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The Economic Benefits of Legalizing Cannabis

Because of the controversial Presidential election of 2016, many people missed the fact that several other crucial decisions occurred at the polls too: Most importantly, several states held referendums to decide the fate of the cannabis industry in their areas. Modeling the likes of other legal states, such as Washington and Colorado, four states opted to legalize recreational pot, being Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and California. Other states voted on medical marijuana, with North Dakota, Arkansas, and Florida opting to allow it. At the time, Arizona chose not to. Now, however, almost like dominos, more and more states are legalizing cannabis, whether for recreational or medical use, even both. Already, the economic impact has been enormous, with new laws spawning a flourishing assortment of weed companies. A Burgeoning Marijuana Industry These companies include cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, consultants, scientists, chefs, and many others. To date, more than half of the United States …

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