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Your Questions answered, Proposition 64 and the new Marijuana laws

icon  30 Nov, 2016  /  icon  2        Author: Anne Fred

Proposition 64 passed during the 2016 elections. There are those who voted for it while others were opposed to it. Obviously, some of the opponents in this highly-contested bill didn’t go much deeper into the details of what Prop 64 entails.  It affects all Californians: whether you voted for it or not. Everyone is subject to its provisions because it affects all of us in one way or the other. Basically, Proposition 64 is the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA). In this context, an adult is defined as anyone aged 21 years and above. Before anyone stands out to say anything about it, it would be important to get answers to any concerns that they might be having. The main purpose for its establishment was to seek the legalization of recreational marijuana. Was it all about that? No, the proposition also redefined some of the regulations concerning medical marijuana that has been in use for two decades now. However, there were no major changes on the medical marijuana laws that were first drafted in 1996. Even before and after the elections, medical marijuana patients have continued to buy marijuana without issues.

Is everybody in California ready to take on recreational marijuana? Probably not, as the herb continues to raise questions coming from some cities, employers, weed users and landlords. So, what are the freedoms and limitations contained in the new marijuana laws in California? Other than defining the age of those who can use marijuana for recreational purposes, it also seeks to establish cultivation and sales taxes on marijuana. In a general summary, Proposition 64 provides details of marijuana regulation, control and tax portions. Even though marijuana is legal in California with certain limits, transportation and sales still remains illegal under federal law. Therefore, those seeking clarifications on such grounds can now start getting answers before we delve into other issues. Most important to note is that, counties and cities have the mandate to regulate cannabis sales under decriminalization. Now, let’s looks at who are the key players in these regulation efforts? Well, much of the control and regulation of marijuana in California is done by the state department of consumer affairs and public health together with the California department of food and agriculture. These two departments are involved in the issuance of licenses, tracking and collection of fees.

How about the control of weed?
Anyone with questions on this matter is advised to get in touch with their city attorney in order to get information on specific policies, codes and regulations. An AUMA Facts and Answers Sheet of November 22, 2016 stated that an individual aged 21 years or older can possess, manufacture, buy, transport or give away to people of the same age bracket an amount of marijuana not exceeding 28.5 grams in non-concentrated form and an amount not more than 8 grams of weed concentrates. Should AUMA pass these activities, then they will become legal under the state law and cannot be revoked through local regulations. Suppose there is more than one person using marijuana in the same household, how many plants can they grow at a time? Proposition 64 provides for the cultivation of six plants for each household regardless of the number of people living there. These details need to be gotten right in order to stay safe without contravening the law.

The decriminalization of marijuana does not give room for anyone to smoke it in the public. It will be illegal for anyone to do so. Cities can restrict weed delivery with ordinances adjusted to the three departments of state. Again, any marijuana growing and smoking on private property may be disallowed by a state, agency or landlord. Maybe these are some of the details that were not known to many people. Getting marijuana for sale online is not enough. There are pertinent issues that matter and here and these issues may cause many to stumble. In this regard, landlords have been given the right to decide whether to accommodate medical marijuana smoking on a private property or not. As provided for through AUMA, landlords may not accommodate medical cannabis patients and can opt to follow tobacco restrictions on their properties. These were sentiments shared by the senior vice president, California Apartment Association. It is upon them either to allow it or say no to it.

t seems that a lot more discussions will continue to be held for everybody to understand what the new marijuana laws dictate. As the masses seek answers to their questions, Proposition 64 advocates will continue to demystify every detail contained in the new laws. From the look of things, it will take some time before the full benefits of the reforms are realized. However, matters will get settled in the near future as experts continue to shed light on the laws.

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President Obama will Soften Federal Stands on Marijuana by Reclassifying it

icon  27 Nov, 2016  /  icon  2        Author: Paul

President Obama may sign an executive order before leaving office that will change marijuana’s listing under federal laws. During his reign, President Nixon signed an order in 1970 that listed Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug. Drugs in this class have no accepted medical use and are considered to have a high potential for abuse. The federal laws have remained the same since President Nixon signed the order but state governments have had the liberty to create their own laws on marijuana use. Nearly half of the states in the US have legalized marijuana for medical use with others allowing it for recreational purposes. Recent marijuana reforms happened during the November 2016 election. Most of the states allow qualified patients to buy marijuana from registered and licensed dispensaries for medical use.

Marijuana is currently listed as a Schedule 1 Drug among other substances such as heroin, peyote, ecstasy, methaqualone, and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Gary Johnson who ran for the presidency in 2016 under a Libertarian ticket speculates that President Obama may sign an order to list marijuana as a schedule II drug. The President may sign the order before leaving office in January 20, 2017. The order will reverse President Nixon’s order and pave way for further reforms on medical marijuana. The order will not affect the power of the states to establish contrary laws. State governments can restrict marijuana cultivation, use, and distribution in their jurisdiction even if federal laws allow its use.

Johnson argues that President Obama should have signed such an order earlier in his term and predicts that he might do it as the last thing on his way out. Schedule II drugs are defined as substances, chemicals, or drugs with a high abuse potential. Their use may lead to physical dependence or severe psychological consequences. Hence, the drugs are dangerous and require a prescription from a certified physician. Some of the drugs listed in this class include cocaine, methadone, Vicodin, oxycodone, methamphetamine, and hydromorphone among others.

One of the reasons why Gary Johnson predicts that the Obama administration will take this move is the recent decision to pardon 79 felons who were convicted of drug offenses. The President commuted all their offenses. President Obama has exceeded the number of felons that ten of his predecessors pardoned in their tenure. The recent commutations increased the number of pardons by the Obama administration to more than 1,000. Another indication that the president may sign the order is the Drug Enforcement Administration’s response to states that have legalized medical marijuana. The Administration has not taken any action against states that have legalized cannabis even for recreational use.

During Obama’s administration, the DEA adopted a policy to ignore marijuana offenses. Gary Johnson proposes that the president should remove marijuana from the list of controlled substances completely. Such a move will allow states to make laws that regulate and legalize marijuana based on their views and those of the voters. Removing the federal control over marijuana will improve access to medical marijuana because new dispensaries will be established across the country. Consequently, certified patients will order marijuana online or directly from dispensaries easily.

During the presidential campaign, the democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton proposed an order to change marijuana’s classification from Schedule 1 to Schedule II. Speculations are that the new president-elect, Donald Trump may not reclassify the drug. Trump picked Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General. Sessions does not believe that the war on drugs is over and may not agree to reclassify marijuana. The proponents of reclassifying marijuana argue that the policy to control marijuana use is among the failed policies. Jailing users for buying marijuana without any victimization or coercion is unjustified.

President Obama may pardon marijuana users just as he has pardoned so many black and white drug offenders. The president has also changed the nation’s position on marijuana use. President Obama observed that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana and that the Justice Department has not stopped any state from legalizing marijuana in its jurisdiction. The President gave the views earlier in August 2016 while removing barriers to marijuana research. The Obama administration introduced a new policy that would increase the supply of cannabis to researchers significantly. The University of Mississippi has been the only institution allowed to grow marijuana for research. The new policy would increase the number of institutions that are allowed to grow marijuana.

Expanding the research on medical uses of marijuana will help scientists improve the effectiveness of the drug in treating the qualified medical conditions. Many states have legalized medical marijuana for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Crohn’s diseases among other conditions. However, there is limited research to support the claim that marijuana relieves the conditions. President Obama’s decision to support marijuana research will change this position. The Obama administration has indirectly supported the legalizing of medical marijuana by failing to stop states that legalize it and supporting research on its medical uses. The decisions and the high number of commutations for drug offenders point to the possibility that the president will officially reclassify marijuana before leaving office.

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Hemp Innovates as a Breakthrough Medicine

How Hemp Innovates as a Breakthrough Medicine

icon  26 Jun, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Support Pot Valet

In what is being hailed as a breakthrough, Brazil has recently approved the use of hemp CBD products.  This product is high in cannabidiol or CBD, which is believed to have great health benefits for its users.  The product that has been approved by the Brazilian government is intended to be used to fight cancer.  The CBD product is called Real Scientific Hemp Oil and can also be used in Brazil by those who suffer from other conditions including epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and even chronic pain.  Now that it has been approved for the use of treating cancer, this just adds to the many healing benefits of the cannabis drug.

So far, the US does not have an approved alternative medicine to treat cancer.  The Hemp based Oil therefore puts Brazil in a better position than the US when it comes to offering its citizens a safe and affordable treatment for a condition as prevalent and as life threatening as cancer.  As far as its humanitarian objectives go, Brazil is setting a great example.  The move shows that the Brazilian government has its people’s health and futures at heart.

The Federal Government Fights For Prescription Drugs

On the other hand, it has been argued that the US has a different agenda, to maintain large pharmaceutical companies and the money that they make by producing approved drugs – many of which have harmful side effects.  In the US, one particular tactic being used to protect the pharmaceutical companies is to keep natural and cheaper alternatives off the market.  Marijuana is safe and has never caused direct fatalities, but even so, the US government has fought continuously to keep marijuana criminalized, certainly at the federal level.  The issue of rising deaths amongst users ofopioid pharmaceutically issued drugs is one that is vastly overlooked by the media but is a problem that is widespread across America.  In recent years, several celebrities have lost their lives as a result of prescription drugs, including Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy and Prince.

Responsible Management Of The Sale Of Hemp Products

Citizens of Brazil will now be able to purchase the Hemp oil products legally, provided that they have a valid prescription from their doctor and import documentation that is approved by the government.  This is similar to the rules for purchasing Medical Marijuana California residents need to abide by if they want to place an order for medical marijuana delivery.

Public safety and peace of mind is at the forefront of the CBD and hemp strategy.  As the growing industry for the natural plant has so far been widely unregulated, there are many growers who are known to use potentially toxic chemicals to protect their plants, from pesticides to herbicides.  Whilst these chemicals may ensure that they get a better crop yield, it does not ensure that the hemp products are safe for consumers.  Medical Marijuana Inc. who is the company at the forefront of the hemp legalization, works closely with an approved laboratory to ensure that all the products that are sold to the public have been validated to check their safety for the consumer and that the levels of CBD are safe.

In the US, medicine for the treatment of cancer is a profitable business, which means that offering citizens the chance of choosing marijuana or hemp products as an option in the treatment of cancer would be a danger to the financial health of the pharmaceutical companies.  This is one of the main reasons why the medical system in the US still fights so hard against the use of hemp and the cannabis industry to tackle cancer.  It would seem that no matter how much research is put into cannabis and it’s use as a treatment against cancer, it will still be met by resistance from the federal government.

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Ailments Can Marijuana Most Effectively Treat

Which Ailments Can Marijuana Most Effectively Treat?

icon  14 Jun, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Demo Editor

The acceptance of medical marijuana as treatment has grown to the extent that many are already seeking medical treatment via cannabis. A multitude of services, such as cannabis clinics, dispensaries, and cannabis and medical marijuana delivery, have cropped up in order to supply an increasing number of patients.

Despite these advances, medical marijuana has not yet received the extensive clinical study that could provide strong validation of its therapeutic and medicinal effects. However, a number of smaller-scale studies do exist that have documented its effectiveness in treating certain illnesses.

Below Are Ten Ailments And The Effectiveness Of Medical Marijuana On Their Treatment:


 Medical marijuana may help with the neuropathic pain which sufferers of AIDS/HIV experience. The findings are similar to those of oral drugs used for chronic neuropathic pain derived from HIV-associated sensory neuropathy.

Cannabis has also shown promising effects in treating the symptoms of wasting syndrome, which include appetite loss, pain, and anxiety. It may therefore provide significant relief as a form of lifestyle improvement for those afflicted with AIDS/HIV.


There is a possibility that marijuana could slow the progression of the protein deposits that may cause Alzheimer’s. There is still speculation concerning the cause of Alzheimer’s and whether such proteins are linked to the disease.

Marijuana is more useful in treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, which include lessening agitated behavior (sleeping better or feeling less worried or depressed) and help gaining weight.


Cannabinoids can help regulate the secretion and function of regulatory proteins from immune cells. As a result, marijuana may aid in the treatment of inflammatory disease. Patients have reported less pain on movement and at rest following use of medical marijuana as treatment. Medical marijuana additionally helps patients to sleep better.


 Studies have proven that cannabis may have potent dilating effects on the airways. However, its therapeutic value is eclipsed by the fact that some patients respond to smoking marijuana with bronchospasm, which causes constriction of the air passages in the lung.


 Evidence has suggested that marijuana may kill certain cancer cells. It could also stop cancerous tumor growth. THC, an active compound within marijuana, was shown to improve the effectiveness of radiation on cancer cells in mice.

Cannabis has proven to be a more potent aid for cancer patients’ life improvement. It has been known to prevent the nausea accompanying chemotherapy and is especially useful for patients with a severity of these symptoms: inhaling marijuana is recognized for its ease of consumption since it eliminates the problems of swallowing and keeping down a pill. The British Medical Association and the American Institute of Medicine have both declared medical marijuana used for the nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy as one of the best therapeutic uses of cannabis.

Chronic pain

 According to the Institute of Medicine, both animal and human studies involving cannabinoids have shown “substantial analgesic effect.” This belief has existed as early as the 1800s whereby it was widely used for pain relief.

As mentioned earlier, there is evidence that cannabinoids may be involved in the regulation of neuropathic pain. Studies also suggest that it may also help with acute pain.

Crohn’s disease

 Cannabinoids can have an effect on gastrointestinal motility and could additionally have an anti-diarrheal effect. Marijuana is most useful in this respect for improving Crohn’s disease patients’ quality of life: weight gain, pain reduction, and improvement in mental distress can all be addressed with medical cannabis.


 In a study of 213 patients, medical marijuana administered to patients resulted in a reduction in frequency of certain seizures. More solid evidence regarding the use of marijuana to treat epilepsy has yet to be discovered.


 THC can impact the optic nerve and lower eye pressure. However, it may also lower blood pressure, which could be damaging to the optic nerve on account of low blood supply.

Multiple Sclerosis

 Marijuana may help with muscle spasms, tremors, pain, and stiffness.

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Does Cannabis Actually Help Reduce the Size of Tumors

Does Cannabis Actually Help Reduce the Size of Tumors?

icon  10 Jun, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Demo Editor

With the popularity of marijuana clinicsand marijuana dispensaries on the rise, the medicinal properties of cannabis are by now better known and better received by the public and medical professionals alike. Marijuana treatment is most commonly applied to ailments such as glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and to combat the side effects of chemotherapy. However, recent research has sought to conclude the medicinal benefits of cannabis for treating cancer, more specifically, the reduction of cancerous tumors.

The effect of medical Cannabis on brain tumors

A large portion of what is known about medical marijuana’s ability to combat cancerous cells derives from research on glioblastomamultiformeor “GBM” (a high grade glioma) and glioma tumor cells, which make up 80% of all of brain tumors. Scientists believe that due to brain cells having the highest concentration of cannabinoid (the active compounds in marijuana) receptors, brain tumors, which contain many of these receptors, may respond well to cannabinoids.

Researchers at Complutense Univeristy in Spain discovered that THC, one of medical marijuana’s cannabinoids, caused the deterioration of brain cancer cells in a process termed as “autophagy”. Autophagy is the process by which cells feed upon themselves. When mice with human tumors were given THC, the growth of the tumors slowed down. In addition, two human patients with aggressive brain tumors tested positive for signs of autophagy.

Another study conducted by St. George’s University of London claimed “dramatic reductions” in high-grade gliomawhen a combination of radiation and cannabinoids was administered. The tumors reduced in size in many of the cases. Dr. Wai Liu, one of the study’s lead authors proclaimed, “The results showed that the final effect was superior to the sum of the parts. Hopefully, these results will support calls for formal trials in humans to test these combinations.”

