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Marijuana Real Estate Boom: How to Purchase & License your Land for Commercial Marijuana Grow in California

The growth of marijuana business in California has significantly affected land rates. Ideally, the cannabis industry has really become the real estate business in California. During the 2016 elections, California passed Proposition 64 that legalized recreational marijuana. These new marijuana laws permit the growth and sale of marijuana for recreational use for persons of 21 years of age and above. As expected, there will be more land use for the cultivation of marijuana. The Scramble for Land in the Emerald Triangle Spreading to other Counties The Emerald Triangle presents a true picture of how things are and will continue to be in California. The pursuit for land in the Humboldt County, California and to some extend in Mendocino County is definitely an attempt by cannabis entrepreneurs to cash in on the legalization of recreational marijuana. The land grab has been taking place in this region especially because the county was …

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