New Marijuana Bill Means Full Legalization

Governor LePage Vetoes Maine’s Recreational Marijuana Bill

On Friday, Governor of Maine Paul LePage vetoed the state’s recreational marijuana bill. In one fell swoop, he reversed a campaign pledge made in 2014 and plunged the most lucrative emerging market, with a potential worth of $325 million annually, into political insecurity and dangling limbo. The Republican wrote in his veto letter that its legislation puts Maine in direct conflict with federal law. LePage cited several reasons for his veto. He said the bill sets an unrealistic timeline for market launch, does little to address failures in the medical marijuana program, makes the regulatory system overly complicated, and that the tax revenues it generates may not be sufficient to cover the cost of implementing or regulating the market. In short, he considers the bill, risky, inconsistent, and expensive. “Until I clearly understand how the federal government intends to treat states that seek to legalize marijuana, I cannot in good …

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