Medical marijuana’s effect on breast cancer cells

The University of East Anglia (UEA) in collaboration with the University of Complutense conducted additional studies of the effect of marijuana on mice that had samples of breast cancer cells. The study found that two cell receptors were responsive to what could be the anti-tumor properties of cannabis. UEA’s Dr. Peter McCormick confidently proclaimed that THC, “is known to act through a specific family of cell receptors called cannabinoid receptors. We show that these effects are mediated via the joint interaction of CB2 and GPR55—two members of the cannabinoid receptor family.”As a result of this study, McCormick is confident that THC “has anti-cancer properties” and that “By identifying the receptors involved we have provided an important step towards the future development of therapeutics that can take advantage of the interactions we have discovered to reduce tumor growth.”

Admissions from NIDA

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), an institution of the United States’ federal government, has itself admitted that medical marijuana is capable of treating certain cancer cells. As a result of the growing interest and clinical studies of the effects of medical cannabis on cancerous tumors, NIDA admitted in an April 2015 publication that, “recent animal studies have shown that marijuana can kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others. Evidence from one animal study suggests that extracts from whole-plant marijuana can shrink one of the most serious types of brain tumors. Research in mice showed that these extracts, when used with radiation, increased the cancer-killing effects of the radiation.”The fact that this admission comes from a federal government run institution is a definite step forward towards more studies that examine the effects of medical marijuana on tumor shrinkage.

It is clear that there is convincing evidence to suggest that medical cannabis has positive effects on the shrinking of tumors. However, in order to deem this research more conclusive, more clinical trials must be conducted.

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Marijuana, Its Various Names and Options for Purchase and Growth

Marijuana, Its Various Names and Options for Purchase and Growth

icon  31 May, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Demo Editor

Marijuana has, and still is, becoming increasingly popular, not just with millennials, but with those in all age groups from Generation X, to baby boomers, and even in some cases those from the Silent Generation. With that said, general interest in the various products offered to consumers has grown right along with this increase in popularity, and interest in the different strains and their names has reached an all time high.

Its no wonder people are interested in all the various strains however, because some of them have down right interesting names. Some of the most famous strain names include: Purple Haze, White Widow, Pineapple Express, Kush, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, Durban Poison and more. How these strains got their names however, is another question all together, though one with a relatively simple answer.

3 Factors to Choose From

 Most cannabis strains obtain their name based off of one of three factors: the way they look, (specifically in relation to coloring), the way they taste and/or smell, and where they originate from. For example: the strain of weed known as Purple Haze, gets its name from the clearly purplish ting it exhibits, while the strain of weed known as Pineapple Express gets its name from the very pineapple like aroma it expels both before and during smoking and the strain of weed known as Durban Poison gets its name by originating in Durban, South Africa.

Regardless of which strain and/or name strikes you as most desirable however, mmj is fast becoming a standard within society, especially in regards to medical marijuana. In fact, consumers are now able to buy medical marijuana more easily than ever before, with more states legalizing medical marijuana every year and more dispensers opening up all the time. Furthermore, with the influx of business, many medical marijuana dispensaries are now even offering marijuana delivery services, which is great for those who may be unable to leave their home for various medical or personal reasons.

Overall however, no matter what your reason for smoking is, nor which stain you choose to enjoy, mmj is clearly on the rise and options for purchasing, as well as the number of products and strains available, are increasing every day. In fact, many of the strains we know and love today are being bred to create new and even more inventive strains, ensuring there really is/will be a strain for everyone’s liking.

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Marijuana Delivery Services

What You Need to Know about Marijuana Delivery Services

icon  30 May, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Demo Editor

A lot of people do not know this, but yes, it is very possible for you to have your marijuana delivered to your door, just as you would if you ordered a pizza. For people who do not want to leave their homes, or for those who would require marijuana but not need it right away, marijuana delivery services are the perfect solution. It is legal and it is a great alternative to acquiring marijuana, without visiting a dispensary.

There are a lot of questionable people out here that claim that they operate a marijuana delivery service, but one needs to exercise caution when it comes to such things. If you live in an area where marijuana is legal but for medicinal and recreational purposes, then it will be easier to find a delivery service. Next to living in a state where the operation is legal, you need to be of legal age to use the services. If you are using it for medical reasons, you also need to show proof of a doctor’s prescription. Most dispensaries deliver to their registered members so if you are a first time buyer, the process might include you showing a form of photo identification, in addition to the card from your doctor.

Once all of that is setup, you just call up and make a choice from the menu and give them your address and delivery times. There are some delivery services that make same day deliveries based on the time you order, while other do overnight deliveries if you do not have a need for the product immediately. On arrival with the product, be ready to pay either with cash – the preferred form of payment; or a debit card. With the DEA banning credit cards for pot purchases here in the city of California, cash and debit are the only form of acceptable payments.

Once you have gone through the order process for the first time, it becomes easier to use the delivery services over and again as you are in their database and the more times you purchase, the easier it is to just call up and have it delivered right to your doorsteps.

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Health Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana

Surprising Health Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana

icon  24 May, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Demo Editor

So far 41 of the 50 states in the United States have legislations that permit medical marijuana in some form. These states have done an impressive job in finally seeing the medical value of marijuana. Whether patients suffer from epilepsy, a chronic illness or even PTSD, these laws have allowed patients more options when it comes to treatment.

What Makes Marijuana Medicinal?

Apart from the calming sensation most users feel the actual science behind marijuana is just in the beginning stages of being known. While marijuana has over a hundred chemicals, it’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which creates the infamous marijuana’s “high.” The THC is used to also treat vomiting and nausea. A key role when used by those undergoing chemotherapy or to help with appetite for those with AIDS.

Another marijuana compound known to have medical applications is cannabidiol (CBD). This is being researched to treat serioys epilepsy and pain.The medicinal portions of chemical components vary from strain to strain. But proponents of marijuana argue that the chemical component combinations in the plant provide an efficient type of treatment for some medical symptoms.

What are the Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana?

There aren’t very many studies done on the benefits of marijuana, but the ones that have been conducted show various advantages of using marijuana as treatment for various medical conditions. These studies also show a decrease in symptoms for users. Here are just a few of the medical benefits of marijuana.

In a study cited in the Journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, they found that CBD “has the ability to stop cancer by turning off a gene called Id-1.” Further studies were done at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco on breast cancer cells with high levels of Id-1 and showed remarkable results with decreased Id-1 expression.Even the American Association for Cancer Research has discovered that marijuana can even work to reduce the speedofgrowingtumors.

Marijuana has been shown to protect the brain. Research from the University of Nottingham shows that marijuana can beneficial in protecting the brain from damage caused by stroke. “There is also evidence to suggest that marijuana can help after a concussion or other traumatic injury. A recent study in mice suggested that marijuana lessened bruising of the brain and helped with healing mechanisms after a traumatic injury. “

For people with psychological issues such as depression, anxiety and even those with eating disorders like anorexia marijuana can help improve the smoker’s mood and acts as a sedative in lower doses.

A study from 2006 by Kim Janda found that the THC in cannabis helps slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. “The plant slows the formation of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme in the brain that makes them. These plaques are what kill brain cells and cause Alzheimer’s.”

These are only a few of the many benefits of consuming medical marijuana. More studies will undoubtedly continue to be conducted as widespread acceptance of marijuana as a treatment spreads from state to state.

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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Santa Barbara

icon  22 May, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Demo Editor

In the Santa Barbara area, medical marijuana is not as accessible as it is in other parts of the state of California. There seems to be different zoning laws in different cities that regulate the construction of dispensaries, as well as the legal distribution of marijuana products. In Santa Barbara, as of 2015, only one dispensary has been approved in the outskirts of the city; with about two more applications for marijuana dispensaries pending. Even at that, the cultivation of marijuana, as well as the membership of people who consume the products and the financial records are all maintained and inspected by the City Staff.

In January alone, the Santa Barbara City Council voted to ban the commercial growth of medicinal marijuana. While people are allowed to grow up to 100 square feet of medical marijuana for personal use; qualified patients can also buy medical marijuana from the three dispensaries permitted in the city of Santa Barbara. But with this law, dispensaries are prohibited from growing marijuana by themselves so the operators of dispensaries purchase their products from outside of the city and then bring it back to sell in Santa Barbara.

Even caregivers are prohibited from growing medical marijuana for their patients; all of this is in an effort by the city to ban individuals from growing medical marijuana for commercial purposes. While people believe that it is a backward practice, the councillors believe that is a fair practice as other people have banned dispensaries completely but the city of Santa Barbara allows for the operation of three dispensaries, so they believe it is a fair bargain. While it is difficult to purchase marijuana in the city of Santa Barbara, there are still ways to get easy access to medical marijuana in the state of California. You could always get it delivered to your doorsteps.

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Where to Purchase Your Medical Marijuana

Where to Purchase Your Medical Marijuana?

icon  18 May, 2016  /  icon  1        Author: Demo Editor

It is no secret that marijuana as a whole has become increasingly more accepted by the general public, as well as by the courts, in the United States over the past few decades. In fact, in many cases, states all across America have begun to legalize the use of marijuana, if not for recreational purposes, then at least for medical, with the number of states which have legalized the substance in some form or anther reaching 24.

With that said, the more readily available marijuana becomes, the more consumer demand for being able to buy legal marijuana online increases as well. Therefore, various medical marijuana delivery services have begun to crop up all over the nation, offering customers the benefit of being able to buy and consume marijuana, without ever needing to leave the comfort of their homes.

How to Get Medical Marijuana Online

The question then arises however, where can I get medical marijuana and how can I get medical marijuana, including online? The answer to these is fairly simple. First, one needs to be at least eighteen years of age and see a doctor who is licensed to give out “red cards” (i.e. prescriptions which prove the user is afflicted with an illness and/or injury that is treated via medical marijuana).

Then one would need to find a dispensary to buy from — there are plenty of physical dispensaries all over as well as sites (such as WeedMaps), which specifically map out where top rated dispensaries are. However, if one wishes to purchase their marijuana online they will need to do an online search. Also it is important to note that if one does opt for delivery services, they need to make sure it is legal within their city as well as within their state, as various cities prohibit the delivery of cannabis products, regardless of whether it is for medical or recreational use. Lastly, one would need to choose and order the product they desire, then present their red card and ID upon the product’s arrival.

Overall, this really is a relatively easy process to go through, weather you are planning to purchase your marijuana in a dispensary or have it delivered to you via online services. Furthermore, if you are interested in finding out which illnesses/injuries qualify for legal medical marijuana purchase and consumption, there are numerous sites that make this information available to the general public. So if you find yourself in pain and believe marijuana may help you, find a local doctor who will be able to examine you and determine if this is indeed the case, get your red card, and become a part of the cannabis movement today.

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Marijuana: A Brief Overview of the Industry’s Progress

icon  15 May, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Demo Editor

Marijuana has been around for centuries, being used as a method of healing, relaxation, pain therapy and even as a recreational substance to alter one’s state of mind. What is more recent however, is the fact that marijuana is finally becoming more widely accepted and practiced in legal forms, in this modern world. In fact, it has come such a long way in acceptance and regular use, that various weed dispensaries have begun to pop up all over the country — though especially in places such as Washington and Colorado which have legalized both recreational and medical use.

Because of this, the increasing regularity and ease of purchase, weed prices, though originally high, have begun to decrease significantly as the market expands and product becomes more readily available to the public as a whole. This in turn, has made it easier than ever for regular users to enjoy the substance, which is particularly helpful for those in need of cannabis for medical purposes, as well as allowing many to partake in the substance for recreational purposes (without the fear of legal repercussions in many instances).

An Ever Growing Market

 Prices and regularity of use however, are not the only things which are changing; with an ever growing market and a public that regularly enjoys delivery of every day-products, from food to groceries, medication and even cloths, it was only a matter of time before a customer would be able to buy marijuana online, and that time has come. In fact, in order to enjoy the benefits of weed delivery services, all one needs to do is: a) check and make sure cannabis delivery is legal within the city they reside, (note, that while it may be legal in your state, specific cities have ordinances against cannabis delivery, so it is a good idea to double check you won’t get in trouble for ordering cannabis from your home), and b) Google something along the lines of “weed dispensaries near me” to find a location from which to purchase from. It is really that easy.

The cannabis market is only going to continue to grow and gain momentum, and therefore it is certain that the industry itself will also grow and change to meet the modern demands of the world around it. As states continue to legalize the substance, more and more strains will become available, options for purchasing will increase and reasons for usage will evolve. However, in this moment one thing is certain — it is the best time in the United State’s history to be a regular consumer of cannabis.

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Cannabis Dispensary

What Is A Cannabis Dispensary?

icon  14 May, 2016  /  icon  0        Author: Demo Editor

Often times, people do not know what to expect when they hear the words ‘cannabis dispensary”, or when they have to deal with one. A cannabis dispensary is a legalized specially designated location where medical marijuana is sold. If you do proper research it is very possible to find one in your area and understand how it works, as these dispensaries vary in operations based on locations. Some dispensaries only sell for medical uses, while others in the United States are licensed to sell for medical as well as recreational use, as a means of the government regulating the use and dispersion of marijuana.

Cannabis dispensaries operate just like any other business operates. Think about when you enter a liquor store to purchase alcohol, you get carded to show that you are of the legal age. Same thing in a cannabis dispensary, you need to present your ID to show that you are over 21, if you’re entering a recreational dispensary, or for those going to a medical dispensary, you need to show your medical marijuana health card – a form of personal identification from your doctor with the government’s approval to show that you are qualified to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. In the dispensaries, since products and practices vary by location, there are often people in there that assist with the products as well as verify the authenticity of your ID; that is if you are purchasing from a medical dispensary.

In the United States, cannabis dispensaries are becoming more of regularity for recreational purposes, with Washington and Seattle passing voter initiatives fully legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. You can expect the rest of the states to follow suit soon, and the result will lead to more cannabis dispensaries for recreational uses popping up, not just selling marijuana, but marijuana infused products as well.

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How Can I Get Medical Marijuana

How Can I Get Medical Marijuana?

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Most people read or hear about using marijuana as a way to handle their illnesses, yet they have no clue how to go about getting the prescription or how to even begin the process of having access to medical marijuana. In order to be able to get medical marijuana, you have to make sure that you are eligible or rather your condition is covered under those in which medical marijuana can be prescribed.

Some of these conditions include: arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, muscle spasms, sleep disorders, anxiety, Crohn’s disease, etc.  If you have also been in an auto accident, and experience some pains or stress disorders as a result, you might be eligible to be prescribed medical marijuana as a way to treat your condition.

Once you fall under the category, the next step is to speak to your family physician or a doctor so that the risk can be assessed. After this, your doctor will prescribe the medical marijuana as they see fit in its ability to control or reduce the symptoms of your condition. Once approved, you are then given a card. With this card, you are now eligible to use medical marijuana as a means of coping with your sickness or symptoms.

In terms of getting the cannabis, there are a variety of ways. Firstly, you can grow your own up a certain amount, depending on what city you live in. For example, Santa Barbara does not have a lot of medical marijuana dispensaries so they encourage card-carrying patients to grow theirs.

The second way to get it is to visit a dispensary in your city in which you can purchase amounts of medical marijuana and other cannabis paraphernalia.

Thirdly, you can have it right at your doorsteps by using a registered delivery service and finally there is always the option of buying medical marijuana online.

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Medical Marijuana Los Angeles Websites

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Medical Marijuana Los Angeles Websites


Marijuana Los Angeles websites have a lot of medical marijuana for sale surrounding the city. Having many strains and impeccable services, medical marijuana websites in Los Angeles offer their customers the best strains and the most advantageous services. However, there are also many scammers out there, so you will need to be careful when buying your medical marijuana online.


Look out for Scams!


Look out for Scams!


For example, don’t buy from sources that advertise themselves through local ads like Craigslist or comment sections on forums or video sites. These are usually scammers that only ask you for money and don’t ever send you the product. Also, this may be obvious but don’t give your credit card or bank account information away. You risk getting scammed.

