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California and Other States to Jeff Sessions: Back Off, We Can Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

The journey of getting marijuana legalized in California for recreational purposes has taken quite some time. Things turned for the best when last year the residents voted to allow for the sale of recreational marijuana in the state. The sale is expected to begin on Jan, 1. 2018. As much as this is the case, the Proposition 64 has left the details to the local governments in the counties and state regulators to handle the marijuana industry. For the last several months, it has been a race against time with the officials developing the important rules to govern how marijuana would be handled in the state. This includes the growing, transporting, and sale of marijuana to the adults. Just last month, the state had unveiled a 276-page regulation report. These regulations will guide the setup of the recreational marijuana marketplace. The rules are important as they explain the licensing fees, …

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