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Santa Barbara is Bogged Down in Red-Tape After Legalizing Cannabis

Laws surrounding the growth and distribution of cannabis in Santa Barbara have been described as “a cluster-fuck” by Joe Garcia, who heads the Lompoc Valley Cannabis Coalition. The heady celebrations on New Year’s Day, when downtown Santa Barbara was filled with the aroma of weed and most passers-by had “that look” on their smiling faces, have quickly evaporated as the cold hard facts surrounding the legalized recreational use of cannabis have emerged. Proposition 64 became a new state law last year November, and because it calls for each jurisdiction to adopt its own ordinance, rules surrounding the sale of recreational cannabis differ vastly from city to county across the entire State of California. So, “weedsters” dreams of strolling down to the corner shop to make their doobie purchases have been struck down as law-makers throughout California set about introducing their own rules and regulations for the sale of recreational cannabis. …

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