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How Cannabis Is Helpful To People with HIV/AIDS

Everybody within the HIV/AIDS community is discussing the use of cannabis to treat this disease. According to Nature, an estimated 25 percent to 56 percent of sufferers are ordering marijuana delivery to manage the symptoms. Despite this, one question remains: Does medical marijuana actually help? Yes, it does. In fact, some cannabinoid-based medications are already available to HIV/AIDS patients. Most people already know that cannabis has a very promising, huge variety of health benefits. For those with HIV/AIDS, it is most famous for alleviating some of the most destructive symptoms, such as anorexia or cachexia, or a loss of appetite and wasting syndrome respectively. However, cannabis is much more complex than that. As it turns out, there is far more to this story. Extremely interesting studies have been occurring at a faster pace. Many small clinical trials have been pioneering discovery. It is clear there are positive associations between improved …

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