017  /  icon  2        Author: keith miller

Marijuana has for many centuries passed as an illegal drug all around the world. Moreover, violent and dangerous to the community classification is ongoing about marijuana users. However, this has come to pass with the recent legalization of marijuana in several states in the United States. Marijuana is currently used for the health benefits it provides to many patients suffering from ailments like cancer and anxiety. But as we all know, every debatable forum attracts both proposition and opposition. Marijuana legalization is still stigmatized by the society despite its current legalization. A number of marijuana legalization opponents have surfaced and among the top 10 include; Police Unions Police unions argue that the legalization of marijuana will increase homicide cases. Apparently, both legal and illegal marijuana sellers will compete for marketing and sell grounds eventually affecting the public’s safety. In addition, they oppose marijuana legalization arguing that the number of accidents …

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Freeing Recreational Marijuana from Social Stigma

icon  14 Feb, 2017  /  icon  5        Author: keith miller

It has been some time now since the use of cannabis was legalized. Cannabis is proven to be immensely helpful when used in medical capacities and is also used recreationally by plenty of enthusiasts. The number of users and supporters of cannabis are growing every day, and it is safe to say that the time has never been better to use marijuana. However, despite having such a huge positive impact and so much support from fans, recreational marijuana is still not free from the stigma of society. In this article, we discuss the stigma recreational marijuana faces in society, and how to free it from such stigma. Use of Recreational Marijuana Makes People Lazy This is one of the most common misconceptions society has regarding marijuana. People seem determined to believe that smoking marijuana will make users ‘lazy’ and ‘useless’. However, that is not the case. Plenty of users feel …

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Will Legalization of Medical Cannabis Transform The Drug into a High-End Product in California?

icon  15 Jan, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: Paul Dillan

In November 2016, Californians agreed to pass Proposition 64 making it legal to cultivate, produce, sell and manufacture cannabis products for medical use. Since then, many things have taken place in the industry, and more changes are even expected to take place. For the first time in decades of war against the use or possession of the drug, the state has allowed researchers to carry out more research to find out what the drug can do in the field of medicine. Besides that, the state is also licensing doctors and clinics to prescribe it to patients. With all these happenings, we can say that, indeed, cannabis is no longer in the group of those other drugs that only thrive in the black market. As many parties and players in the industry continue to welcome the use of the drug for medical and recreational reasons, there’s also a move to clear …

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How Long Does Your Marijuana Stay in Your System?

icon  12 Jan, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: Paul Dillan

With the legalization of marijuana for medical use, many people are getting interested in this hot topic and are asking a lot of questions regarding its use. One of the most asked questions at the moment is how long the marijuana stays in one’s body after use. To help answer this question, many researchers are now carrying out studies to find out the medical benefits of the drug and the length of time they stay once smoked or taken as an edible. While there’s no one answer for this question, we can explain its effects in many ways depending on how regular it’s used and the body’s rate of metabolism. Besides that, the active chemicals in the medical marijuana determine the effects and how long the last in the user’s system. The Active Chemicals in Marijuana Marijuana has at least two active chemicals namely cannabidiol(CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). According to experts, …

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How to create Marijuana Shatter, Crumble, Wax and other Cannabis Concentrates

icon  06 Jan, 2017  /  icon  0        Author: Jake Methow

Recreational Marijuana is now legal in some regions around the United States and the trend to decriminalize this drug is now gaining momentum all over the country. With this, in place, there is a growing need for products related to marijuana due to expanding markets. In light recreational weed legalization, the extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis into different products is the process which has acquired fame over the past six years. The typical products which are extracted include a shutter, crumble, wax and dabs all of which have different uses, extraction processes and the ways in which they are consumed. Many questions are asked by different people on how these products are extracted from cannabis and the effect in which each of them has on one’s body. This article will show painless and easy steps of making shatter, crumble and wax from cannabis. Shatter Shatter is the purest and strongest …

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Support for Cannabis - Celebrities That Help Clean Marijuana’s Image

