Marijuana in Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion : The New Marijuana Drug Mule?

If you have ever scanned through the daily weird news, you are sure to come across a story about marijuana. More specifically, news about marijuana being hidden in some interesting places. Most recently there has been a large marijuana bust involving none other than Ford Fusions. It is almost laughable to think about this basic car being used as a way to conceal marijuana. You would think with such a booming marijuana business, they would find a car with more style. But, maybe that is the point. When you think about it, who would drive a ford fusion? The answer is mostly college students of blue collar workers. Certainly not drug kingpins or titans of the cannabis industry. It’s the same old story of hiding something in plain sight. Recently there has been over $1 million dollars worth of marijuana found in a slew of new Ford Fusions. This discovery …

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