There are many Marijuana Los Angeles websites that do in fact sell their products safely. They will require you to sign up and provide your green card information. These websites will also ask you to provide your prescription information.
In case you are doubtful about a website, just research online for their reviews. These will be able to tell you how the website has managed to provide for its clients in the past. Have a look over these reviews and decide if the website you are looking at is worthy of your choice. There are many websites out there, so it would be great if you can choose the best one.


Personally Delivered Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles

Personally Delivered Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles


Many of the Marijuana Los Angeles websites offer personal delivery. It is better to go with Medical marijuana Los Angeles websites that provide personal delivery because it is so much more convenient. They are more trustworthy. Just sign up with your green card and prescription, place the order, and wait for the pot to be delivered at your door. Don’t trust mail delivery systems, as they are oftentimes scams. The Marijuana Los Angeles website of your choice should be neatly organized and offer many high quality products. Make sure you check if your website is trustworthy and reputable before ordering!

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Medical Marijuana for Treating Bipolar Disorder

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Medical Marijuana for Treating Bipolar Disorder
Marijuana for Treating Bipolar Disorder


Medical Marijuana for Treating Bipolar Disorder

Medical marijuana is often used to address high levels of pain in different kinds of illnesses and for patients with serious problems like cancer and other such problems. However, recent evidence suggests that medical marijuana can be used to treat neurological disorders as well. Research conducted by several institutions has shown that medical marijuana has a positive effect on patients suffering from depression, anxiety disorders and other problems. It can also be used to treat bipolar disorders.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is when you alternate between extreme depressive phases and elation without warning. It affects your energy levels, mood, and your activity levels to an extent that day-to-day tasks can become very difficult. This disorder shouldn’t be taken lightly. In many cases, people just dismiss it as being moody and don’t take steps to treat it. That can harm your health and well-being, personal life, and your professional life as well.

What is Bipolar Disorder

Does Medical Marijuana Help?


There’s considerable debate about this, but there has been enough positive response from research participants to consider medical marijuana a valid option for treatment. This plant influences the body’s endocannabinoid system. This particular system is present in all mammals and is involved in processes like pain sensation, mood, appetite, and memory. It also mediates the effect of cannabis like marijuana.

Does Medical Marijuana help

According to researchers, the THC and CBD cannabinoids found in medical marijuana can stabilize your mood and address the symptoms of bipolar disorder. THC can, under the right dosage and circumstances, have an antidepressant and anti-anxiety effect on patients. CBD has similar effects as well. There is potential here and researchers are busy trying to understand how to utilize it safely.


If you want to know more, give us at PotValet a call on 1800 357 1314 or fill in this contact us form.

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RSO and CO2 Extractions For Dabbing

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RSO and CO2 Extractions For Dabbing

Dabbing is a method through which people medicate themselves with cannabis concentrates. PotValet is committed to offer only the safest and cleanest concentrates. The oils for dabbing are obtained through numerous extraction methods, giving the dabs different names such as BHO (butane hash oil), rosin, CO2 oil, budder and wax. All of these products are powerful medicines for those dealing with chronic pain and nausea.

RSO and CO2 Extractions For Dabbing

You have probably heard some concerns regarding dabbing. While the process itself is not at all dangerous, some extraction methods may carry the potential to harm the consumer. For example, chemical contaminants like butane may have some hazardous consequences. PotValet offers the best concentrates, which are only RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and CO2 based. Let’s see what each of these extraction methods has to offer.

The RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) Extraction

The RSO extraction method is preferred to the one of water or alcohol. It involves the use of naphthalene and it is prepared with the intent of delivering high amounts of 100% bioavailable THC that will fight cancers and other severe illnesses. This is why the RSO extraction is preferred amongst those who suffer from serious diseases. It should be noted that traditional RSO is a high THC product.

The RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) Extraction

The CO2 Extraction Method

This method used carbon dioxide under extreme pressure. The result is the separation of cannabinoids from the plant. More than this, the CO2 extraction decarboxylates the cannabis completely, meaning that anything obtained is 100% bioavailable and can be consumed in any way – eaten, smoked or vaped. It doesn’t matter how you consume this concentrated, it will be super effective.
The RSO and CO2 extractions are preferred by PotValet because they offer better results than the water or alcohol extractions. As said earlier, the THC obtained after such extractions is more effective and more bioavailable than the one obtained through other methods.

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How Does Dabbing Work?

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How Does Dabbing Work?

In case you are somehow involved with cannabis, whether medically, recreationally or from a business point of view, then you have probably heard about “dabbing”. It’s been over a decade since this method of consumption has been around, but the onset of more progressive extraction methods has brought on more cannabis concentrates, making dabbing more popular than ever.

Medical Benefits of Dabbing

A dab is a dose of cannabis concentrate. The dabbing method involves heating the concentrate on a hot surface and then inhaling it through a dab ring. The dabs are obtained by extracting cannabinoids, including THC, with a solvent, which is usually butane or carbon dioxide. The final result is a sticky oil that is commonly known as shatter, wax, budder or BHO (butane hash oil). The good news for some is that there is the possibility of extracting only the THC, which is the really medicine in marijuana.

The Medical Benefits of Dabbing

Concentrates are so beneficial because they give the patient a powerful dose of the medicine. Those who suffer from chronic pain or nausea have reported that dabbing gave them immediate relief. The quantity of flowers to be smoked in order to get the same results would not be possible in patients who really need the medicine.

Medical Benefits of Dabbing

Are There Any Dangers?

The answer to this question is yes. Making extracts can be very dangerous if not controlled in a professional environment. Professional extractors shy away from the precarious “open” extraction method that can be conducted at home. They opt for the “closed” extraction method, which is safer, done in professional environments, with sophisticated equipment. More than this, there are many other extraction methods available. For example, the CO2 or the ice-water extraction; these are much safer and reduce the possibility of an explosion.

Medical Benefits of Dabbing

While dabbing may be in an awkward phase at the moment, there are many advantages associated with this method. All in all, cannabis concentrates have a lot to offer patients and cannabis consumers. Dabbing is just one ingenious method amongst others.

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Medical Marijuana

3 Big Marijuana Myths Busted

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Cannabis opponents have, for decades, controlled the message around this popular plant, and have spread a few lies about its actual effects. This caused the use of marijuana to be a stigmata, a cause with effects that haven’t still worn off. The failed and expensive US war on drugs continues, and it seems the criminalization of cannabis users and distributors is a main priority in this war. Some of the governmental agencies continue to stubbornly classify marijuana as dangerous and with no medical value, in spite of the stacks of evidence that prove the contrary.


While many know the truth about cannabis (that it is more effective than some prescription drugs in treating some illnesses and that it is healthier than alcohol) and while more than half of Americans want it legalized, the marijuana myths are still around in some mainstream circles. Those who oppose legalization are determined to ignore the evidence.

Here are 3 of the marijuana myths that persist to some degree today, and the facts that debunk them:


Myth 1 – Marijuana Causes Brain Damage

This myth surfaced only of late, and it is only based on one study in France. The study examined the brains of 20 heavy cannabis users and 20 non-smokers. There were differences in their brains, in the areas of cognitive and emotional processing. The media took these results to the open public, saying that marijuana reorganizes your brain, while the authors of the study clearly explained the results do not show this.


Myth 2 – Marijuana is Addictive

9% is the number of cannabis users who become addicted, according to a study from the 1990s. This still puts marijuana dependence risk below alcohol, which is 14% and tobacco, which is 24%, according to the same study.

Myth 3 – Marijuana is Worse than Tobacco for Your Lungs

Some argue that, because it is smoked without a filter, marijuana can cause damage to the lungs. A 2012 study on marijuana’s effects over the lungs came up with the conclusion that the marijuana use is not associated with adverse effects on pulmonary function. On top of that, cannabis can be ingested and not smoked. You can inhale it as a vapor, take it in tablet or food form, or rub it on your skin as a lotion or an oil.

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Medical Marijuana Continues to heal

icon  07 Jan, 2016  /  icon  1        Author: Support Pot Valet

More and more medical circles are accepting the use of medical marijuana, as scientific evidence shows that marijuana helps in the treatment of some illnesses. After cannabis has been legalized in some areas of the country, more and more people are starting to view this plan differently. The health benefits medical marijuana has to offer are more evident than ever. Many remarkable medical professionals have come to support the use of the plant as a treatment helper for many conditions.

Medical Marijuana Slows Down Alzheimer’s Progression


Studies revealed there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This has determined a renewed interest in studies that search for medical solutions against the illness. The legalization of cannabis is seen by many as a new ray of hope for those showing early signs of Alzheimer’s. Marijuana has the ability to block the enzyme responsible with the progression of the disease. More than this, it helps with the prevention of protein clumps, which affect cognition and memory.

Medical Marijuana Stops HIV From Spreading Throughout the Body


Those who are HIV positive can also see benefits from medical marijuana.  Research performed on monkeys has revealed how the active ingredient in cannabis is instrumental in preventing the HI-Virus from spreading. This active ingredient is THC, which when received in daily dosages, leads to healthier cells in the body. Besides, marijuana also helps to improve the appetite, which is good news for those suffering from HIV.

Medical Marijuana Slows Down the Spread of Aggressive Cancer Cells


Research has shown that a substance contained in cannabis can hinder cellular metastasis in a few types of cancer. Related research has as well proven reductions in cellular viability if there is an existence of leukemia cells. The reductions take place at different cellular sequence stages, which signifies that individuals at different phases of the illness may rip off the health benefits. Based on certain records, scientists have utilized substances present in marijuana to exterminate the cancer cellular material, offering relief for leukemia sufferers.

If you have any questions about the latest news on medical marijuana or want to learn more about where you can purchase medical marijuana online, contact us today.

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Medical Marijuana for Migraines

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Medical Marijuana for Migraines

Before knowing all about medical marijuana for migraines, it is essential to first identify what a migraine is. The chronic headache that is most likely caused by the spasm and narrowing of blood vessels carrying blood to the brain is known as a migraine. The headache is so intense and can happen from once a year to as often as a few times a week. Besides the pain, other symptoms of a migraine may include nausea, sensitivity and vomiting. The identified factors of a migraine may be stress, caffeine, anger, hormonal imbalances or nicotine.

Finding a solution to cure the pains from migraines is essential. Medical marijuana has been one of these solutions that has helped migraine sufferers release some of the tension and relieve some of the pain from these painful headaches.

Why Use Medical Marijuana for Migraines?

There is scientific proof medical marijuana is an effective treatment for migraines. The main component in marijuana, which is THC, is known to have neuroprotective and analgesic effects that relieve the pain brought on by migraine attacks. With marijuana’s history of being illegal, this surely has not been advertised much as a highly effective treatment for migraines.

More than this, people have also been a little bit scared of using medical marijuana for migraines, thinking the only way to use medical marijuana is by smoking it. This is the wrong idea as there are many other delivery methods that can be used: vaporization, putting cannabis in your foods, or taking it sublingually (in the form of tinctures).

Medical Marijuana for Migraines Being Made Legal

Medical marijuana being made legal should be a welcomed development to those who suffer from migraines and avoid taking prescription drugs because they don’t want the side effects these drugs have. The most common side effects of the medicine for migraines are: sleepiness, fatigue, nausea, racing heartbeat, having difficulties thinking and also numbness. Not to mention some patients become addicted to their painkillers.

Medical marijuana is an alternative treatment for migraines, which doesn’t present any known side effects and it is proven to not develop addiction.

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Marijuana and Cancer Treatment

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Medical Marijuana

Marijuana and Cancer Treatment

Those interested in marijuana cancer treatment should have a look over the next few paragraphs, and see what this miraculous plant can do.

Marijuana has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries. Scientists have discovered cannabinoids, the biologically active components in marijuana, to be biologically active and effective in treating some diseases, including cancer. At present, the US Drug Enforcement Administration has listed marijuana and the cannabinoids under the Schedule I controlled substances, which means is only legal to treat some of the medical conditions in many states.

Marijuana and Cancer Treatment Studies

Marijuana and Cancer


Several scientific studies of smoked marijuana discovered that it could be useful in dealing with vomiting and nausea from the cancer treatment of chemotherapy.

A number of reports have discovered that inhaled (used to smoke or perhaps vaporized) marijuana could possibly help in the therapy of neuropathic pain (aches brought on by damaged nerves).

Testing has also proved that smoked marijuana has also helped improve the diet in HIV sufferers. Research has long demonstrated that individuals who used marijuana extract in medical testing tended to require much less pain medication.

Cannabinoids in Marijuana Cancer Treatment

Marijuana and cancer


Recently, researchers disclosed that THC along with other cannabinoids like CBD cause slow development and/or trigger death in some forms of cancer cells growing in a laboratory. A few animal scientific studies also suggest that particular cannabinoids can slow growth and also decrease spread of some types of cancer.

There have been a few early medical tests of cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer in human beings and more scientific studies are planned. As the tests to date demonstrate that cannabinoids could be safe in dealing with cancer although, they cannot prove that they assist control or treat the disease.

As of yet, counting on marijuana for cancer treatment as your only means for therapy while staying away from or postponing conventional medical care for cancer could have severe health implications.


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Marijuana Can Fight The Fight Against Glaucoma

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Can Marijuana Help Treat Glaucoma?

It is estimated, according to World Health Organization, that glaucoma is the second cause of blindness and about half of Americans with glaucoma are not even aware of it. Studies reveal that glaucoma could be genetic, yet science continues to be uncertain on what causes glaucoma to build and worsen. It’s been debatable over the last several years whether or not marijuana can help treat glaucoma, let’s look at some facts below and  put this discussion to rest.

Medical Marijuana

How Does Marijuana Impact Glaucoma?

What has been discovered is that, together with other treatments, marijuana has significantly diminished vision loss caused by glaucoma. Usually, what causes glaucoma is pressure in the eye. Studies have shown some chemicals in marijuana have the positive effects of reducing the intra-ocular pressure, also known as IOP, by as much as 25%.

Some would say this is an insignificant gain when you are thinking of the side effects of marijuana, but that conclusion doesn’t hold any weight. While marijuana is known to cause some elevated heart risk to some aged patients, the majority of users report little to no side effects when it comes to regular, medicinal use of the plant.

Medical Marijuana

Is Marijuana a Treatment for Glaucoma?

Marijuana is not an all-in-one magical treatment for glaucoma. There are other medicines and remedies such as drops that reduce the pressure in the eye by diluting and other processes. However and unfortunately, these other methods may not be as effective as they are still in the research process. Since there are no other treatments or cures for glaucoma, alternative treatments such as treating glaucoma with marijuana, is not only to be preferred, but may be absolutely necessary at this point.

Medical Marijuana

The research and testing will continue but the next steps are to find a solution so that a new delivery system gets put in place for glaucoma sufferers, which will let them benefit and treat their glaucoma with medical marijuana without the need to smoke it.

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Interesting Facts About Marijuana That You Should Know

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Some Interesting Facts About Marijuana That You Should Know

There Is No Evidence That Young People Will Be Affected By Relaxing Marijuana Laws

Medical Marijuana

Many people who oppose the legalization of recreational or even medical marijuana often try to make the claim that adolescents and young people will suffer as a result of the slacker laws. It has actually been proven however in the states where marijuana has already been legalized that this simply isn’t the case. If anything, there has been a decrease in marijuana abuse amongst younger adults in those states. This is probably because of the legalization taking away the glamor and taboo from the substance and greater availability via legitimate means such as marijuana dispensaries. The decriminalization of marijuana in these states has also seen a decline in the numbers of marijuana related crimes committed by adults.