Support for Cannabis - Celebrities That Help Clean Marijuana’s Image

icon  04 Jan, 2017  /  icon  1        Author: Paul Dillan

Marijuana has received a lot of publicity in the past few years and it’s legalization for recreational use has been heavily debated. Recently, the public voted to legalize recreational cannabis in California and that provided significant momentum to the industry. This is mostly because marijuana has gotten a lot of positive press and support from high-profile people, including celebrities. There are many who are quite vocal in favor of either medical or both medical and recreational marijuana and some of them are mentioned below: Bill Gates This might come as a surprise to many, but Bill Gates is a supporter of marijuana. He might not have spoken on the subject much, but sometimes actions speak more than words. The billionaire and business wiz said “Yes” when the vote for initiative 502 to legalize recreational marijuana use was carried out in Washington State. He has publically stated that it’s a good …

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The 2016 Global Marijuana Legalization Wave

The 2016 Global Marijuana Legalization Wave That Has Swept Countries

icon  30 Dec, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Paul Dillan

The legality of the use of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes has for a long time been a hot debate in many countries. However, nations and states seem to have noted something significant with this drug that remains the world’s most widely cultivated and consumed drug. Though the laws vary across the world, there seems to have been a wave that has seen more than 20 countries soften their tough laws regarding the use of Marijuana. In the US alone, medical/recreational Marijuana is now legal in more than half of its states. Indeed, the global trend of legalizing Cannabis had great momentum and was unstoppable in 2016. The process kicked off a few years ago and seemed to have borne fruits as evidenced by the growing list of countries that are drafting laws and regulations to govern the use of this most produced and trafficked drug in the world. …

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It’s a different Ball Game altogether for Legal Marijuana Growers in California

It’s a different Ball Game altogether for Legal Marijuana Growers in California

icon  21 Dec, 2016  /  icon  2        Author: Jake Methow

Legal marijuana cultivators are driving a different kind of success in California. The decriminalization of recreational weed in California is forming a gold rush for warehouses to host weed grows. Investors don’t have a lot of options to directly cash in on California’s recent move to legitimize weed. Presently, there are no marijuana producing organizations publicly trading the substance. On the other hand, cannabis remains unlawful under the federal government. All the same, they wait in anticipation for a lift in the demand for warehouses as legitimate weed companies continue to look for space to cultivate their marijuana supply. In the coming few months, the demand for weed is expected to shoot up and that is why marijuana delivery companies are committed to increase the weed grows for a steady supply. Company shares such as those of Rexford Industrial Realty Inc, Terreno Realty Corp and Prologis Inc that have enormous …

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Does Cannabis Actually Help Reduce the Size of Tumors

Kentucky Legislature will Consider Legalizing Medical Cannabis in 2017

icon  13 Dec, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Sam Wills

The continued legalization of marijuana for different purposes around the United States is something that the federal government will have to live with. The national government still classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug despite a wave of reforms that has seen many people in America access weed in their states. New marijuana laws are coming up in different parts of the nation and the quest does not seem to end any time soon. It is a journey that started in California where marijuana was legalized for medical use in 1996. Later on, many other states took the bold step to defy federal regulations and they too decriminalize marijuana use both for medical and/or recreational purposes. Today, 28 states in the United States have established state laws that govern the cultivation, possession, sale and use of marijuana for different purposes. Kentucky State is also warming up to these reforms. One …

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Lemon Haze marijuana

Legal Marijuana Drug Shops May Soon be Established in Los Angeles

icon  11 Dec, 2016  /  icon  2        Author: Anne Fred

Recent developments in Los Angeles show that marijuana factions are now joining forces to fully permit the operation of cannabis shops in the city. A group that represents various quasi-legal marijuana shops in Los Angeles city will provide its support to help in legalizing these shops. The United Cannabis Business Alliance (UCBA) is removing its measure that had already qualified for the ballot in March.   Instead of significantly splitting the pro-cannabis vote with initiatives that mainly seek the same goal, the UCBA declared that it will instead give its support for Proposition M that was approved for the ballot by the Los Angeles City Council in November 2016.  The UCBA felt that it was important to collaborate to bring more reforms in marijuana. The board of directors in this organization established that the best strategy to ensure uniform marijuana regulations for communities, patients and pot business was by working closely …

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Ailments Can Marijuana Most Effectively Treat

What next for Black-Market Exports after Marijuana Legalization in the California?

