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7 Perks of Morning Edibles

Nobody disputes the medical benefits of cannabis anymore, so vast is the number of studies proving its therapeutic properties. However, many still fear using it during the day, and many remain unaware of the benefits of ingesting it. Cannabis edibles are full of all the goodness these miraculous plants offer, and you should include it in your diet yesterday already, or even better, for breakfast. Here is why: 1. Cannabis is Energizing If you lack energy during the day, feel constantly fatigued, or otherwise, need to get yourself up and running, then cannabis can give you just the boost that you need. Not all cannabis strains have energizing properties, however, only pure Sativa strains or Sativa-dominant hybrids. Look for edibles that derive from Sativas for the first meal of the day, since Indicas have completely opposite effects. 2. Cannabis is Motivating Even the busiest, most productive people struggle with motivation …

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