Marijuana and Breastfeeding

The Real Benefits of Marijuana and Breastfeeding

Using cannabis while breastfeeding has always been a controversial conversation. Breastfeeding already suffers heavy stigmatization, but throwing marijuana into the discussion is sure to heat the debate even more. Moms cannot even turn to science for comfort, as research results are just as divided as public opinion. Even so, breastfeeding mothers should know a few important facts before lighting up. Stigma of Marijuana and Breastfeeding Many challenges pressure mothers these days, particularly first-time mothers and those with newborns. Everyone has an opinion on the subject of their care, especially when it comes to their health and happiness. Those who choose to use marijuana while breastfeeding, and those using it during pregnancy, face the harshest criticism. A simple Google search about cannabis and breastfeeding will return dozens of answers, not all of them honest, true, or even accurate. The most common claim is that besides the direct effect “being stoned” has …

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