icon  07 Dec, 2016  /  icon  1        Author: Sam Wills

The impact of marijuana legalization in California is still being analyzed by experts in marijuana-related issues. One of the main issues highlighted in the analysis is how the black market will be affected. Just because Proposition 64 was passed in California doesn’t mean everyone in the marijuana business will take part in the highly regulated market through the state government. While a number of these businesses will take part in the legal marketplace, some may lag behind in the black market, which is expected to take a financial hit. The expansion of the regulated marketplace in the state of California and the expansion of businesses that have access to the controlled marketplace in California will endeavor to cut down on any diversion and reduce out-of-state sales. These are reports according to the California Growers Association as presented by the executive director, Hezekiah Allen. Even though marijuana regulation will do some …

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How Can I Get Medical Marijuana

California Treasury Seeks Trump’s Guidance on Banking for Marijuana Business

icon  03 Dec, 2016  /  icon  2        Author: Paul Dillan

The state of California expects an increased growth in its marijuana industry and the need for participation in a banking system for this industry is much needed. Revenue from the cannabis industry in California is projected to the tune of $1 billion per annum and may even be more. With that in mind, John Chiang, the California Treasurer made an appeal to President-elect Trump to intervene and help the state’s $7 billion weed industry participate in the banking system controlled by the federal government. This is an issue that has been pending for years now even with two decades of medical marijuana legalization. The cannabis industry has not been able to join the national banking system because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. Despite Californians being able to buy marijuana, the federal government considers it as a Schedule 1 drug and therefore, the reason why it has been locked …

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Is California’s Anti-Tobacco Campaign Challenged through Marijuana Legalization?

icon  02 Dec, 2016  /  icon  1        Author: Jake Methow

The marijuana debate continues and this time round, it is in relation to the dwindling tobacco industry in America.  Many are asking, “Could marijuana legalization be the hope for tobacco manufacturing companies in California?” The decision taken by voters in California to decriminalize marijuana was a big victory for those who advocated for its use.  However, some see other effects more than just the benefits to cannabis users. They believe that it could be of help to the tobacco business as well. Presently, cigarette smoking has gone down and cigarette manufacturing companies have been looking out for ways in which they can expand their market. These views were expressed by a group of researchers in Los Angeles, California. They believe that it is important for the state to be cautious with its bid to implement the use of recreational marijuana round the state. If not, the state government may roll …

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Marijuana Education for the Upcoming Elections in California

Defendants Set Free: Changes Experienced after the Marijuana Legalization Vote in California

icon  29 Nov, 2016  /  icon  1        Author: Sam Wills

As anticipated, the effects of Proposition 64 are being experienced in California. After it was voted in, Proposition 64 became the recent development on marijuana reforms in California. Today, adults aged 21 years and above can now buy marijuana for recreational use in accordance with the stipulated regulations under this proposition. Very soon, any adult will be able to access marijuana online but for now, medical marijuana patients have continued to enjoy many more benefits even with the recent reforms. In San Francisco, one Chris Phillips has tasted the benefits that came with the vote for Proposition 64. Phillips is a cannabis entrepreneur in California who faced five criminal counts and possible imprisonment. He was accused of illegitimately cultivating marijuana at his home. This came following a police raid in June 2016. However, when voters in California legalized the recreational use of marijuana, what they did was simply erase a …

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How to Buy Legal Marijuana Online

Are Marijuana Reforms under Trial after Trump’s Election to Office?

icon  19 Nov, 2016  /  icon  6        Author: Paul Dillan

Marijuana reforms have come a long way and the people elected into office have always had a major role to play in determining the success or failure of these reforms. About ten days following Donald Trump’s election into office, Americans have started to get signals of how things may turn out for cannabis with Trump’s administration. This is especially after looking at the people Trump is bringing on board to work with him in his administration. Just a few days ago, Trump nominated Senator Jeff Sessions to the office of US attorney general. During the campaign period, Trump pledged support for state laws regarding marijuana. However, nominees to his administration may give Americans some reason to worry. In the past, Sessions has openly shown disinterest in cannabis and most probably, very little can be expected from him as far as the support for marijuana reforms is concerned. However, this is …

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Marijuana, Its Various Names and Options for Purchase and Growth

