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3 Healthy Cannabis Ideas for Thanksgiving

Food makes a great Thanksgiving, along with celebrating with family and friends. Making this year’s Thanksgiving the best one yet is as easy as hosting a POTluck dinner, cannabis-style, with a huge emphasis on pot. We gathered some ideas from the best canna chefs the United States has to offer, giving you the penultimate Thanksgiving dinner for marijuana enthusiasts. However, if you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving “high,” then please tell your guests beforehand of your plans. Some may not want to participate. If that is the case, then offer “virgin” options for them. Additionally, remember not to overdose your dishes and try, if you can, to pace both yourself and your guests. More importantly, have fun! Marijuana-Infused Thanksgiving Recipes Making cannabis-infused dishes can be complex. However, they really do not need to be. The most important fact to remember is that you need to make an oil-based infusion, such as …

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