Medical Cannabis

Surprising Effects of Terpenes on the Body

Some plants smell good. Some plants smell bad. They all smell, though, and cannabis is no exception. The molecules responsible for this aroma are terpenes, and they are abundant in fruits, flowers, vegetables, and even your weed. Even some animals produce terpenes, including some termite and butterfly species. However, few know about terpenes. Until now. Science is learning much about them.  What make terpenes special are their medicinal properties. Being aromatic is not their only job. As cannabis delivery becomes mainstream and folks are more aware of its benefits, studies are increasingly making new discoveries. Cannabis is not what it seems. There is much more to this plant than only its cannabinoids, like cannabidiol, or CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. There are also its terpenes.  Marijuana produces terpenes in its resin glands. You can feel them. They are sticky. They are pungent. This resin, called trichomes, in very rich in …

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