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7 Key Benefits of Daytime Cannabis Strains

As more studies discover more and more therapeutic uses for cannabis, nobody disputes its medical value anymore. However, many still fear its use, especially during the day. Even worse, many remain unaware of its many benefits. Cannabinoids, the compounds in cannabis, are so good for you that you should order weed delivery yesterday already. Even better, you should do it today. For breakfast. Having said that, it is very much strain dependent. Not all cannabis strains are ideal for daytime use. Indicas will generally make you sleepy. Still some can tranquilize, neither of which will impress your work colleagues. Likewise, your daytime strains are not suitable for evening and bedtime use. Sativas will keep you from sleep; leave you lying awake until morning. During the day, they offer major benefits:  1. Cannabis Energizes If you suffer fatigue during the day, or otherwise lack energy, then weed might just give the …

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