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Marijuana prohibition ends with a yes on Prop 64: Here is the news so far.

January 1st 2018 might see a cannabis dispensary near you obtaining a licence to sell marijuana for recreational use. The change in the legislation attached to the recreational use of the drug in the US state of California has come about due to the passing of Proposition 64 on November 7th 2017. The state-wide Marijuana prohibition has therefore ended has it not? Here is what we know so far about what the new law will allow and what it will not. How it will effect marijuana consumption across the state is still to be seen but whatever happens it will be high times for California’s best cannabis dispensary. What’s new with Mary Jane? There will be a lot of happy smokers and users of marijuana in the state of California as Proposition 64 was passed by a slim yet respectable margin. Changes in the law will not only affect the …

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