Medical Marijuana for Vets

GOP Forbids VA Doctors from Recommending Medical Marijuana to Vets

Until now, doctors from the Department of Veteran Affairs could recommend medical marijuana to vets in states where it is legal. On Wednesday, various news outlets reported that the House committee struck this measure down, effectively blocking it from all debate on the House floor. Even if VA doctors want to recommend cannabis to vets in dire need of it, they no longer have any right to do so. The measure, called “Veterans Equal Access, is an amendment to the VA appropriations bill. Over the last three years, the House committee has been debating it, and in 2016, it passed with a vote of 233-189. It will not get that chance again this year after the House Rules Committee voted to scrap it on Tuesday. Veterans will have to get medical marijuana recommendations from doctors outside the VA. Medical Marijuana for Vets According to Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., “This provision …

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