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Relationship of Dry Sift to Cannabis

There are different types of hash. Dry sift is one of them. Like kief, its name simply reflects the process of making it. Yes, you dry sift dry sift hash. As far as methods go for separating trichomes from buds, this is certainly very hands on, almost artistic, crafty. Before you order it for weed delivery, however, know that you can make it yourself, if you have the time, equipment, and motivation to do so.  Like all forms of hash, dry sift is concentrated. The technique uses fine-mesh screens to sift buds and trim. It effectively removes trichomes, or resin glands, refining it into a granular consistency. Dry sift hash, especially quality-made, fetches a fine price. Connoisseurs appreciate its artisanal technique and revere its potency, terpene profile, melting ease, and complete vaporization.  Relationship of Dry Sift to Cannabis Dry sift hash is a direct extract of cannabis plants. According to …

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