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Rush of Pot Grows Splits Rural California Before Legal Sales

This year only, authorities have brought down approximately 30000 plants grown without permission in a county that is yet to accept marijuana cultivation before statewide legalization. Marijuana has caused divisions in broke Calaveras County and others where growers are more and more launching operations and have began to influence neighbourhoods. Pot farmers operating legally, say they are helping the local economy grow and have threatened to sue over attempts to stop them. Growing, selling and transporting weed licenses will be issued in January for recreational purposes in California. It has been 20 years now since the state authorized drug consumption only when the doctor recommends Farmers are now allowed to grow marijuana for recreational consumption next year. However, local permit is required before making an application for a state license causing a rumble in pot-friendly counties. Calaveras County legalized marijuana cultivation last year, seeking to tax the hundreds of farms that popped …

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