Marijuana Is Certainly Not A Gateway Drug

Medical Marijuana

Most people who have used marijuana for recreational or medicinal use have never used any other drug apart from those medically prescribed to them. It is the most easily accessible illegal drug however across America, so it is not at all surprising that people who have taken dangerous drugs such as heroin, cocaine and LSD may have used marijuana at some point or another. Trying to say that everyone who uses harder drugs also used marijuana at some point however is like trying to say that everyone who develops a life threatening illness drinks coffee. It means absolutely nothing and certainly doesn’t mean that those who use recreational or medical marijuana will eventually move onto stronger substances.

Marijuana Can Have Effects On Driving

Medical Marijuana

Even though the effects of marijuana on driving are quite slight, marijuana can impair a driver’s sense of awareness and alertness. Whilst it is not as bad as driving under the influence of alcohol, driving whilst smoking marijuana is something that should be avoided. The problem however is that it is very difficult to tell how much of the cannabis drug a driver has used and how recently as marijuana chemicals stay in a user’s system for a long time, even after the effects of the drug has worn off. It is therefore important that users understand the implications of driving within a short time of using marijuana. Even with the mild danger that can be posed due to using marijuana shortly before driving however, there are not many driving offenses that have been recorded as a result of the driver being under the influence of marijuana and those that have been are generally under the influence of another substance such as alcohol at the time.

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Cannabis Drug Not Likely Cause For Traffic Accidents

icon  11 Nov, 2015  /  icon  0        Author: Support Pot Valet

Cannabis Drug Is Not Likely A Cause For Traffic Accidents


Colorado made the decision to legalize the cannabis drug for its
residents in 2012. The opposition to the vote predicted an increase in those driving under the influence of marijuana, and in turn an increase in traffic accidents whilst under the influence of the drug. Some claim that the substance can cause response times to suffer and that the user’s judgment may become impaired when under the influence.

According to statistics published when cannabis was first legalized in Colorado in 2001, there was a spike in traffic accidents involving drivers who had tested positive for marijuana, which campaigners attribute to the relaxed laws. Pot supporters however, argue that before marijuana was legalized, a third of drivers involved in accidents tested positive for marijuana anyway.

Medical Marijuana Detectable For Weeks After Side Effects Wear Off


Cannabis DrugEven though statistics do exist, it is actually next to impossible to get realistic statistics from testing. Whilst it is possible to accurately detect how much alcohol a driver still has in their system, when it comes to pot, things are very different. The test for recreational or medical marijuana simply tests for metabolites in the body, which can actually linger for days and sometimes even weeks after marijuana has been used. If a driver tests positive for marijuana, all this tells the police is that they have used marijuana at some point over the past few days. Side effects from using marijuana wear off after a few hours so the driver may actually be perfectly safe to drive.

Legalizing The Cannabis Dispensary Gives Explanation For Surge In Cannabis Users


Explaining the statistics of the 2001 statistics for road traffic
accidents becomes simple considering the public’s response to legalization. As marijuana became legally available, it was only to be expected that more drivers would be likely to have used the drug within the days or weeks before their accidents. Of course, the increase in numbers of drivers with pot in their system also means that other groups of people at the time would have had a similar increase in the use of the drug. These statistics do not mean that marijuana is a contributing factor in accidents or fatalities on the roads.

Proving that a driver is ‘stoned’ or not continues to be a difficult case to prove. If highway officers want to pursue any punishments for using marijuana bought legally from a cannabis dispensary and then driving under the influence, then congress will need to have many more debates before they can come to a decision that is fair for the driver. A zero tolerance policy would clearly be unfair, as it is difficult to ensure that your body is completely free from cannabis before driving, especially if you take the drug for medicinal purposes on a regular basis. This would mean that people would not be able to drive for weeks after using the drug.

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5 Benefits for Cancer Patients Using Medical Cannabis

icon  26 Jun, 2015  /  icon  0        Author: Support Pot Valet

5 Benefits for Cancer Patients Considering Using Medical Cannabis

Whilst lawmakers and scientists struggle to agree on the validity of any claims that Medical Cannabis is a miracle cure for cancer, it is evident that those who are already undergoing medical treatment for cancer can benefit from taking the substance. Chemotherapy is a long and traumatic procedure for anyone to have to go through, and the side effects that this can bring are debilitating.

Having Access to Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Can Help Ease Nausea

Chemotherapy can cause nausea and vomiting in patients but using marijuana during chemo treatment can ease this symptom. The FDA have even accepted that marijuana can assist in easing nausea and vomiting and have approved a tablet form of THC that can be used by patients. This has been available through Medical Marijuana Delivery Services since 1985.

Medical Cannabis

Medicinal Marijuana Can Control Mental Health Problems

Chemotherapy treatments can often cause depression as one of its many side effects. Marijuana is known for its ability to lift the user’s mood, and studies show that it is effective in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression in users.

Marijuana can Help Sufferers Get More Sleep

There are many issues that cancer patients can suffer from when it comes to sleeping, including struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep and feeling as though they have not had a good night’s sleep even if they do manage to fall asleep. The THC in marijuana can improve the user’s ability to sleep and can be used by those undergoing chemotherapy treatments who are struggling to sleep as a result.

Marijuana is Great for Pain Relief

Cancer and chemotherapy can produce high levels of pain for a patient, and sufferers often find that prescribed medications to help give pain relief do little to help with the pain without causing further side effects. Marijuana can help block the pain receptors in the body, so if cancer sufferers use the substance, they can find that they receive the pain relief that they need.

Buy Medical Marijuana to Help Fight Cancer

Whilst the jury is still out on this one, there have been plenty of scientific studies that show that weed is effective in attacking cancerous cells and for some forms of cancer it would appear that marijuana can slow, reverse and even prevent cancerous cells from forming. Even if a patient finds that they do have cancer before they’ve even ever tried toBuy Medical Marijuana for any reason, they can find that using the substance can limit the disease and stop it from spreading.

These are just 5 of the many benefits that using marijuana can offer to those suffering from cancer. To limit, control, treat and even prevent cancer in patients, the FDA and the scientists should continue to research the drug to discover more ways that it may be used to help those who are living with the disease.

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Louisiana Close to Seeing Medical Marijuana Legalized

icon  16 Jun, 2015  /  icon  2        Author: Support Pot Valet

Louisiana Close to Seeing Medical Marijuana Legalized

2015 has been a great year for supporters of medical marijuana legalization in the state of Louisiana. So far, a new bill that proposes access to medicinal marijuana for all those who need it has made it’s way a long way through the ranks of local governmental approval. Now, the fate of this new legislation lies in the hands of Governor bobby Jindal. If the bill is passed, it would make Louisiana the 24th state in America to allow it’s citizens to legally access the substance.

The next step of the approval process looks positive for citizens of Louisiana. Jindal has already outwardly confirmed that he is in support of legalizing marijuana for the good health of those who would benefit from it. He has even gone so far as to admit that he was already had a chance to look at the bill and that if he had the chance to approve it, he would.

Medical Marijuana

How Would Louisiana’s Cannabis Dispensary System Work?

The bill would only allow medical marijuana in a form that it could not be smoked in. That means that it would need to be made into a pill or oils. There would then be 10 Cannabis Dispensaries at various locations around Louisiana where citizens could Buy Medical Marijuana. There would only be one authorized area for growing the marijuana for this purpose.

It is likely that the Louisiana State University is going to be the location that would have the highest chance of obtaining the license to cultivate the drug, along with the Southern University. If neither of these locations are interested in the project, then other companies would be able to enter a bidding process to try to find a suitable location.

Who Could Access Marijuana in the State?

There would only be a number of conditions covered under the new bill. These include Glaucoma, quadriplegia and those undergoing treatment for cancer. This would not remain the case forever though, as the University of Louisiana would be given the power to give their own recommendations for further conditions or diseases such as epilepsy, that could potentially be added to the list.

10 Marijuana Dispensaries Could be Chosen Where Citizens Could Buy Medical Marijuana

The locations for the 10 authorized cannabis dispensaries around the state would be existing pharmacies. Each pharmacy would be subjected to a review and the staff would need additional training and medicinal marijuana would be given under prescription to those patients who have been prescribed the drug by their doctor. All sales of the substance would be tracked to protect the safe distribution of the drug and to ensure that the only people who access the drug would be those authorised to Buy Medical Marijuana.

The bill would expire after 5 years, which would force Louisiana to assess the system and how successfully it performs. This would determine whether the state chooses to maintain the legislation or to ban the drug again.

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Marijuana Delivery for Veterans Could Help PTSD

icon  30 May, 2015  /  icon  5        Author: Support Pot Valet

How The Feds Are Learning That Marijuana Delivery for Veterans Could Help PTSD

Whilst 23 states and counting have locally legalized the use of marijuana delivery services to some extent, with more following suit, it seems strange that the federal government are still having a hard time believing that there is any truth behind research about medicinal marijuana. Whilst studies have shown that marijuana has helped veterans who are suffering from PTSD, it has not been enough for the federal government to accept the truth, until now. Finally, the feds have approved a study, and if the results prove to be positive, this could see a move towards Marijuana Delivery being approved as a viable treatment for the strains of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

marijuana delivery

Colorado Backs PTSD Study In Step Towards Vets Being Allowed To Buy Medical Marijuana

Recently, members of congress actually voted out the possibility of veterans discussing the possibility of being offered a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service to help them with their PTSD, but hopes are high now that the new study that has been commissioned by the government will change the minds of those who previously voted ‘no’.The study has been backed by the state of Colorado, who is one of the only states in America to have fully legalized marijuana for recreational use. Colorado raised the $2million to get the study off the ground.

In addition to the years it has taken to reach this breakthrough, the process has not been without its setbacks. The research team have already been challenged by congress about the reliability of the samples when they Buy Medical Marijuana that they will be testing. The team admitted that the quality of the cannabis that they had planned on using for the study couldn’t be determined. Instead, the study has had to go on hold whilst a special order of cannabis is grown in a controlled environment by the University of Mississippi.

Step Towards Legalization of A PTSD Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

The study,however, is now almost ready. There will be 76 subjects, all veterans suffering from PTSD, who, over 6 weeks will be given 4 different varieties of cannabis, each with varying levels of THC and cannabinoids to see which elements of the substance work the most effectively with PTSD.

Whilst veterans are the subjects of this study for now, there is nothing to say that if successful, the scope for treating PTSD would not be extended to the wider population.

It is not likely that the federal government will change their mind completely on their stance when it comes to marijuana, but hopefully, this study will be another step in the right direction in breaking down the defences that the feds have built up, blocking invaluable research into marijuana and its many benefits.

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Bob Marley’s Important Argument For Medical Marijuana

icon  23 May, 2015  /  icon  3        Author: Support Pot Valet

Bob Marley’s Important Argument For Medical Marijuana

One of the world’s most iconic musicians, and leading advocate for medical marijuana legalization would have been 70 years old this past February. Bob Marley, who was well known for composing and singing numerous memorable hits in the reggae style was remembered earlier this year to mark the occasion. In his home country of Jamaica, citizens celebrated by holding reggae jam sessions and his family commissioned a video in his name too to remember his ideals for making the world a better place.

Medical Marijuana

Herbs From Nature, The Planet’s Natural Medical Dispensary

One of the most memorable traits of Marley was how he publicly spoke out about Medical Marijuana and how much he believed in its many healing benefits. Bob Marley fiercely believed that there are spiritual, healing and meditational benefits to using the pant and defiantly opposed those who would try to use marijuana to incite fear and negativity amongst the public for political gain.

Bob’s Argument For The Legalization Of The Cannabis Drug

Marley would refer the Cannabis Drug as an herb and as an herb is a plant, he argued that herbs are good for everything and that something that is naturally occurring can’t possibly be as bad as politicians tried to make out. He made the point that politicians should have the public’s best interest and health as their highest priority, and by blocking the use of marijuana, even those who safely purchase it from a Medical Dispensary, this gives a very different message about their motives.

Whilst some may believe that Bob Marley’s message was simply to spread love and peace by getting high, his son believes differently. Ziggy Marley says that his father was a revolutionary. He explains that Bob was searching for social justice and acceptance. He wanted to encourage people to stand up for everything that they believed in, not just using marijuana. People should be entitled to basic human rights, and this was what Bob supported most of all. His message is just as relevant today as it was all those years ago.

A Chance For A Global Marijuana Delivery Service

Now, it is Bob Marley’s family who is working hard on his behalf to continue his efforts with marijuana legalization. They joined with a private company in 2014 to create a global Marijuana Delivery Service, using Marley as the mascot. The move, whilst intended to help everyone around the world to have access to marijuana if they require it, has also helped reawaken the memory of Marley for his family. His daughter remembers how her father used to feel that his mind opened whenever he used the drug, allowing his creativity to flow. He considered marijuana to be a gift.

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Medical Cannabis Use For Kids

icon  21 May, 2015  /  icon  3        Author: Support Pot Valet

How Science Is Strengthening The Case For Medical Cannabis Use For Kids

Whilst it has been the argument of those who oppose the use of medicinal marijuana that children could be put in danger, new evidence suggests that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies show that the use of Medical Cannabis could actually help treat some illnesses for sick children.


How Can The Cannabis Drug Help Sick Children?

Two particularly life altering conditions, Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, are childhood epilepsy forms , which although rare still affects thousands of children across America. These illnesses can cause the sufferer to have hundreds of seizures a day, often with dangerous levels of severity. To date, all prescribed medications for the condition have been inadequate in treating the illness. Allowing parents to Buy Medical Marijuana Online however may be the answer.

Thankfully however, it would seem that the FDA are opening their minds to a new kind of treatment for sufferers of these conditions as they have approved a clinical trial for a Medical Cannabis based drug. Epidiolex is a new drug that is uses one of the 85 cannabinoids that are found in marijuana, namely cannabidiol or CBD, which is the drug’s main active ingredient. The FDA approved the trials last year and results so far have been positive. 54% of the patients in the trial had reported that they had had far fewer seizures after just 12 weeks of usage, whilst a further 9% actually said that their seizures had stopped altogether. The success of this study has left the path open for the second stage of the trials, which involves placebo-based methods of testing.

Strengthening The Case For Allowing People ToBuy Medical Marijuana Online

As well as the studies for Epidiolex, research in laboratories is quickly evolving in an effort to unlock the science behind CBD. THC is another of the various cannaboids of weed and has also been used in medicines although, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. One of the industries greatest breakthroughs as a result of research and discovery is the way in which cannaboids are perceived. These days, people are beginning to recognise that cannabinoids are separate entities and that each one has different properties that can be harnessed for different benefits.

Research has now clarified that the cannabidiol cannabinoid is the sole ingredient of cannabis that can provide the best relief for seizure sufferers. The great news is that because this is known, with careful cultivation, special strains of the cannabis drug can be grown to produce higher quantities of CBD, meaning a better effectiveness of the cannabinoid a greater yield. Careful cultivation can mean better safety and piece of mind for those who Buy Medical Marijuana Online

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Facts You Didn’t Know About The Cannabis Drug

icon  16 May, 2015  /  icon  3        Author: Support Pot Valet

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Cannabis Drug

With so many US states legalizing cannabis in one form or another, it’s becoming much more socially acceptable to talk about the cannabis drug. If you find yourself discussing marijuana frequently with your friends and colleagues, then have a look at these uncommonly known facts about marijuana, so you have something interesting to chat about, next time the subject arises.

Cannabis Drug

1. Cannabis Has Been in Space

A weather balloon holding 95 seeds, a cloned plant and a joint were sent 19 miles up into the air, and there are even stories of NASA spacemen throwing cannabis seeds out into space during a mission.

2. Word Up!

There are estimated to be around 2000 different words that can be used instead of the word ‘cannabis’. Ganja, marijuana, weed and pot are just a handful.

3. Decriminalizing Marijuana Delivery Doesn’t Mean No Arrests

Although marijuana has been decriminalized in many states, there are still many arrests made for cannabis related crimes, with an estimated arrest every 42 seconds. It would appear that despite all the legislation that has been passed, little has actually changed when it comes to the police’s view on the drug.