Marijuana Legalization in Various States has Created Momentum for Reforms in Texas

icon  16 Nov, 2016  /  icon  9        Author: Paul Dillan

In the recently conducted elections, a number of states legalized the use of marijuana for different reasons: some for medical needs and others for recreational purposes. Apparently, these recent developments have been a huge motivation for other states struggling with marijuana laws. Could Texas be among these states that have been pushing for the decriminalization of marijuana over the years? Well, there is every sign to agree to this predisposition. Even before the dust could settle down, the Harris County District Attorney, Kim Ogg is hitting the road again to fight for the legalization of marijuana immediately after, she takes office. In her pursuit of reforms on offences, marijuana-related cases take center stage. She felt that offenders for non-violent crimes, particularly on weed should not go to jail. Looking at what has happened in states where Marijuana has been decriminalized and seeing the tax revenue and lack of crime, makes …

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Marijuana Legalization Craze: Many More States Legalizing Different Marijuana Uses

icon  14 Nov, 2016  /  icon  8        Author: Paul Dillan

The history of marijuana in the United States is somewhat an interesting story, especially looking at how things have turned out in recent times. Marijuana legalization is just happening in different parts of the United States and recent entrants in the list have come in with a loud bang. While some States have just started with the legalization of medical marijuana, others have taken it a notch higher by passing laws to warrant the use of recreational marijuana. After the 2016 election, there were a total of 28 states in America that had passed medical cannabis laws. Of these 28 states, eight of them passed marijuana legalization for recreational use for adults aged 21 years and above.  For those who have taken time to study about the reforms on marijuana in the United States, 2016 has been a somewhat successful year for all marijuana lovers. A lot of pressure is …

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What the New Trump Presidency means to Marijuana Industry

icon  09 Nov, 2016  /  icon  11        Author: Paul Dillan

Players in the marijuana industry have been following the presidential campaigns and election keenly because of the implications of the new presidency to the industry. After a heated campaign period, Trump has won the presidency. The win is good news for his supporters and the marijuana industry as well. Trump has never held a public office before and hence it has been hard for law reformers to predict his move on the legalization of marijuana. However, many legal analysts believe that he will think like a businessman and legalize the drugs because of the high revenues that the industry generates every year. States such as California that have legalized cannabis for medical use have benefited from high tax revenues and low costs of law enforcement. Trump’s stand on legalization of marijuana has been slippery, which is understandable because of the implications of such laws. However, his responses to questions on …

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Recreational Marijuana is now Legal in the California

icon    /  icon  10        Author: Paul Dillan

California is one of the states that were voting for the legalization of recreational marijuana on Tuesday November 8, 2016. Voters approved Proposition 64 making California the largest and most populous state to approve cannabis use for recreational purposes. The state had made a similar attempt six years ago but voters rejected the move. The win comes after an intense campaign that cost more than $16 million.The money raised by supporters was ten times more than that raised by the opponents. The proposition attracted support from all quarters including business executives who have no interest in the marijuana industry. Legalizing recreational cannabis has many implications for users and players in the industry. The state government will earn additional revenue from the proposed heavy taxation on cultivation and distribution of the drug. The move will lead to an increase in the demand for the drug, which will increase revenues from its distribution. …

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Cannabis Dispensary

Your Guide to the California's Recreational Marijuana Laws

icon  08 Nov, 2016  /  icon  6        Author: Paul Dillan

California is on the verge of joining other states like Maine, Aziona, Massachusetts and Nevada on the legal use of recreational marijuana. This is an initiative seeking to legalize the use of marijuana amongst adults. Come November 8, Californians will be voting to either pass or reject proposition 64, which is the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA). Once passed, this proposition will allow adults to buy and use cannabis on legal grounds.  But before votes are cast, what laws govern the use of recreational marijuana in California? Here are important regulations to note, in what seems as an improvement of existing laws on recreational marijuana that is still illegal in California. These laws control, regulate and tax the liable use of marijuana among adults as it protects children and safe guards local control, protecting public safety and public health and defending water resources and the environment at large in …

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The Federal Government Feels the Heat Coming from Marijuana Votes

icon    /  icon  3        Author: Paul Dillan

Marijuana is gaining popularity in the United States and many more states are considering its legalization owing to the many benefits seen with its use. Apparently, the number of marijuana votes is increasingly steadily and the federal government cannot ignore them despite its stand against marijuana legalization. For places like in Colorado, recreational marijuana uses have been legal since the start of 2014. During this time, an entirely new crop of business in the name of cannabis tourism took off. For many travelers to the state, it is a remarkable development following years of hiding the habit of using marijuana. Despite having been smoked for the longest time, marijuana has been voted down in recent times but things are slowly changing. Previous literature presented marijuana as an herb that led to horrors such as suicide and murder. What lacked in these reports is the medical value of marijuana in treating …

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What Does Marijuana Legalization Mean for California?

