Medical Marijuana Laws

Marijuana: Treating Opioid Use

Millions of people are using opioid drugs to treat pain in the United States, possibly billions around the world. Prescribed for just about every ache and throb, including severe discomfort, such as post-surgical and trauma pain, these drugs are addictive, have dangerous side effects, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, killed 47,600 people in 2017, 67.8 percent of all drug overdoses. The trouble with prescription opioids is that they do not treat the underlying cause of pain. They only mask the pain itself, which for many people, never goes away. For this reason, folks quickly become dependent these drugs to manage their day-to-day pain, and if they stop, withdrawal from them is often debilitating, sometimes fatal. One fact is clear: These drugs hurt people more than they ever help. The opioid crisis has hit epidemic proportions in the United States, but now, studies are giving us …

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