4. Medical Marijuana No New Invention

It’s quite surprising to know that marijuana has actually been in use since around 2737 BC, with the Emperor of China, Shennong recommending marijuana use to manage a variety of ailments.

5. Modern Medical Marijuana

In 2003, Canada became the first modern country to legalize medical cannabis, with cannabis dispensaries offering the drug to patients with qualifying health complaints.

6. US Cannabis Dispensaries Not New Either

Until 1942, American cannabis dispensaries offered the drug to treat conditions such as rheumatism, nausea and labor pains.

7. Probability of Overdose Very Low

1500 pounds of weed would need to be consumed within just a quarter of an hour to actually overdose on the drug, making it completely safe and impossible to create any fatalities from it’s consumption alone.

8. Even Presidents Have Had a Toke

Rather ironically, presidents have actually admitted or implied that they have used pot for themselves in the past. George W. Bush commented that he wouldn’t answer the questions about cannabis, because he didn’t want youngsters making the mistakes that he did. Obama, has openly admitted that he used cannabis recreationally throughout his youth too.

9. Cannabis Smoothies, Anyone?

In India, a yogurt and cannabis blend of smoothie is sold. Whilst it is reported to taste quite awful, it has some wonderful effects.

10 Beer Hops and Marijuana

Did you know that hops that make beer and cannabis come from the same plant family and people have even tried making marijuana beer due to the similarities with the two plants.

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Cannabis Drug Advert Set for Screens

icon  15 May, 2015  /  icon  2        Author: Support Pot Valet

Cannabis Drug Advert Set for Screens

In the month of May, decision-making panels in Texas have been assessing the viability of a new bill that has been proposed to decriminalize marijuana, giving more lenient treatment to those in possession of the drug. To go hand in hand with this, an advert is due to appear on the television sets of thousands of Texans across the state, telling residents just what decriminalization of marijuana would mean for Texas. A marijuana support group who are broadcasting the clip on major channels until the decision is made on bill HB 507 backs the advert. This bill proposes that those carrying less than one ounce of the substance will receive a reduced penalty. Currently, if you are caught in possession of less than two ounces of the cannabis drug, you could face up to a $2000 fine and a jail term of up to 6 months.

Cannabis Drug

New Rules for Recreational Use and Not Just Medical Marijuana

To date, Texas has the second highest arrests for marijuana related crimes, and according to statistics, white people are half as likely to be arrested for possession of cannabis as black people are. The proposed bill was approved last week by the Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence and was initially put forward by state representative Joe Moody. The new bill would apply to those who use Medical Marijuana as well as those who use it for recreational use only.

Russell Jones, who was once a police officer for the State of Texas and a detective for narcotics, narrates the advert, comparing the dangers of alcohol to those of marijuana. This is a common comparison that is drawn when discussing the prospect of legalizing marijuana, which is an interesting debate, as it is a well-known fact that alcohol is attributed to many more violent crimes and accidents than cannabis ever has.

In his narrative, Jones explains “I know of no instance in my entire career where someone was acting out under the influence of marijuana.” He goes on to say that “People under the influence of alcohol are much more problematic. Law enforcement officials have more important things to do with their time than arrest people for marijuana possession.”

Of the 11 bills concerning marijuana that Texas officials have been considering, HB 507 is the one that has made it past the most hurdles so far. Supporters of the legalization of the cannabis drug are excited that Texas lawmakers are finally taking marijuana more seriously and having more of an open mind when it comes to the drug.

New Bill Could Legalize Pot Delivery for Texans

With the outlook on the bill looks promising so far, there is more hope for the bill, as it was only last week that another bill was approved, that would permit the sale and distribution for pot delivery across the state. The bill was approved by a bipartisan House committee, which, if that bill goes further, could mean Texas would be a step towards being the fifth state to allow the recreational use of cannabis.

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Promising Cannabis News For Pennsylvania

icon  14 May, 2015  /  icon  4        Author: Support Pot Valet

Promising Cannabis News For Pennsylvania

There has been some great Cannabis news in Pennsylvania this week for the supporters of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use. Senator Mike Folmer submitted Bill 3, which calls to legalize the use of marijuana in the state for medicinal uses. The state senate passed the bill, which would mean legal access to medicinal marijuana services for many citizens who suffer from a multitude of severe health problems. This is an attractive prospect to many who feel that this naturally occurring medication has a bad public image that it doesn’t deserve.

Cannabis news

Enabling Patients to Use A Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

The proposed bill would ultimately ensure that the use of cannabis for medical use is safely and fully regulated. Not everyone would be able to access a medical marijuana delivery service, but instead, the legal use of the drug would be restricted to those who have a valid medical condition that is on the list of approved conditions for use of the drug. The bill would also ensure that the State Board of Medical Cannabis Licensing under the Department of State would be able to oversee the safe use of the drug and appropriately license it.

When the bill was passed on April 21st, the panel voted it in unanimously. It was amended slightly however, with detailed rules that medical cards permitting the use of the drug should be kept up to date to the minute. Those businesses licensed to grow, process and sell the drug for medicinal purposes should also be tracked carefully to ensure that no additional marijuana products could be illegally released from these outlets. Whilst no edible cannabis may be produced, it would be possible for medical cardholders to mix their cannabis into their food or to turn the cannabis into an inhalable steam to make using the drug more manageable for the individual. In addition, the list of allowed medical conditions was amended to add AIDs, HIV and the painful eye condition, glaucoma.

Medical Marijuana Benefits Finally Being Recognized

Senator Folmer expressed his relief following the acceptance of the bill by his colleagues. “This bill has had many individuals working hard to help the broadest group of people we possibly can without further delay,” said Folmer. He was happy that the amendments have been made in favour of the use of the drug and that the list had been expanded to provide relief to a wider group of patients.

The use of marijuana has been legalized, decriminalized or is partially allowed for medicinal use across just under half the number of States in America. Bill 3, which has been brought forward a little more is a step in the right direction to give Pennsylvanians the chance to use medicinal marijuana to treat their various health problems. Finally, it looks as though America is waking up and realising the many medical marijuana benefits that can be provided by the drug.

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Medical Marijuana Should be Legalized

icon  11 May, 2015  /  icon  5        Author: Support Pot Valet

77 year old a-list actor Morgan Freeman has expressed his desire to see cannabis legalized ‘across the board’. The actor doesn’t hide the fact that he uses medical marijuana for his own use and has done for a good few years.

Recent moves by some states to partially or fully legalize marijuana have been praised by Freeman who says that he uses the drug for his own personal pain control and acknowledged that he feels that it has many other uses.

Marijuana is beginning to have more understanding in not only the public eye, but also in the medical world too. It’s also a well established fact that alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana, causing thousands of fatalities each year, whereas marijuana is not known to have ever caused a single fatality.


Medical Marijuana Should be Legalized

Not Just Medical Marijuana Benefits Says Freeman

Morgan Freeman suffers from the pain-inducing medical condition, fibromyalgia. There is no known cure for this health ailment, and it causes pain and joint swelling amongst several other symptoms for sufferers, many of whom are prescribed harsh pain medications that can cause further side-effects even though it deals with the pain. Fibromyalgia sufferers like Freeman however can take medicinal Marijuana Pain Relief without the harsh side effects of extreme pain medication.

Even though he has been prescribed many medications, Morgan Freeman claims that Medical Marijuana is the only thing that has ever helped ease the symptoms of his fibromyalgia. He suffers the most pain in his arm and this is Morgan Freeman’s main reasoning behind using the drug. He strongly supports those who believe in legalizing cannabis, although he does not believe it should end at using the drug forthe medical marijuana benefits only. There are many other benefits of marijuana, including the fact that it is safer to use than it’s legal recreational alternative, alcohol.

Marijuana Pain Relief a Clear and Possible Alternative

Marijuana has proven itself in trials on children who have seizure, and studies show that the drug can actually minimise the severity of seizures so that the children do not need to suffer and as such can enjoy being children and live a happier life. The drug has also been successful on multiple occasions in relieving previously untreatable pain in other conditions, showing that Marijuana Pain Relief may be the way forward.

Even though Marijuana has been legalized for medicinal use in California for around 19 years now, industry regulations for it’s safe use have been barred by some governmental groups who won’t back down on their statements that there are no such thing as medical marijuana benefits as such, the federal government still keeps marijuana on the list of schedule 1 dangerous drugs. Whilst Californians can access medical marijuana in Los Angeles for example, elsewhere in America, there are still states that have severe legal implications for those who use the drug for any purpose and we are the best online store dealing in Medical Marijuana Santa Barbara.

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New Medical Marijuana Bill Means Full Legalization for Texas

icon  10 May, 2015  /  icon  4        Author: Support Pot Valet

New Marijuana Bill Means Full Legalization for Texas and Not Just For Medical Marijuana

On Wednesday, new legislation was approved that means a small victory for the marijuana users of Texas. Members of the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee have allowed new laws that will allow Texans to use not only Medical Marijuana, but to access a marijuana delivery service for recreational purposes too.

The 7-person panel voted 5 to 2 in favor of the bill, which would mean that Texas could become the fifth state in America to legalize cannabis for the public’s recreational use. It’s a little early to start toking quite yet though as the bill has several more crossroads to clear and it is unlikely for the bill to get any further this year. It is still a step in the right direction, with officials showing support for marijuana, which is still classed by the federal government as a dangerous schedule 1 drug.

medical marijuana

Great Cannabis News For Marijuana Supporters

Only 2 days before, this panel had voted on the decriminalization of marijuana, which again was a successful 4 to 2 vote on that bill. This first victory was the first time that a bill to legalize marijuana has ever been approved at this stage, so for two to be approved is certainly good news for cannabis supporters.

The current law means that those caught in possession of marijuana face jail time, which many believe is unfair, unnecessary and a waste of money for the taxpayer. New laws aim to reduce the numbers of people incarcerated for marijuana possession across Texas. Instead, law enforcement will have the power to give citations to individuals caught in possession of marijuana. There are other benefits for decriminalizing marijuana, with obvious reasons being the reduced rates of drug related crimes, an economy boost and a regulated system to make marijuana safer for those who do use it for recreational or medicinal purposes.

One particular member of the committee voting for the bill to legalize marijuana for recreational use gave his reason as “I don’t believe that when God made marijuana he made a mistake that government needs to fix.” David Simpson, a republican has conservative views and gave his support for the bill gladly.

Hopes For A Legal Marijuana Delivery Service To Be Available for All

The bill wont legalize the recreational use of marijuana completely however. Maintaining responsibility, the committee in making their final decisions decided to make a few amendments to the bill before voting. Unless they have parental supervision, minors will not be able to use cannabis, so this will still remain legal. Changing this section of the bill resulted in another yes vote from the panel.

The next group of voters to receive the bill will be the State House Floor Calendar committee, so marijuana users who are still waiting for a legal marijuana delivery service will no doubt be waiting with baited breath to hear the outcome of their decision.

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cannabis drug

Obama backs the use of the Cannabis Drug

icon  22 Apr, 2015  /  icon  9        Author: Support Pot Valet

4/20 is the unofficial celebration day for the cannabis collective to unite and hold protests to legalize marijuana across the globe.  The evening before, on April 19th 2015, President Obama appeared on a report for CNN news claiming to back the use of medicinal marijuana in support of the controlled usage of it rather than criminalizing all who use the cannabis drug.

cannabis drug

Support for the Cannabis Collective

Whilst Obama didn’t quite state that he was behind the complete legalization of the drug, he seemed to be very supportive of backing the bill to legalize it for its medicinal use.

Obama believes that the science behind medicinal marijuana is too strong to ignore and that if patients are professionally and carefully prescribed the use of medicinal marijuana to help with their health issues, then this could be a viable option for at least partially legalizing the cannabis drug.  He said that he believes strongly that it is time that the public and officials stopped looking at marijuana from a criminal perspective, and looked instead at how marijuana could benefit the health and lifestyle of those who live with health problems that marijuana could help to treat.

Although he is a little shy about the subject, this is not the first time that the president has addressed his views on the use of marijuana.  In his youth, Obama has claimed to have used marijuana, and has admitted that he does not believe that it is any more dangerous than alcohol.

Policy Similar to That for Tobacco Could be Used For the Cannabis Drug

Just as guidelines for the safe and responsible use of tobacco, with warnings and public service announcements have helped spread the message of the dangers of the prolonged use of tobacco, Obama suggested that a similar tactic could be used for allowing members of the public to use marijuana safely.  Presently, if someone has an addiction to tobacco and cigarettes, then the government has options for them to help fight the addiction and offer help and support.  Rather than looking at the overuse of the cannabis drug as a criminal matter, offering help and support if it is required to the cannabis collective could be a better option.

The Stance on the Cannabis Drug in America

At present, Colorado has seen a huge financial benefit from the legalization of cannabis, with crime statistics being unaffected, and the taxes coming into the state due to legal cannabis drug sales giving a real boost to the economy.  The District of Columbia, Oregon and the State of Washington have also seen the legalization of the recreational use of the cannabis drug with no adverse problems.

Objection to the Use of the Cannabis Drug Still a Problem

Despite the present success of legalization across parts of America, and the statistics that the use of the drug amongst the cannabis collective is much less deadly than the abuse of alcohol, just this past week, a Californian judge has ruled not to take it off the list of federally recognized dangerous drugs.


Why it’s a good thing that people with arthritis can buy marijuana online?

Cannabis News: Marijuana for 2016 Election

Marijuana dispensary, Marijuana taken to the federal level as Bill awaits decision in House

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People with arthritis can buy marijuana online

icon  20 Apr, 2015  /  icon  6        Author: Support Pot Valet

Arthritis is among those  that people try to cure or at least relieve with marijuana. And given the fact that it affects namely the bones and joints, the option to buy marijuana online seems adequate and applicable.

buy marijuana online

Why bother visiting a dispensary when you can order marijuana online?

It’s like this – this disease is already too hard to handle let alone going out and visiting a dispensary just to buy what’s necessary to relieve the pain. Many scientific studies have proven and confirmed the pain-relieving effects that cannabis has. The case with Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis is no different.

These are the two most common diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system. They consist in bone deformations that cause quite unpleasant pain to the patients and distort their everyday activities. Simple things like shopping become a rather obnoxious activity and patients with arthritis prefer to limit all sort of movement.

Cannabis is an effective and reliable treatment so expansion of the market is no surprise for anyone: welcome the marijuana online business.

The wave of legalization is literally flooding the world – US States as well as developing countries are discussing the liberalization of either medical marijuana or cannabinoid-based medications. But for the patients the decision is simple – they’ll do whatever is necessary to relieve their pain. In this particular case authorities must consider the financial influx from taxes from dispensaries and also from buying marijuana online. It’s harsh to admit that for some people the health and life of others is measured in bills and coins.

The risk of arthritis is higher for obese people, yet 30% risk while maintaining a healthy weight is just too much.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 19 million Americans “report limitations because of arthritis”. This number sounds more than disturbing – 19 million only in the USA is just too many people suffering this awful pain. That’s why it’s a bit surprising when you think about marijuana online.

To order marijuana online may sound ridiculous to some just because of the fact that arthritis is closely related to unhealthy weight and sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately the problem with the skeletal deformations and diseases is that they can’t be cured, just relieved. This briefly means that if it’s already too late to reason “To eat or not to eat that pizza?”, then getting rid of the pain is more than welcome.

To order marijuana online is not only easy but a reliable way to provide the necessary treatment.

We buy food online; we buy clothes and shoes online; why not buy marijuana online then? Once we escape from the social stereotypes of what’s “good” and “bad” for us and go for “what makes us feel better” , only then we can really affirm that health is a top priority for humanity.

