New Medical Marijuana Rules California

What to Expect When Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal in California.

For many Californians, the New Year is set to bring more than just unresolved resolutions. In 2018 the sale and use of recreational marijuana finally goes into effect in California. While there is a great deal of excitement, there is also some concern for the process. People who have been getting their cannabis medically especially have questions. Here is everything you should expect from the upcoming changes to the marijuana laws in California. When do the new laws go into effect? To the surprise of many cannabis supporters in California, the new recreational laws are set to take place January 1st 2018. Dispensaries and growers have been anticipating the arrival of Proposition 64 since it was voted into the law last year. There are even signs advertising the start of recreational use throughout the cannabis community. However, preparations have not always been easy. Not only does there need to be …

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