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Latest Developments on Marijuana Grow and Tax Issues in Adelanto — Pot Valet

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Latest Developments on Marijuana Grow and Tax Issues in Adelanto

icon  18 Dec, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Sam Wills

It is official: Adelanto now expands marijuana cultivation zone. The medical cannabis cultivation and production zone of the city was expanded this December, 2016. Mayor Rich Kerr was strongly opposed to opening the cannabis industry to recreational purposes and leaders presented talks that would permit hiring a tax audit organization after Measure R was voted in. The trio of moves and discussions on matters related to medical cannabis came up during the last meeting of the City Council this year. From the dais, the medical marijuana growing, distribution, manufacturing, testing and transportation zone can now take place in 160 acres that will be marked “light industrial”. Following the approval of the second reading of the law passed in December 2016, the city council added more zones to bring to a total of 500 acres that will be used for marijuana-related activities. The new extension of 160 acres is bounded by Yucca Road, Air Expressway, Koala Road and Racoon Avenue, just north in an already existing growing region marked “manufacturing/industrial”. This area is between 300-350 acres.

The discussions by the city officials included whether they agreed to extend the ordinance of the city and the 5% excise tax approved by the voters as Measure R. other issues discussed included commercial activities on recreational marijuana, following the passing of Proposition 64 in California, which decriminalized recreational marijuana. Since California legalized medical marijuana 20 years ago, licensed patients have been able to buy marijuana for consumption without much hassle. With these latest developments, cannabis dispensaries may hypothetically sell marijuana for recreational purposes along with other things. Councilman, Charley Glasper made suggestions to incorporate commercial recreational operations into the medical marijuana provisions of the city. This proposal was staunchly opposed by Kerr. However, there is a high chance that recreational weed users will turn to the already established medical marijuana dispensaries to seek guidance on how to use cannabis. Most importantly, marijuana recommendation doctors have in recent times been receiving calls from recreational users to make enquiries about the same. Therefore, these matter needs closer scrutiny required to establish better measures to manage the situation.

Marijuana delivery services have been operating with well-defined regulations and laws and recreational weed is expected to have similar requirements as provided through Proposition 64. According to Kerr, every vote that he casts on recreational pot to cultivate in the city for commercial purposes would be opposed to it. He did not buy to the idea. He expressed his concerns that Adelanto was out to aid ailing cancer patients, assist those suffering from Type 2 diabetes and also help those with certain seizures. The main issue has been on how Adelanto city seeks to regulate the two cannabis uses effectively. He said that city officials should expect to see two varying sets of individuals endeavoring to do medical and recreational. In that case, Kerr’s concern was those who would also want to say that they are going to do medical weed when ideally they are doing recreational.

The City Council assented to bring the issue to a workshop for further deliberations in the near future. Additionally, the Adelanto Council also presented a plan with intends to hire an organization that will watch over the taxation of medical marijuana businesses. The hire would come before the completion of the city’s tax law that should be established to permit the city to impose tax from its budding marijuana industry. However, there are concerns from a group of the entrepreneurs concerning excessive fines. They believe that the hiring of the firm may potentially signal an absence of trust between the cannabis businesses and the city, partly ignited through the Council’s push back on any decision being made.  The Adelanto Growers Association led by Jerry Davis made suggestions for the city to make use of its yet-to-be found oversight committee, with assistance coming from cultivators, to be the watchdog for tax collections. Basically, there are a lot of changes coming with the continued reforms on marijuana. The case is not different in California after Proposition 64 was passed during the 2016 December elections. Different counties and cities are now aligning themselves with this new law. Definitely, there are a number of issues that should be ironed-out before full weed benefits can be attained.

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Turlock City will revisit marijuana laws now that Proposition 64 was passed

icon  16 Dec, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Jack

Currently, the City of Turlock prohibits the growing and sale of cannabis. However, this regulation may change as officials seek to focus on it in the start of January 2017.  Now that Adult Use of Marijuana Act was passed, it will definitely affect how the City conducts its business around the cannabis industry. Since 2007, Turlock City has had a prohibition on medical cannabis dispensaries where patients could buy marijuana. Again, the city excluded the growing of marijuana for agricultural purpose from the zoning ordinance of Arpil, 2015. Towards the end of December 2015, the city council unanimously ratified the prohibitions on the growing of marijuana plants for individual medical use. However, this is something that is now nullified according to the provisions of Proposition 64. The cannabis Act passed during the 2016 elections allows local authorities to logically regulate, but cannot prohibit the individual indoor growing of up to 6 cannabis plants per private household. This involves growing in a greenhouse that is on the residential property although not actually part of the home. The requirement for the portion of growing is that it should be completely enclosed, safe and not visible by the public.  This is great news for the many city residents who lobbied against the marijuana ban within the city in December 2015.

An ovarian cancer patient, Lindsay Sexton who is barely 17 years old talked to the City Council in 2015 saying that the concentrated marijuana oils she used under the guidance of her doctor, Lakisha Jenkins helped to lessen the negative effects of the chemotherapy procedures and made it possible for her to have a good quality life. She reiterated that it would even have been impossible for her to stand up and plead her case were it not for the cannabis oils. She confessed that marijuana had much more benefits than just for cancer. She was not alone in this: another patient, David Halinga got injured while at work and has continued to use marijuana plants that he cultivates for medical use in dealing with chronic pain. He also said that the marijuana laws of the city need to be rechecked. He said that there are many people who need marijuana for treatment and that their concern is very sincere. All that they want is an affordable means and a natural one for that matter, of enhancing the quality of their lives.

The City of Turlock has options to still retain its prohibitions on the commercial growing and retailing of weed. However, this will cost the city. Should a city ban the commercial growing, outdoor individual growing or retail sales of cannabis or cannabis-related products, it will be ineligible to get state government fund accrued from the new excise taxes on marijuana that will start on January 1, 2018. Proposition 64 was passed with a majority vote of 57% to make California the 5th state to decriminalize recreational marijuana. Following this, any Californian aged 21 years and above can now lawfully smoke and use marijuana and also cultivate it at their household. The proposition permits residents in California under this defined aged bracket to legally possess a maximum of an ounce of marijuana and cultivate six cannabis plants. However, it will still be a crime to buy cannabis plants prior to the start of the adult weed use sales. Until then, Californians will have to share implying that if an individual is already growing marijuana legally after having legally acquired a cannabis card, they can share a bud of it with someone else. At least medical marijuana laws have existed since 1996 and have seen the establishment of marijuana delivery services over the years from where patients have been able to buy their weed.

The use of marijuana among adults will have to wait until January 1 2018. Once this starts, marijuana and its related products will be taxed highly. A 15% will be tagged on the retail price of cannabis, and growing taxes will also be excised for the weed dispensaries. According to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office of California, the state may collect up to $1 billion per annum. These funds will help in covering the expenses for enforcing and administering the law as well as in drug studies, enforcement and treatment. Based on this demand, the City of Turlock will have to re-examine its cannabis laws as planned.

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