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Marijuana delivery – salvation for two hundred Delawareans

icon  15 Apr, 2015  /  icon  5        Author: Support Pot Valet

Another major hit on the medical marijuana accessibility in Delaware – the opening of First State Compassion Center has been rescheduled for June. This is the second delay that disturbs the treatment of approximately two hundred patients and a reasonable solution might be the marijuana delivery.

Constant troubles for the sick Delawareans since the medical cannabis law was passed in 2011 but marijuana delivery may save the day.

It was first the Governor – Jack Markell who hampered the implementation of the new law under the threat of possible federal intervention. For four years patients were forced to seek alternative sources to relieve their condition. Quite more often than we’d like, these sources were not only illegal, but unreliable and hide many dangers.

Marijuana delivery

Marijuana delivery seems like a good choice since it was announced that Delaware’s first medical dispensary will open doors later than expected. The initially scheduled start was for April, but as a result of electrical issues and seed-growing related difficulties, this date has been changed. Now the 200 registered patients of the state will have to wait until June to purchase their first and legal, Delaware medical marijuana.

Marijuana delivery is not only quicker but also a safe way to provide the patients with treatment.

Since the beginning of the cannabis legalization wave, the number of registered patients in Delaware has tripled. Yet, these people don’t have the necessary access to relief their suffering. Marijuana delivery was a disputable option that raised many questions (mainly concerning regulation) but so far it turns out it works quite well for many patients in other states. While cross-state delivery is forbidden, Delawarean authorities might consider the fact of a temporary solution to the dispensary delay problem.

Many have expressed their concerns about a potential shortage of the medical cannabis. The governor’s spokesman affirmed that supply-related issues won’t occur. Unfortunately, after so many troubles that accompanied the Delawarean medical marijuana legalization, patients just can’t be patient anymore.

According to Health Officials, the current number of people in possess of medical cannabis ID cards is 200. At the same time about 170 more are waiting in line for their applications to be approved. Considering the state law regulations, allowing the cultivation of not more than 150 plants and a reserve of 1,500 ounces, the total number of people who’ll need weed will exceed the ability of supplying.

Despite the relentless efforts of medical cannabis communities, even a marijuana delivery service won’t fix the problems permanently and entirely. More efforts and even more devotion are needed from the authorities in order to meet the needs of patients whose last chance of treatment was delayed again.

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cannabis news

Cannabis News: Marijuana for 2016 Election

icon  13 Apr, 2015  /  icon  11        Author: Support Pot Valet

Latest cannabis news shows that the politicians have been discussing marijuana policy. And the marijuana policy will most likely be addressed in the 2016 election, as it is a very hot topic. This means that whether it’s Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton or Scott Walker, marijuana policy will be up for debate. In other cannabis news, both the republicans and democrats have reasons to address marijuana cannabis issues.

Cannabis news: Republicans Talk Marijuana

Marijuana policy gives republicans a chance to distinguish themselves. It is an issue that they need to take a stand on. They have to speak about it. Cannabis is too popular for any politician to avoid. It also helps candidates to make a link with the younger and more liberal voters. While some republicans accept and openly address marijuana policy, some don’t. For some republicans they “just say no.”

Cannabis news: Democrats Talk Marijuana

Democrats find it far less difficult and seamless to talk marijuana policy. Again, like with the republicans, it helps in connecting to the younger audience, the younger voters. It also helps democrats to lead into a discussion about health and family. After all, most cannabis news tell us that cannabis drugs have several medical benefits. This topic also provides another lead in that benefits the democrats. It provides a lead in to criminal justice reform, economic disparities, discrimination and the job implications of marijuana arrests.

cannabis news

Why Cannabis News will Increase

Many states have come on board to legalize marijuana. This list includes states like Washington and Colorado. And they have already started gaining quite a few benefits. In Colorado, the governor’s budget office estimate they will collect $184 million in the first 18-months of recreational pot sales. In the first year alone Colorado earned $53 million in marijuana sales tax revenue. And, more recent reports state that Colorado has made $2.35 million for schools from marijuana sales.

Scientists have learnt that medical marijuana benefits for treatment of various medical issues. And as more states legalize marijuana more research will be done to uncover new uses. Cannabis news talk about some illnesses that marijuana is used to treat, illnesses such as marijuana cancer treatment, marijuana for migraines, marijuana for glaucoma and many more. The benefits of marijuana are quite many. Scientists also say marijuana users are smarter and more open minded. It has also been said that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol and tobacco.

So not only will cannabis drugs help to raise tax incomes in each state, but it will also help persons who need the herb for treatment. Medical marijuana is used for a number of illnesses and diseases. Legalizing marijuana will mean a boost in business for medical marijuana delivery service suppliers and a host of medical advantages that many persons will benefit from.

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marijuana dispensary

Marijuana dispensary, Marijuana taken to the federal level as Bill awaits decision in House

icon  10 Apr, 2015  /  icon  18        Author: Support Pot Valet

Marijuana has been the centre of attention recently. And, the federal government has gotten more involved. The positive thing about this effort is that it is bipartisan. It means that both sides are pushing for the law to be passed. This will improve the odds of the bill being passed. This may also affect how long it takes.

The bill is also very likely to be passed because of public opinion. Currently, polls say that 86 per cent of Americans are pro medical marijuana. This is a big advantage for the bill. This will open the doors for the marijuana dispensary businesses and other suppliers in the industry.

 marijuana dispensary

The Reason for Support for Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana benefits are quite a few. Aside from its recreational use, marijuana cannabis has a number of medical advantages. It is used for insomnia, pain relief, asthma, anxiety and many others. There is marijuana cancer treatment, marijuana multiple sclerosis, marijuana AIDs and marijuana HIV treatments. The marijuana dispensary and medical marijuana dispensary industry will increase when legalization is set at a federal level.  They will make it more convenient and accessible for persons who need medical marijuana to treat their illnesses or disease.

Marijuana move from Schedule I to II

Marijuana is currently under the Schedule I category under federal government. Under this category drugs are not recognized for having any medical benefit. However, clearly, this is not the case with cannabis drugs. It has a variety of medical benefits. And, as more research is conducted the current list of benefits may well increase. Being under Schedule II will mean that the medical qualities of marijuana will be officially recognized. Representative Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee and Don Young, R-Alaska, introduced the bill recently that proposes reclassifying marijuana to Schedule II.

The New Bill will Free up Medical Marijuana

Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 23 states. Moving marijuana to Schedule II at the federal level would then allow each state to set the law with regards to medical marijuana. The new bill will also allow a marijuana dispensary, for medical treatment, to use the traditional banking system. This bill will also allow doctors at the Department of Veterans Affairs to recommend medical marijuana to veterans. Cohen spoke fervently about this issue, he said, ” VA Doctors should not be muzzled,” he said. “The idea that veterans who go to war and see life squashed out can’t talk to doctors about marijuana is absurd. It’s crazy.”

The marijuana industry will turn around, but it may take some time. The marijuana dispensary and medical marijuana dispensary business will be opened up for persons to acquire marijuana for medical treatment. And political affiliates will come together to get marijuana mainstreamed.

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Irish healthcare Firm Discusses Cannabis Collective for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

icon  08 Apr, 2015  /  icon  11        Author: Support Pot Valet

Like other countries worldwide marijuana cannabis is being legalized in many European Union countries. Unfortunately Ireland is lagging in this regard. Dr. James Linden, the managing director of a Dublin-based research firm called GreenLight Health has been examining the medical marijuana benefits and particularly as it relates to multiple sclerosis patients. 176 years ago Irish Doctor William Brooke O’Shaughnessy lead the initiative in researching the medical benefits of cannabis drugs. Now, Dr. Linden is reigniting this research to help thousands of patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis. A cannabis collective, a place that provides medical marijuana to those who don’t grow or have their own supply, will be a source for multiple sclerosis patients.

cannabis collective

Regulations against Pot in Ireland

Unfortunately, cannabis collective facilities are not yet readily available for patients in Ireland. Using marijuana in Ireland could mean a criminal record. Persons could also be required to pay a fine of 2,700 Euros and possible a prison sentence of up to 12 months. Other countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria and France have legalized marijuana cannabis for medical purposes. They have allowed cannabinoid type treatments to be used in their health system. On the other hand, in Ireland, legalization was to have been drafted in 2013 to allow for the selling of medical cannabis, however, it has not gone any further. According to Dr. Linden, it is a grey area on whether he would need a change in the law to produce cannabis medicine in Ireland. He can get a license to grow marijuana for research. However, a cannabis collective and selling it would make that grey area somewhat darker.

Cannabis Collective for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Though research is continuing to uncover the how medical cannabis can help treat multiple sclerosis patients, according to Dr. Linden “cannabis gives relief from some of the symptoms of MS which are muscle plasticity which helps prevent inflammation and it helps the joints from stiffening.” Dr. Linden also says that cannabis could do more for MS patients, this can only be uncovered through more extensive research. The laws and regulations against marijuana would have to change to make way for this research to take place without any limiting restrictions.

As more research takes place, the benefits marijuana cannabis will more likely increase. Medically we are still only in the early stages of discovering the many medical marijuana benefits. Marijuana treatment is used for other illnesses and diseases such as diabetes, anti-aging, anxiety and there’s even marijuana cancer treatment. Medical dispensary, online medical dispensary and cannabis collective businesses will make cannabis medical treatment more easily available to patients. First the laws will have to make way for cannabis, but in time it will no longer pose a problem.

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marijuana delivery

New Jersey's Christie Admin Scolded for Marijuana Delivery Criticism

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The New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, has made some comments about the medical marijuana program in the state that hasn’t been well received. This has displeased lawmakers so much so that they took their sentiments a step further. The lawmakers endorsed a resolution that said the Health Department, under Governor Christie’, put “arbitrary and unnecessary” limitations on the medical marijuana program. The marijuana trade is changing; marijuana delivery, other suppliers and stakeholders are looking forward to the legalization of Pot

Christie Calls it ‘Blood Money’

The lawmakers made that resolution, named the ACR224 a day after Christie’s comment. The Governor condemned the legalization of marijuana that would gain tax revenue; he called it ‘blood money.’ That may be Christie’s opinion, however, tax revenue from marijuana delivery and sales can be used for good in the state. Colorado legalized the cannabis drug for over a year now. The benefits have been quite good for the state. The state gained $53 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales. Also, the governor’s budget office estimate that Colorado will collect $184 million in the first 18-months of pot sales. $40 million to public school construction, $85 million on youth prevention and substance abuse treatment, $12.4 million on public health, $3 million on law enforcement and public safety and almost $2 million on industry oversight, according to money.cnn.com. This just shows how growing the marijuana industry can provide much needed benefits. More recent reports show that Colorado also generated $2.35 million for schools from marijuana sales.

marijuana delivery

More importantly the medical marijuana benefits are plenty. Pot is used to relieve a wide number of illnesses and diseases. There’s marijuana cancer treatment, medical marijuana for migraines and a host of other medical marijuana benefits.

Marijuana Delivery Status in New Jersey

The resolution now says that there are regulations that were passed by the Department of Health that are in opposition to that legislature that was enacted in 2009, this was the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act of 2009. This was also before Governor Christie took office. That legislature said that marijuana delivery by doctors who prescribed medical marijuana be part of a public database. It also stated that edible marijuana cannabis was prohibited and it could not be delivered to homes. Christie won’t have the chance to refute this resolution because it is not like other resolutions. It is a concurrent resolution. This means that if the Assembly and Senate pass it then the Department of Health will have to abide by what is stated.

With policies like this being pushed from the top marijuana legalization will happen in New Jersey, with any luck it will be sooner than later. Decriminalizing marijuana will only open up the industry to more possibilities.

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Order Medical Marijuana Online in Ohio: Legalization A Possibility

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There’s an opinion shift happening in the marijuana industry. The times are changing. Marijuana cannabis is becoming more free and open in America, one state at a time. Experts are hoping Ohio will be the fifth state to join the list of states that have legalized cannabis drugs. This will cause a shift and result in big changes for the economy in Ohio. Order medical marijuana online, legally, may not be as far fetched as it in now. “We definitely support replacing the status quo. Marijuana prohibition is a colossal failure, and it needs to go,” says Chris Lindsey, a legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project. And this is exactly what is taking place.

Groups Working to Legalize Marijuana in Ohio

ResponsibleOhio is the group pushing for marijuana legalization on the November 2015 Ohio Ballot. The group projects Ohioans would annually buy more than $2.2 billion in legal marijuana by the year 2020, and when the market has stabilized.

order medical marijuana online

An investor group in Ohio has put up $20 million into developing 10 marijuana farms in Ohio. This will definitely help to grow the industry rapidly, and with new advances that allow users to order medical marijuana online, the earnings from the industry could even exceed forecasts.

Making Order Medical Marijuana Online a Reality

306,000 signatures are needed by July to make the requirement for the November 2015 ballot. Supporters and investor groups are working to get those signatures in time. Getting these signatures is very likely. In 2014, the Quinnipiac University reported that 51% of Ohioans supported a law that would allow adults to have limited amounts of cannabis for personal, whether recreational or medical, use. The law will mean that adults over 21 can use Pot, minors will have access to medial marijuana with parental consent and there would be a few commercial stimulations to marijuana growth.

On the political side, some experts say this may not be the best time to get a decision on legalizing marijuana because it is an off-off-year electorate. But campaign manager Ian James says it is all about appealing to the voters. According to James said: “when you talk with older voters and you talk about marijuana being able to treat Alzheimer’s, arthritis, assisting the children who suffer from dozens of seizures a day, rather than ravaging their bodies with opiates … old, young, black, white, men, women come to the point of saying, ‘I want to provide the compassionate care that this amendment provides. And I want to treat adults who are 21 and older as adults and allow them to purchase, possess and consume marijuana just the same way we do with alcohol.”

When Ohio legalizes marijuana, it will join states like Colorado and Washington that have already made the change and have astounding results. This and other industry innovativeness that allows users to order medical marijuana online continues to provide encouragement to other states and naysayers to do the same.

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Buy Marijuana Online & Other Cannabis Benefits for Nevada 2016 Ballot

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The Marijuana Policy Project group has made strides in marijuana acceptance in the state of Nevada. The group collected more than enough signatures to put forward marijuana legalization for the 2016 ballot. This is the first state on the books for marijuana cannabis legislation ballot for next year, 2016. Mason Tvert, the communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project group made a comment on this development. Tvert said “Voters will have the opportunity to end marijuana prohibition next year and replace it with a policy that actually makes sense.”

The policy of choice is, of course, to legalize marijuana. Make cannabis open to patients who need it. Make cannabis open to persons who want to use it for recreational purposes. When persons are able to buy marijuana online and in stores freely, without fear of prosecution, that will be a big deal. Make the marijuana industry grow and add to the economy. This policy will change Nevada and other states that decide to legalize marijuana.

Work of the Marijuana Policy Project Group

The group has been working on pushing forth marijuana legalization. They have been working on the language on the ballot. To make sure it is comprehensive and correct. The group will also make sure that all marijuana issues are all addressed. Marijuana issues such as whether it is recreational or medical will be addressed on the ballot. They addressed whether it can be home grown or not by persons in the state. Making sure businesses can allow persons to buy marijuana online and access it by other means. The marijuana policy project group has worked on other state initiatives to make it possible and legal for persons to buy marijuana online and anywhere legally.

buy marijuana online

The marijuana policy project group has also worked on getting the marijuana industry free and opened up on other states. They were behind the successful legalization process in Colorado in 2012 as well as in Alaska in 2014.

Marijuana will Mean Big Things for the Future

When patients are able to buy marijuana online in Nevada, to use for diseases and ailments it will be a notable accomplishment. Cannabis news record several illnesses that marijuana is used to treat such as marijuana cancer treatment, marijuana for migraines, marijuana for glaucoma and many more. The medical marijuana benefits are quite many.

