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6 Tips for Buying Used Extraction Equipment

The cannabis industry is continuing on its explosive way, and one of its hottest trends right now is home extraction. Folks want to extract their own cannabinoids. The U.S. National Library of Medicine claims extracts richer in cannabinoids, more medicinally beneficial. Now, with COVID-19 keeping most indoors, wreaking havoc, many are using extracts. They have time. Some are considering extracting themselves. Complementary market forces are driving this red-hot trend. The cannabis industry is maturing, which means pre-owned equipment is starting to enter the market. Further, supply disruptions due to COVID-19 are forcing companies to look for equipment locally. Volatility within the industry has also made cheaply available quality equipment from companies that went out of business. For aspiring extractors, there has never been a better time to buy better equipment at better prices. Clever entrepreneurs are building entire laboratories now for half the cost of buying new. However, competition is …

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