What Does the Marijuana Legalization Mean for California?

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California proposition 64, also known as Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act will go to vote in November 8th, 2016. Early reports and surveys suggest that the proposition is likely to receive considerable support as 57% of the voters have admitted they would vote for it to be passed. Medical marijuana is already legal in the state and most patients have free access to it if they have a prescription. However, recreation marijuana is still illegal and that’s what this legislation seeks to correct. What Would Happen if Proposition 64 is Passed? This proposition will bring about several changes in the already successful marijuana industry. If this proposition is passed and made into a law, it will: • Allow adults of over 21 years of age to possess and consume marijuana and hemp. • The law will also allow adults with license to cultivate and sell marijuana …

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Marijuana Education for the Upcoming Elections in California

Enlightening the Masses: Marijuana Education for the Upcoming Elections in California

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California ranks first in terms of population out of the five states that are on the verge of legalizing the regulated use and sale of recreational marijuana. The state passed the proposition on the use of medical marijuana in the past and will be looking forward to make the general use of marijuana legal. New changes and development are anticipated with the voting based on Proposition 64. Maybe, the most important thing for the masses to know is what is contained in the proposition. Ideally, Proposition 64 contains somewhat similar issues as proposed by other states. What provisions are made in Proposition 64? Before anyone can claim to like or dislike Proposition 64 on marijuana, here is a list of items that are contained in it: If passed, adults of the age of 21 and above will be allowed to posses up to an ounce of marijuana flower or 8g …

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How to Buy Legal Marijuana Online

All Eyes on the Windfall of Money from Marijuana Following its Legalization

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The legalization of marijuana has attracted a lot of interest from different corners and this includes the money flowing in and out of cannabis trade. Actually, it appears that the aspect of revenue is one of the factors put into consideration by states before they can even consider legalizing marijuana use. The District of Columbia alongside four states in America has legalized marijuana retail sales through a majority vote. On the same trend, there are other 25 states that have allowed the trade of medical marijuana. Since 2011, the marijuana industry has continued to grow in the United States and in the next few years, a lot will have been achieved. Important Findings about Revenue from Marijuana In states that have seen the rise of marijuana use such as Washington and Colorado, initial estimates have been exceeded. Tax collections from the cannabis industry are seemingly booming and other states can …

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Hope for Marijuana Legalization in California as Law Enforcement gives Way for Voting

icon  05 Nov, 2016  /  icon  5        Author: Paul Dillan

The push for full fledged reforms on marijuana has been on the run for some time now and California seems to edge closer by the day. Based on the much advertised Proposition 64, the people believe that time has come for California to decriminalize and freely regulate both recreational and medical marijuana. Back in 2010, voters in California failed to make recreational marijuana legal where it narrowly lost to the opposition who won with a majority 54%. It was such a close decision that sent the message that the battle was still on. Voting was based on Proposition 19, which was mainly opposed not because the idea of legalizing pot was bad but only because the proposition was not drafted well. Those who voted against it had fears on the manner in which the herb would be regulated. Today, things have changed a lot. Led by Washington and Colorado, four …

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Ohio: Next Stop for the Marijuana Legalization

icon  07 Oct, 2016  /  icon  2        Author: Paul Dillan

The calls for marijuana to be legalized for medical use have been growing louder and louder with each passing day. It has been proven that marijuana has numerous medicinal benefits, for both the mind and the body. Moreover, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the chief medical correspondent of CNN, changed his opinions on marijuana and gave the use of it in medical capacities his stamp of approval. Thus, it was only natural that states would seriously consider legalizing medical marijuana. Now, it is time for medical marijuana fans based in Ohio to rejoice. Following the likes of Illinois (2014), Maryland (2014), Minnesota (2014) and Pennsylvania (2016), Ohio recently became the next state to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, approving its use in June 2016. Patients with qualifying medical conditions can now be prescribed medical marijuana by practitioners, starting from September 2016. Following the announcement, several agencies have already started …