Tvert also had this to say, “law enforcement officials will be able to spend their time addressing more serious crimes, and adults will no longer be punished simply for using marijuana.” The marijuana policy project group will also be pursuing marijuana legalization ballots in other states. These states include Arizona, Maine and Massachusetts. Hopefully these states will come on board to legalize cannabis drugs. And, as Tvert says, start spending more of their time addressing serious crimes instead of making it hard persons from using the very potent, useful and beneficial cannabis.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Providing Solutions for Patients

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It’s not a surprise that marijuana cannabis is being sought out to treat depression and bipolar. Even without medical evidence, marijuana users can tell you that having cannabis drugs get you in a very good mood. Just having marijuana makes you feel different and usually users feel better and more positive after having a dose of Pot. Aside from the recreational use there a large number of medical benefits that are derived from the herb. Many scientists and researchers have conducted a variety of experiments and tests to find what medical marijuana benefits exist. Now that new studies show the marijuana can help with depression and bipolar it just adds to the list of medical benefits. Findings like this will continue to boost and encourage the legalization and growth of the marijuana industry. Medical marijuana dispensary businesses will benefit greatly, and more so the patients who need the cannabis drugs to treat their ailments.

Studies Linking Marijuana to Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Imagine that you are suffering from depression, and you are able to go to a medical marijuana dispensary for treatment? Wouldn’t that be great? It certainly would for those who suffer from depression. According to patients4medicalmarijuana.wordpress.com “neuroscientists from the University of Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions found that endocannabinoids — chemical compounds in the brain that activate the same receptors as THC, an active compound in marijuana — may be helpful in treating depression that results from chronic stress.” The source also reports that Pot may improve cognitive functioning in bipolar disorder “there was a general pattern of superior cognitive functioning in the group with a history of cannabis abuse. These patients performed better than their drug-free cohort on all significant measures, such as processing speed, attention, and working memory.” These studies give encouraging results to patients who probably need to find a medical marijuana dispensary to get their cannabis treatment.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary will Benefit from These Results

One study made a comparison between persons who had marijuana on a daily basis and those who had it less frequently or had never had it. The results showed that those who had marijuana at least once a week had a less depressed mood than the infrequent or non-users. They also tended to have a more positive outlook against their counterparts in the study. These studies will result in increased business for medical marijuana dispensary businesses and other suppliers in the industry.

“With the expansiveness that occurs with marijuana, the subject may begin to notice infinite possibilities to raise the quality of his/her life that would otherwise have remained hidden from normal, defensive consciousness. And feelings of health and happiness naturally lead to hope, which of itself can be curative.” – Joan Bello

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Medical Marijuana Delivery Service for Patients with HIV/HCV

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Marijuana has countless medical benefits that are still being discovered today. Persons use marijuana cannabis for pain relief, insomnia, diabetes and a number of other ailments. Marijuana treatment has also been linked to HIV and AIDS. Recent studies show that marijuana use can lower the risk of insulin resistance in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or Hepatitis C (HCV). As more and more research is conducted HIV/HCV patients and maybe other illnesses as well may find a viable treatment in marijuana. As more of these studies are done, the marijuana industry will grow. A medical marijuana delivery service will be very advantageous to these patients.

Lowering the Risk of Insulin Resistance

Reports from healio.com described findings from INSERM in France. According to the researchers “the results found were robust as they were confirmed in three sensitivity analyses, one of [these] also including patients with diabetes.” The team included M. Patrizia Carrieri, PhD and other team members. The information for the research was collected from 703 patients in France. All the patients had HIV and HCV. During the course of the study the patients did a few self-administered tests. Some of these tests included questionnaires. They asked the patients about consumption levels of items such as coffee and alcohol. And these questionnaires were done every 12 or 60 months. This helped researchers to keep track of the patient’s activity and monitor results.

medical marijuana delivery service

The results indicated “at the first available visit, 54.6% reported no cannabis use in the previous 4 weeks, where as 20.6% reported occasional use, 11.7% regular use and 13.1% daily use.” A medical marijuana delivery service would have been quite useful to the patients. The researchers measured insulin levels using a homeostasis model that would measure the insulin resistance also known as HOMA-IR. 46% of the patients had a HOMA-IR that was more than 2.77 or over. And 30% was over 3.8.

The researchers found that in a univariate analysis patients who used cannabis drugs had a smaller risk of insulin resistance. The study also showed that this was the case for persons who had several cups of coffee, if the patient was a female and if they had detectable HIV viral load.

Medical Marijuana Delivery Service for the Future

A medical marijuana delivery service will definitely help patients with HIV/HCV diseases in the future. It will make it more convenient for them to get cannabis drugs and treatment to keep their illness under control. Though this research on insulin resistance has provided much needed knowledge, there is more work to be done. The researchers also had this to say, “The benefits of these products for patients concerned by increased risk of insulin and diabetes need to be evaluated in clinical research and practice.”

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marijuana delivery

Marijuana Delivery for Delaware State May be Years Away

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Delaware Governor Jack Markell has been supportive of quite a few controversial issues. However, when it comes to legalizing marijuana cannabis he has been uneasy. Markell agreed to legalize the cannabis drug for medical purposes in 2011. But now he is not supportive of the law. “It’s not going to happen while I’m governor,” says Markell in a recent WHYY’s First interview. The University of Delaware conducted a recent poll. The poll stated that 56 percent of Delaware citizens are in support of legalizing marijuana. However, this was not enough to persuade the Governor. This is not the best cannabis news. Quite a few states, laws and legislations are tending towards marijuana. Less of them are tending away from it. The marijuana industry, marijuana delivery and dispensaries are growing around the world. And hopefully Delaware will not be left behind.

States Benefit from Legalizing Marijuana

Delaware stands to benefit immensely from making marijuana delivery legal in the state. Other states that have done so have begun to reap the benefits. The governor’s budget office estimate that Colorado will collect $184 million in the first 18-months of recreational pot sales. In the first year Colorado earned $53 million in marijuana sales tax revenue. And, more recent and positive reports state that Colorado has generated $2.35 million for schools from marijuana sales. This cannabis news is even more encouraging for the marijuana industry. However, Governor Markell doesn’t think it is enough. Markell believes more research and study needs to be conducted to uncover societal costs that may be hiding.

marijuana delivery

Also, not only will cannabis drugs help to raise tax revenues, but it will also help persons who need marijuana cannabis for treatment. Medical marijuana helps with pain relief, diabetes, migraines and so much more. Making marijuana delivery legal and convenient to patients in need will be very beneficial to Delawareans. Decriminalizing marijuana will only open up the industry to more encouraging and beneficial possibilities.

The Future of Marijuana for Delaware

Governor Markell has two years left in his term. As it is now, he will not be legalizing marijuana anytime soon. Maybe the next Governor will think differently. Maybe that person will be the one to open up marijuana in the State and start reaping benefits. Or, maybe more studies will be conducted during Markell’s tenure that will convince him to legalize marijuana in Delaware. Only time will tell the future of when marijuana delivery will be legal in Delaware.

While Markell awaits more research, hopefully existing studies will steer the Governor in the marijuana direction. Scientists have done tests that indicate marijuana can help to cure cancer. Some research also found a correlation between open-minded intelligent persons and marijuana usage. Marijuana clearly has a lot to offer. One can only hope Markell will realize that sooner rather than later.

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medical marijuana delivery

Finance Sector Accepts Medical Marijuana Delivery

icon  23 Mar, 2015  /  icon  6        Author: Support Pot Valet

Marijuana cannabis has gained quite a bit of spotlight in recent times. Some states have legalized the drug for medical marijuana. While other states legalized for both medical and recreational use. The marijuana industry is in a period of growth. As the growth occurs the industry gets more profitable. As the industry becomes more profitable, it produces more money. In the past, the financial industry had hesitated to accept medical marijuana delivery businesses, dispensaries and others in the industry. However, things have changed in recent times. As states like Colorado and Washington have legalized Pot, more laws and regulations are being made to accommodate the industry. Banks are now able to keep accounts for marijuana businesses without any fear of prosecution.

Financial Sector Opened up to Medical Marijuana Delivery Businesses

The legal marijuana suppliers, sellers, dispensaries and the like are able to freely use banking services. The Director for the National Cannabis Industry Association Aaron Smith made a statement on the move. Smith said “this is a huge victory for our members, our communities, and the banks that take this opportunity to serve a thriving new market”. And huge it is. In Colorado alone, the state received about $53 million in sales tax collected from marijuana. This was in the first year that marijuana was made legal in Colorado. In addition to that Colorado has made $2.35 million for schools from marijuana sales. This just shows how big and profitable the industry is becoming. As cannabis drug become legal in more locations the industry will continue to boom.

This boom will mean an increase in medical marijuana delivery businesses, dispensaries and suppliers. And other support businesses will arise. Based on how profitable the businesses have been there will be a lot of revenue coming in. This cash needs to be in a secure place. Now that banks can offer their services to the industrymedical marijuana delivery the business owners will not have to worry about saving their revenue securely. Being able to bank their earnings will also help to open up more investment opportunities for the marijuana business owners.

Aaron Smith also said “no legitimate business should be forced to manage its payroll, taxes, utility bills, and licensing fees entirely in cash.” And nothing is truer. These businesses should have equal avenues available to them as other businesses that are contributing to the economy. And banks should not have to worry that they are in the wrong.

More Medical Marijuana Delivery Benefits to Come

This is just the beginning. Banks being opened up to the industry is only in the first phase. As the marijuana industry grows more and more opportunities will open up. Cannabis news is in the headlines. And more of this news is positive for the industry.

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Senators Discuss Federal Pot with Families

icon  21 Mar, 2015  /  icon  5        Author: Support Pot Valet

Marijuana, weed, Pot, ganja, whatever name you call it, it has come a long way. The herb is a very potent plant that has been tried and tested by many researchers and medical practitioners. There are a wide variety of medical marijuana benefits. It is used to provide treatment to several diseases and illnesses. And caregivers of family members and loved ones who need medical marijuana treatment have lobbied with senators to get a legal change that allows them to access Pot without the fear of federal punishment.

Recently, Senators Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and New Jersey’s Cory Booker joined in with the families to petition support for the bipartisan Bill that will remove the restrictions for patients in need of medical marijuana.

Patients Get Access to Pot Without Fear of Prosecution

Senators Gillibrand and Booker introduced the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States (CARERS) Act. This new Act will bring several changes to the legislation of the cannabis drug. Firstly, it would allow each state to set their own policy in regards to medical marijuana. Secondly, marijuana cannabis would be removed from Schedule I and placed in Schedule II. Drugs under Schedule I have no benefit. And clearly this is not the case with marijuana. The changes would mean that marijuana would now be under Schedule II. Under Schedule II, these drugs have been identified as having medical benefits. Thirdly, CARERS would allow each state to import Cannabidiol as a treatment for epilepsy and seizure disorders.

The CARERS Act would also allow doctors in the Department of Veteran Affairs to prescribe cannabis to military veterans. Under this new Act, marijuana dispensaries will be able to access financial and banking services. Finally, the Act will remove bureaucratic red tape that prohibited research on Pot.

Medical Marijuana or Pot Benefits are Countless

Scientists have discovered marijuana benefits for treatment of various medical issues. Marijuana treatment is used for diabetes, anti-aging, anxiety and there’s even marijuana cancer treatment. A few parents and caregivers who joined in to support Senators Gillibrand and Booker spoke to how marijuana helped their loved ones to battle illness. And how they were looking to try cannabis to treat them. Dravet Syndrome, an epilepsy condition, the Aicardi Syndrome and childhood epilepsy known as Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome are a few of the diseases that were mentioned.


Hemp.org reported: “I am proud to stand alongside Senators Gillibrand and Booker to support their leadership in ending the federal ban on marijuana as a medicine,” said Paula Notari, whose daughter Emma was diagnosed with a rare form of severe epilepsy, Ohtahara’s Syndrome and passed away a few weeks after her birth. “No family should have to endure the loss of a child like we did with our precious Emma Rose.”

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order cannabis online

Cannabis Cures Cancer; Order Cannabis Online Today

icon  19 Mar, 2015  /  icon  7        Author: Support Pot Valet

Medical marijuana has made strides in the past couple years. Quite a few researchers have conducted multiple researches on the potency, effects, benefits and uses of marijuana. Over the years researchers and some medical practitioners have found that marijuana has an effect on cancer patients. Marijuana cancer treatment has been made available to patients and some have benefited from using it. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist from Compultense University in Madrid, Spain is one of the researchers that have been conducting experiments on the cannabis drugs. Sanchez has been researching marijuana cannabis for over 10 years now. In particular she has been studying the molecular activity of cannabinoids.

Research like these help to grow the marijuana industry. It identifies and promotes the many benefits of the herb. This will help to decriminalize the drug even more, and make it easier for persons to order cannabis online and through other means.

order cannabis online

Study of the molecular activity of cannabinoids

According to Worldtruth.tv, Sanchez and her team discovered that the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, for short, which is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis causes cancer tumor cells to self destruct. The cannabis drug was found to have anti-cancer properties from research that the team conducted. The research they did used lab tests and animal trials. When the THC was introduced they found that the tumor cells destroyed themselves. They committed suicide. While chemotherapy affects all tumors, this research also found that the THC effect only affected the cancer tumors but did not interfere with the other normal cells. This is great news for cancer treatment. Order cannabis online for cancer treatment, would be great news for patients.

How the endocannabinoid system works

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that react to cannabinoid receptors. The endocannabinoids is indigenously present in our bodies. It works on cannabinoids receptors that are a target of the THC in cannabis. The THC, endacannabinoids, and other cannabinoids, are synthesized, through enzymes, to bind to the cannabinoid receptors. This is called the endacannabinoid system. This system regulates a lot of body functions such as appetite, food intake and reproduction. This shows the wide therapeutic potential of the herb. When cannabis enters the body, whether its consumed or inhaled the endocannabinoid system works on the cannabinoid receptors and causes the cancer tumor cells to self-destruct.

This research is groundbreaking and will support the case for legalization of medical marijuana globally. To order cannabis online and be able to treat diseases such as cancer would be a great accomplishment for researchers, scientists, and the medical and marijuana industry. One can only hope the research will find more supporting results for the plant. This will allow more patients, of various ailments and diseases to order cannabis online and provide much needed relief and treatment.

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medical marijuana benefits

Medical Marijuana Benefits , $2.3 Million Generated

icon  17 Mar, 2015  /  icon  5        Author: Support Pot Valet

Marijuana’s popularity is growing. As time goes by more countries are legalizing the marijuana industry. It is becoming legal to grow, buy and use marijuana. The times are changing. It is marijuana’s time to show its vast benefits. Colorado was one of the first states to legalize marijuana cannabis. And they have started to see the effects of medical marijuana benefits, and marijuana benefits on a whole. Several weeks ago it was reported that Colorado earned $53 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales. And they expect this number to grow based on projections. Those results helped to show other undecided states that the medical marijuana benefits are real and tangible. Now more recent and positive reports that Colorado has generated $2.35 million for schools from marijuana sales is even more encouraging.

Colorado’s Encouraging Marijuana Sales Results

Colorado’s Department of Revenue reported around $36.4 million of recreational marijuana sales in January, according to Thecannabist.co. In comparison to last years January sales from marijuana, which was $14.69 million, this years sales has risen immensely. Though the medical marijuana benefits are almost limitless. In January 2014 the state earned more from medical marijuana sales than in January 2015. In 2014, which was the year that Colorado legalized marijuana, the marijuana earnings were at $700 million. That amount included $385.9 million for medical marijuana and $313.2 million for recreational marijuana.

medical marijuana benefits

This provides plenty of positive results to other states that need a push to legalize medical marijuana. The recreational and medical marijuana benefits are beginning to show more these days. Other states and countries cannot deny these benefits. The tax revenue benefit is almost a bonus. “The real benefit of these laws is that it’s taking marijuana sales out of the underground market and ensuring the product is controlled” says legalization advocate Mason Tvert.

