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Marijuana Laws

Freeing Recreational Marijuana from Social Stigma

icon  14 Feb, 2017  /  icon  5        Author: keith miller

It has been some time now since the use of cannabis was legalized. Cannabis is proven to be immensely helpful when used in medical capacities and is also used recreationally by plenty of enthusiasts. The number of users and supporters of cannabis are growing every day, and it is safe to say that the time has never been better to use marijuana. However, despite having such a huge positive impact and so much support from fans, recreational marijuana is still not free from the stigma of society. In this article, we discuss the stigma recreational marijuana faces in society, and how to free it from such stigma. Use of Recreational Marijuana Makes People Lazy This is one of the most common misconceptions society has regarding marijuana. People seem determined to believe that smoking marijuana will make users ‘lazy’ and ‘useless’. However, that is not the case. Plenty of users feel …

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Medical Marijuana

Here’s Why the Rates of Underage Cannabis Use Won’t Increase under the New Law

icon  23 Jan, 2017  /  icon  2        Author: Paul

When Proposition 64 appeared on the ballot last year in California, it received praise and criticism at an almost equal measure. Many celebrated the coming back of a drug that’s, indeed, a powerhouse when it comes to health benefits especially in relieving pain. On the other hand, the critics saw the move as dangerous and could lead to underage use among other unwanted practices. According to some sources, the legalization sent a message to the kids that it’s okay to use the drug. But is that truly the case? Well, after a careful analysis of the situation, it’s obvious that the rule will not be a gateway for underage persons to access the drug. Over the years, national surveys and other studies have linked drug use among teens to other factors that do not in any way relate with the legalization of the drug. Besides that, we need to remember …

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Granddaddy Purple

Latest Developments on Marijuana Grow and Tax Issues in Adelanto

icon  18 Dec, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Sam Wills

It is official: Adelanto now expands marijuana cultivation zone. The medical cannabis cultivation and production zone of the city was expanded this December, 2016. Mayor Rich Kerr was strongly opposed to opening the cannabis industry to recreational purposes and leaders presented talks that would permit hiring a tax audit organization after Measure R was voted in. The trio of moves and discussions on matters related to medical cannabis came up during the last meeting of the City Council this year. From the dais, the medical marijuana growing, distribution, manufacturing, testing and transportation zone can now take place in 160 acres that will be marked “light industrial”. Following the approval of the second reading of the law passed in December 2016, the city council added more zones to bring to a total of 500 acres that will be used for marijuana-related activities. The new extension of 160 acres is bounded by …

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Turlock City will revisit marijuana laws now that Proposition 64 was passed

icon  16 Dec, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Jack

Currently, the City of Turlock prohibits the growing and sale of cannabis. However, this regulation may change as officials seek to focus on it in the start of January 2017.  Now that Adult Use of Marijuana Act was passed, it will definitely affect how the City conducts its business around the cannabis industry. Since 2007, Turlock City has had a prohibition on medical cannabis dispensaries where patients could buy marijuana. Again, the city excluded the growing of marijuana for agricultural purpose from the zoning ordinance of Arpil, 2015. Towards the end of December 2015, the city council unanimously ratified the prohibitions on the growing of marijuana plants for individual medical use. However, this is something that is now nullified according to the provisions of Proposition 64. The cannabis Act passed during the 2016 elections allows local authorities to logically regulate, but cannot prohibit the individual indoor growing of up to …

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