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Buying weed online is growing in popularity, but be aware of scammers!

While buying weed online is becoming increasingly popular, an ugly development has reared its head in the form of bogus sellers who pocket the money and then disappear into thin air. According to bigbudsmag, these scammers use mainly social media platforms on which they display “luscious bud photos” and once the deal is finalized and payment made for the order they cut off communication with the buyer and the marijuana never arrives. Steer clear of advertisements from unknown “dealers” on Craigslist, Facebook, High Times, Instagram and YouTube. Their advertisements have also been known to appear on online weed-related comments forums. Warning bells should start ringing if these scammers show little interest in the product, and loads of persistent interest in obtaining details about your credit card, home address, and other personal information. If you are lucky enough to actually talk to someone, as opposed to a transaction done solely with …

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