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How a Cannabis Store Differs From a Marijuana Dispensary

Ever since multiple states legalized either medical or recreational pot, even both, marijuana dispensaries and cannabis stores line the streets of some of America’s major cities now, such as Detroit, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Although people use these names interchangeably, there are notable differences between the two. Knowing them is not just important as a consumer, but as an investor, as well. Marijuana Dispensary vs. Cannabis Store The primary difference between a marijuana dispensary and a cannabis store is that one serves the needs of medical patients treating their ailments with weed, while the other supplies consumers with recreational pot. The experiences of people using these facilities are not the same. There are a few significant variations expected from each. Understanding a Marijuana Dispensary Patients that visit a dispensary spend some time waiting in a waiting room, much like a doctor’s office, before ever entering the sales room. Once …

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