Marijuana Industry in California

Deadly Wildfires Devastate California’s Marijuana Industry

Northern California is alive with lethal wildfires, and the Emerald Triangle, which houses many of the state’s cannabis farms, is burning. The blaze is wreaking havoc in Mendocino County, destroying numerous farms just as California is gearing up to start selling recreational marijuana legally next year. There is no respite for pot business owners in the area, many of whom lost their crops. Secretary of the Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association, Nikki Lastreto, had this to say of the widespread devastation, “Nobody right now has insurance. They might have insurance on their house, but not on their crop.” Marijuana growers cannot insure their businesses, as federal law still prohibits pot. Because of this, it is illegal for financial institutions to provide any services to cannabusinesses. Derek Peterson, Chief Executive Officer at Terra Tech, a company that cultivates and sells cannabis in California, explained the crisis that pot farmers now find themselves …

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Pot Shop Fueling Tensions in Alaskan Tourist Town

Talkeetna is a tourist destination in Alaska. The small town consists of two lengthy blocks making up its Main Street, with stores lined along each end. Tourists arrive by the boatloads and busloads to meander storefronts, eat ice cream at Nagley’s General Store, or exit its back door for a cold beer at West Rib Bar and Grill. A new addition arrived in the busy little town recently and is dividing the local populace. A new marijuana shop is causing deep divisions in this quaint little town, where hundreds of tourists leave historic guest cabins every day to roam the streets browsing art galleries and purchasing quirky souvenirs. At the opposite end of Main Street, near a famous river where tourists photograph Alaska’s biggest mountain, sits the town’s most recent addition to its tourism trade. Rumored to be the inspiration for “Northern Exposure,” a popular television series from the 1990s, …

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Legal Marijuana Market in California Could Generate $5B

In 2016 Californian voters ratified a state ballet in favor of the legalization of recreational marijuana, in a ballet known as proposition 64. The ballot passed 56% to 64%. By January 2018, Californian businesses will most likely have business licenses for the sale of recreational marijuana. What this means is that by this time local counties must have all the relevant procedures ready in order to comply with state and federal law in relation to the regulation of marijuana. The legalization of marijuana is going to be excellent for the growth of the economy and new industries are springing up all the time. It is not known exactly how much money will be generated from the legal marijuana market, as it is too early to tell. All predictions at the present time are vague at best, as there is no historical data or trends to go on. Marijuana to generate …

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California Allows Cannabis Delivery – Medical Marijuana Rules Sustained

While the State of California prepares regulations for the legal marijuana industry next year, some exciting new developments are underway. As lawmakers consider new standards for organic cannabis, tasting pot samples at local fairs and legal marijuana delivery in California may soon become reality for medical and recreational users alike. The administration of Governor Jerry Brown is working with lawmakers to satisfy the desires of voters: It is actively creating a legal environment to merge the state’s well-known Medical Marijuana Program with recreational cannabis laws. Several new regulations are under consideration to protect public and consumer interests, while ensuring reliable and enforceable avenues of tax collection. Medical Marijuana Rules in California Currently, the law permits legitimate medical patients to use, possess and grow cannabis legally, provided they comply with regulations. Under the Medical Marijuana Program, anyone can become a cannabis-certified patient with a doctor’s letter of recommendation or a Medical …

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Sessions Lobbying Congress to Undo Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment

State medical marijuana laws are under attack. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, long a known opponent of legalization, is petitioning Congress to scrap the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, which promises legal states protection from federal interference and harassment. In a recently publicized letter from May, Sessions plans to override federal medical marijuana protections given to states. The Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment States have the right to create their own cannabis laws, even if they contradict federal ones. According to Congress itself, the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment prohibits the federal government from using federal funds to stalk anyone using, distributing, possessing, or cultivating medical marijuana in states where it is legal for them to do so. The Justice Department may not undermine the state’s rights. In his letter, written in May and released publically on June 12, Sessions argues that Rohrabacher-Farr inhibits the ability and the authority of the Justice Department to enforce the Controlled Substances Act, under …

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Is Trump Administration Affecting the Billion-Dollar Marijuana Industry?

