Medical Marijuana Should be Legalized Across the Board

Canada Says No to Weed Branding

Canada made cannabis legal last week. However, strict marketing regulations make its industry very different to that of most states that have taken the plunge to legalize already. Last week, Canadians were celebrating with huge spliffs in public parks. They were queuing down the street to buy both recreational and medical cannabis legally. Canada Weed Legalization However, if you have ever strolled around a legal dispensary in a state that allows its sale in the United States, such as Colorado or California, then the experience of buying in Canada may have felt overwhelming. No tasty edibles on display. No fancy vaporizers. Not even pre-rolled joints or flowers in sight. Nothing. Instead, customers got only menus to browse, with actual products stored behind the scenes. When you get what you pay for, which is mostly bud while the industry sets up, it comes in generic packaging, with just one red stop …

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