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Cannabis Dispensary

Should I be in The Marijuana Business or Just a Supplier?

icon  14 Sep, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Paul Dillan

With the advent of more and more states legalizing the production, delivery and dispensing of marijuana, one would think that it is a very profitable business in a free market. Sure, maybe the black market was to some degree taken out of the equation this does not remove the principles of supply and demand. As more and more people are jumping in to grow the product and deliver it to the dispensary it will result in too much supply and not enough demand. This will force the price of the product down. So those who simply love the product and are not interested in profit, they can grow their own or enjoy the price benefits of an oversupply! This appears to be the case in Oregon and Washington State. It should be noted that in the United States it is still a Federal Crime to grow and sell marijuana. This …

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Afgoo - Hybrid Santa Barbara

Will the Marijuana users see more Freedom this Election Year?

icon  06 Sep, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Paul Dillan

During the Regan administration, Nancy Regan announced the “War on Drugs”, but the demand for the product far outweighed the politics.  This year could turn out to be a monumental year for marijuana to be on the ballot. More states than ever before will vote on easing the restrictions on the use of marijuana. States are voting on allowing medical marijuana and other states are looking to fully legalize its recreational use. This may seem like a blast from the past, but investors are seeing dollar signs in a new industry.  This situation may hinder more than help the movement as big companies may be looking to cash in. So what about the crime rate as some have argued? What about big business monopolizing the industry?  In Colorado, which legalized buying cannabis, the law enforcement and courts are no longer wasting the taxpayers’ money going after people for smoking pot.  …

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Cookie Train wreck (Hybrid) Overnight Delivery California

What Happens If The Cannabis Is Legalized For Recreational Use?

icon  31 Aug, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Paul Dillan

In November, Californian lawmakers are due to make a vote on Proposition 64, which calls for the complete decriminalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical use. Whilst there is already a new system that is being put into place to regulate those who grow the plant for legitimate medical purposes including the sale and manufacturing of marijuana products, it is thought that a positive outcome for the vote will result in similar regulations for the recreational pot industry. What Would It Mean For California? It is likely that there won’t be much that will change when it comes to cannabis dispensaries across the state. There will probably be two separate counters for customers. Those who are purchasing the substance for recreational use would use one counter and those who have been prescribed it will need to use the other. Similar regulations would probably come into force as are already …

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Green Crack (Sativa) Overnight Delivery California

Can Cannabis Treat Traumatic Brain Injury?

icon  11 Aug, 2016  /  icon  1        Author: Paul Dillan

When a person receives an external hit to the head, this can result in Traumatic Brain Injury. This is a serious condition that can manifest itself as behavioral problems, cognitive difficulty, mobility issues, loss of ability to speak properly and difficulties seeing properly. It can also bring about headaches, alter the patient’s mood and it can even cause stomach problems. This is such a severe condition that it causes thousands of deaths each year, whilst thousands more are left severely disabled due to the condition. Compared to the number of car deaths across the US, the number of fatalities caused by TBI is almost double, and is around 3 times as many deaths as are caused by homicide each year. Over 5 million people across the US have to live with the effects of TBI, which is around the same number as patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s. Cannabis Can …

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Medical Marijuana

Will the California Legalize Marijuana In 2016?

icon  21 Jul, 2016  /  icon  1        Author: Paul Dillan

Marijuana is hot topic in California, especially because there’s a vote on legalizing recreational marijuana due in November, 2016. Medical marijuana is already legal and was declared so in Proposition 215 in 1996 and the Senate Bill 420 in 2003. Now patients with chronic illnesses like AIDS, cancer, etc., can grow or purchase marijuana with their doctor’s prescription. They have an identity card that allows them to legally possess the cannabis so if they’re caught in possession of marijuana, they can simply show their card to prove their legal right to it. Even possession of one ounce of marijuana isn’t a crime, but is considered to be a misdemeanor that’s similar to a traffic violation. It comes with a $100 fine; there is no requirement for a court appearance and the person won’t be saddled with a criminal record. The regulation around medical marijuana is very loose and critics have …

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