Economists predict that by 2021, the marijuana industry will be worth more than $21 billion. Because so much money and investment is at stake, everyone is waiting anxiously for what may happen under Trump’s administration. Cannabis is still illegal federally, even though most states have unbanned both medical and recreational marijuana. Effect of Trump Administration on Marijuana Industry Trump’s rhetoric on cannabis policy is confusing. His words suggest that he might support the right of states to make their own laws on pot, or at the very least, he may favor medical marijuana. However, he already has a history of reverting on campaign promises, such as Mexico paying for the border wall, which it can now pay later, if it ever does. There is no guarantee that Trump means what he says. Furthermore, Trump appointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Sessions has opposing views on legalizing marijuana, and as a …

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New Standards for Marijuana Testing Laboratories in California

Many California natives rejoiced when in November the sale and use of recreational marijuana was legalized. This meant that there was no longer a need for a medical marijuana certification in order to purchase, cultivate or grow marijuana. However, what many people didn’t know is that this milestone came along with new standards for marijuana testing laboratories in California which may change the way you are able to purchase it. Here is everything you need to know about the Marijuana laws California has put into place. Growing Marijuana Most states that have legalized the medical use of marijuana also allow you to grow your own plants, under very strict guidelines of course. These guidelines include the amount of plants that you are able to grow as well as the way the plants must be treated and handled. But, how does this work for the states like California that have legalized recreational …

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Proposed New Medical Marijuana Rules for California Industry

After two decades of little to no government oversight, Proposition 215 is back in the spotlight. Since the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act of 2015, the state is now striding toward extensive control of this industry. Under this law, businesses can expect changes to the medical marijuana rules of California, including mandates for stricter regulations, increased oversight, and forced compliance. California’s New Laws for Medical Cannabis The MCRSA introduced a bevy of regulatory tasks for marijuana business. To comply, companies are investing in specialized software to help them meet requirements. According to California Legislature, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act of 2016 also aims to control, regulate and tax recreational cannabis with similar fervor. New proposals under the MCRSA include mandating the following: Requirements for labeling and packaging. Compulsory quality testing. All aspects of product marketing. Cannabis lifespan tracking, from seed to sale. Restricting environmental impact. Limiting potency and …

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California Gov. Jerry Brown Rejects Anti-Competitive Marijuana Rules

If you are anticipating the outcome of Proposition 64 on the state’s marijuana rules, then we have news for you: Gov. Jerry Brown wants to resolve the legal conflict between recreational and medical cannabis in California, and he wants it sorted out before year-end. His office released a 92-page document recently, which suggests regulatory fixes for both industry segments. In this document, the governor lays out several proposals on everything, from how to distribute cannabis across the state to how many marijuana licenses businesses may have. Included in Brown’s budget for the year, these proposals must first pass through Legislature before Brown’s final approval can make them law. What does this mean for recreational and medical cannabis in California? Ordinary citizens are breathing a collective sigh of relief and enjoying an early celebration. If Brown’s proposals become effective, people will have the ability to trade competitively. The governor is siding …

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Will 2017 be a Big Win Again for the Marijuana Industry in California?

2016 was, indeed, the year of favor for Marijuana not only in California but also across many states that championed the approval of Medical Marijuana. But while many players in the cannabis industry are still lighting the lights of victory and rolling up their sleeves, 2016 has come to an end and the new year of 2017 is here with all manner of new things. Many are now asking and speculating how Marijuana economy will be like not forgetting that we’ll also have a new presidential administration. So should we expect much or things will remain the same? Well, it’s time to look ahead and put things in there right places before we again find ourselves transitioning to another year. Now, while winners continue to celebrate the great milestone achieved by the legalization of recreational/medical Marijuana, it’s good to note that full freedom is not yet granted to the cannabis …

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