Other States to Legalize Marijuana

The governor’s budget office estimate Colorado will collect $184 million in the first 18-months of recreational pot sales. $40 million to public school construction, $85 million on youth prevention and substance abuse treatment, $12.4 million on public health, $3 million on law enforcement and public safety and almost $2 million on industry oversight, according to money.cnn.com. If states are looking for tangible economic benefits, Colorado has shown them what is possible.

Not only will cannabis drugs help to raise tax revenues in each state, but it will also help persons who need the herb for treatment. Medical marijuana is used for several illnesses and diseases. It helps with pain relief, insomnia, migraines and so much more. There is also marijuana cancer treatment. Decriminalizing marijuana will only open up the industry to more positive and beneficial possibilities.

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buy medical marijuana online

Try Powerful cannabis drinks & Buy Medical Marijuana Online

icon  15 Mar, 2015  /  icon  10        Author: Support Pot Valet

Marijuana is on a growth path. As more states and countries legalize marijuana cannabis, more benefits are being uncovered. Marijuana has many medical benefits. Usually, marijuana users smoke the herb or have it in a product such as a brownie. But, another option is raw cannabis drinks. Making these drinks is quite easy, just buy medical marijuana online and get ingredients, blend and you’re ready to drink.

The green juice phenomenon

Healthy eating has been on the rise for a while now. More persons are keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many have taken up a regular exercise regimen. And many have made special diets to help with a fully rounded healthy routine. There have been carbohydrate diets, more popularly known as a ‘carb’ diet, a fruit diet and many others. One such other diet is a juice diet. A juice diet usually means juice for all meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the juice is of course packed with protein. The most popular juice is the green juice. The juice is green through and through, green in its ingredients and green in the finished product.

buy medical marijuana online

The green juice has been wildly popular among the healthy enthusiasts. Some use it for dieting purposes. Some use it to cleanse the body. Some use it as a means to lose weight. Whatever the purpose, the green juice is popular because it works. And no doubt will the raw cannabis drink, the marijuana version of green juice, work as well. With the marijuana industry growing and more online dispensaries, persons wanting to have the raw cannabis drink can buy medical marijuana online and juice away.

The marijuana green juice

You can make the raw cannabis drink anyway you like it. Get your fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store. And get buy medical marijuana online from a dispensary. Cannabisnowmagazine.com has a couple tried and tested recipes. The first is called Fresh Green. This recipe calls for coconut water, avocado, cilantro, parsley, limejuice, honey, chai seeds and of course fresh cannabis. The other recipe is the Bananarama. This banana concoction calls for banana, cocoa, almond milk, peanut butter and fresh cannabis. Both recipes can be made in a blender. One thing to note is that the marijuana is quite stringy so it would be best to finely chop the fresh cannabis before putting it in the blender.

The raw cannabis drink is only for medicinal purposes. This is because the raw plant is what is used in the mixture. The raw plant brings out the cannabidiol (CDB) attribute in the marijuana cannabis. The CDB has more medical applications than the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Making your own raw cannabis drink is easy, buy medical marijuana online, get your fruits and vegetables, and blend away.

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benefits of medical marijuana

Undeniable Benefits of Medical Marijuana ; Senate Bill remove federal prosecution

icon  14 Mar, 2015  /  icon  9        Author: Support Pot Valet

The world is finally catching up with marijuana. A bipartisan Senate legislation will remove federal prosecution for users in states where the drug is legal. Several states have legalized medical marijuana. And a few states have included recreational use. This Bill will be quite useful for many states. This is a step in the right direction. The benefits of medical marijuana are undeniable and this new Bill proves it. As the marijuana world becomes more open, more and more persons will benefit from the healing component in the cannabis drug.

What the Senate Bill will change

This new Bill will protect marijuana patients, doctors and businesses. All states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes can no longer prosecute. Persons who need marijuana will no longer need to fear using the drug. It will be federally legal to use the drug because of this new Bill.

benefits of medical marijuana

Also, for years now marijuana has been classified as a most-dangerous drug. It has been under the Schedule I category for years. Drugs under Schedule I have no benefit. And clearly this is not the case with marijuana. The changes would mean that marijuana would now be under Schedule II. Under Schedule II, these drugs have been identified as having medical benefits. This is a big move for marijuana. It is also a bold statement from the Senate as it recognizes the value of medical marijuana.

Decriminalized marijuana

Michael Collins, policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance shared his sentiments on the Bill: “This bipartisan legislation allows states to set their own medical marijuana policies and ends the criminalization of patients, their families, and the caregivers and dispensary owners and employees who provide them their medicine.” It will be decriminalized for users. Decriminalized for growers. Decriminalized for medial marijuana dispensaries. Decriminalized for patients. Decriminalization of marijuana will also mean fewer restrictions on researchers. This will enable researchers to find out more about its potency and uncover more benefits of medical marijuana.

Will the Bill come to life?

The passing of this Bill will only be confirmed when it is passed. The good news is that this is a Bipartisan Bill. That should mean fewer naysayers. But, only time will tell.

Medical marijuana benefits are truly undeniable

This Bill is only on the table because of the numerous benefits of medical marijuana. Recreational users will talk about how marijuana helps them to relax. Some might not say relaxation is a benefit, but it is. Aside from recreational use, marijuana has many medical benefits. Diabetes, insomnia, migraines, multiple sclerosis and anxiety are only a few of the many medical benefits. There is also marijuana cancer treatment. Marijuana cannabis is quite a versatile drug with many uses and benefits. As it becomes more accepted more benefits could be discovered. This Bill will help to make that possible.

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medical marijuana delivery service

Marijuana Potency Truth & Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

icon  12 Mar, 2015  /  icon  9        Author: Support Pot Valet

Marijuana is used for the effect it gives. The effect is determined by the plant’s potency. For many years the potency level of marijuana cannabis has baffled researchers. The stronger the potency, the better the marijuana effect.

Testing for marijuana potency
In marijuana, the main psychoactive ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The THC level determines the marijuana potency. The Kahn lab uses a special method to test potency. It is called liquid chromatography. This method uses special solvent with the test subject to determine potency. Another method is gas chromatography. This method heats up the test subject. However, doing this affects the results. The THC level is also affected by prolonged storage. That is something a marijuana delivery service and a medical marijuana delivery service should consider.

medical marijuana delivery service

Some Pot users may simply test various cannabis drugs. Currently, the Bruce Banner #3 strain is considered one of the strongest. Bruce Banner, the scientist who turns into a green monster called Hulk. With such a name, one can only imagine the marijuana’s strength.

History of marijuana potency
Marijuana has been around for a long time. The Bruce Banner #3 might be the strongest now, but it hasn’t always been. Different strains come and go. New plants. New seasons. And different potency levels. The marijuana potency level has changed a lot over the years. In the 1970’s there was an increase in the marijuana potency. There was an increase in potency level in 1977. But in 1978 and 1979 there was consecutive decline. Then in later years there was another fluctuation. In the years 1993 to 2008 researchers found a slight increase in marijuana’s THC levels. Then in 2010 researchers stated that marijuana potency had a penchant to move upwards. So marijuana potency mostly increases over the years.

However, comparisons may have been slightly compromised. This is because in the 1970’s, researchers tested potency using different amounts. In the 1970’s they tested far fewer than they did in the 2000’s.

Good news for marijuana
Even with the discrepancy in testing, marijuana potency may very well be increasing. Everyone can grow marijuana. And more importantly more states and countries are legalizing the drug. With persons growing marijuana that increases the chances of more and more stronger strains being grown. Someone did a Bruce Banner #3, maybe someone else will do an Incredible Bruce Banner strain.

The marijuana industry is growing and changing. Not only is it being legalized around the globe but it is also helping to treat illnesses and diseases. Medical marijuana benefits are quite a few. It is used for pain relief, insomnia, and diabetes and there is also marijuana cancer treatment.

The stronger marijuana gets, perhaps the better it will be.

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There are several methods you can use to grow marijuana; one of them is by growing it indoor hydroponically.

How to Grow Medical Marijuana Hydroponically

icon  09 Mar, 2015  /  icon  8        Author: Support Pot Valet

It’s known by many names, marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed, whatever you call this herb is used for various purposes and ailments. You can buy marijuana online or order marijuana online through an online medical dispensary or a regular medical dispensary. Or you can grow medical marijuana, long as it’s legal to do so, where you are. There are several methods you can use to grow medical marijuana; one of them is by growing it indoor hydroponically.

The word hydroponics originates from Latin and means ‘working water’, in other words it means growing plants without soil.

grow medical marijuana

First things first, get all the items you need to start this process: pots, white paint or mylar, hydroponic nutrients, potting medium e.g. coco coir, compact fluorescent lights, a timer, pH soil test and of course the marijuana seeds or clones. Once you’ve gotten all these things you can move on to the next step.

Select the room you’ll be growing in, the grow room, and get the walls ready by painting them white, either semi-gloss or flat. Flat white paint is better because glossy white will reflect about 55% of the light source. Mylar is also very reflective.

Take a look at the steps:

  • The next thing to do is set up the grow lights in the room.
  • The light should only be a little higher than the height of your pots with an ideal temperature of around 80 °F (27 °C) and 85 °F (29 °C).
  • Your grow room also needs proper ventilation.

And now that your room is ready you need to germinate the marijuana seeds. Once the germination process is complete, move the seeds to the potting medium and feed it with water and nutrients. You’ll need to watch it carefully to make sure you’re giving it enough water and nutrients.

Right now the plant would be in its vegetative stage, when it is focused on growing. Give the plants about 18-24 hours of light daily to keep it in the vegetative stage until they are half the intended height. And when they’ve reached that height you start the flowering stage by giving the plant about 12 hours of light daily.

Get rid of the male plants, which do not have usable buds. It will take a couple weeks, 6-12 weeks, for the flowering stage to complete, focus on feeding it with pH’ed water and then a couple more weeks before harvest time. Then it will be time to trim and cure your hydroponically grown marijuana.

Using the hydroponics method has the advantage of producing higher yields of medical cannabis and it also has a shorter grow time when compared to growing it in soil. So whether you need marijuana for migraines, anxiety, diabetes or any other of the numerous medical marijuana benefits, growing hydroponically is an option to consider.

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marijuana delivery

Marijuana Delivery in Washington Liberalized

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It is not odd. It is very legal. Both the resident and police were well within legal grounds. Washington DC recently legalized marijuana cannabis. 70% of the public supported this law. Persons over 21 can smoke and have up to two ounces of marijuana. They can also grow the herb at home. And in the spirit of the new law, a resident asked for their marijuana that was taken from them. And they got it bank. The marijuana trade is changing; medical marijuana delivery service, other suppliers and stakeholders are celebrating the legalization of Pot.

New Marijuana Delivery Rules in Washington DC

Things have changed now that marijuana is legal in the state. Persons will no longer be arrested for being caught with marijuana. A medical marijuana delivery service is legal. Residents can order pot online without fear of arrest. It means that residents, like the one who got arrested with weed on their person, can legally ask to have it back. This applies if a resident had marijuana, or product-containing it, taken by the police. They can ask to have their marijuana cannabis back within 24 hours of it being seized. But after thirty days the Pot would be thrown out.

According to D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier “All those [marijuana] arrests do is make people hate us. Marijuana smokers are not going to attack and kill a cop. They just want to get a bag ofmarijuana delivery

chips and relax. Alcohol is a much bigger problem.

Persons would only be arrested for having marijuana if they are under the legal age. They should also stick within the legal amount of two ounces.

Medical Marijuana Benefits for Washington DC

Washington DC has a lot to gain from legalizing Pot. Colorado legalized the cannabis drug for over a year now. The benefits have been quite good. The state gained $53 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales. This showed how growing marijuana industry could help with national goals. Not only will it add to state revenue but it will also help with unemployment. Medical marijuana delivery service suppliers, online medical dispensary and other marijuana selling outlets will create jobs.

In addition to jobs, the medical marijuana benefits are almost limitless. Pot is used to relieve a wide number of illnesses and diseases. There’s marijuana cancer treatment, medical marijuana for migraines and a host of other medical marijuana benefits.

Marijuana for the future

Legalizing marijuana will mean a boost in business for medical marijuana delivery service suppliers and a host of medical advantages that many persons will benefit from.

Most importantly marijuana users will not be arrested for smoking Pot. The law will not stop you. Washington DC residents can smoke, store and grow their own. And that’s because marijuana cannabis is legal in Washington DC.

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order pot online

Smoking pot gives you the munchies : Order Pot Online

icon  05 Mar, 2015  /  icon  8        Author: Support Pot Valet

If you are a marijuana user you probably notice that you eat a lot after having a dose. It happens like clockwork. Have a dose, and then eat. Have a dose and then eat. This happens whether you were hungry or not. As you might have guessed, there’s a scientific reason for this.

Typically, when someone is hungry their body lets them know. Some stomachs start grumbling. Mouths get dry. Food appears in dreams. Some even get weak. And with all these outward signs the brain and the body are sending signals too. Signals that make the body show that state of hunger.

Pot smokers may say they are not hungry before they take a dose. But they are definitely hungry after. So what does marijuana cannabis do to send signals of hunger?

order pot online

A new study by the Nature Neuroscience journal answers these questions. There are some cells in the brain that affect our appetite; the pro-opiomelanocortin, or POMC neurons, is one of those cells. In marijuana, the main psychoactive ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The researchers conducted the study on mice. The experiment showed that animals that got THC had more active POMC neurons.

The Pomc genes produce the POMC neurons. And apparently the Pomc genes produce two types of proteins. One type tells the body it is full. The other type tells the body it is hungry. The THC does not have an effect of the protein that says the body is full. Instead, the THC only works off the protein that says the body needs food. So what essentially happens is that though you were not hungry the THC in marijuana ends up telling your body you need food.

Besides this evidence, history tells us that having marijuana will make you feel hungry. Ask any marijuana user you know. They will tell you that smoking Pot will give you the munchies.

That’s not a bad thing. Though if you are on a diet you might disagree. But certainly that won’t stop you from smoking pot. Put it this way, smoking pot will make you hungry. But, scientists also say marijuana use is linked to intelligent people. Studies show that people who are intelligent and open-minded are more likely to have or have had marijuana.

In addition to that, marijuana has numerous health benefits. It is used for conditions such as diabetes, insomnia and pain relief. And it is easy to get as you have an option to order pot online. Especially with the industry growing, the marijuana delivery service makes it convenient to get a dose.

Don’t let some snack cravings deter you from smoking pot. It might be more beneficial to you than you realize. And with the amount of marijuana delivery service options, order pot online and get your supply easily. So munch away. Read latest cannabis news.

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Medical Marijuana Benefits on Brain Morphology

Medical Marijuana Benefits on Brain Morphology: Holistic View

icon  04 Mar, 2015  /  icon  7        Author: Support Pot Valet

Brain morphology speaks to structural changes in the brain. Sometime ago a study was conducted that associated medical marijuana benefits in brain morphology but this is not true. A new study was conducted and disproved that hypothesis. A study was conducted in 2014 and reported on ScienceDaily.com stating “the size and shape of two brain regions involved in emotion and motivation may differ in young adults who smoke medical marijuana at least once a week … the findings suggest that recreational marijuana use may lead to previously unidentified brain changes.” In 2015 University of Colorado and University of Louisville investigators conducted a study to assess the medical marijuana benefits on brain morphology. According to norml.org the experiment tested “daily adult and adolescent cannabis users compared to non-users, with a particular focus on whether any differences were identifiable in the nucleus accumbens, amygdala, hippocampus, and the cerebellum.” And investigators reported “no statistically significant differences … between daily users and nonusers on volume or shape in the regions of interest”.

Medical Marijuana Benefits on Brain Morphology

This recent finding challenges the results of the initial experiment that stated otherwise. The investigators of the 2015 study believe it is possible that the previous study failed to properly control the experiment environment and variables and this may have caused their results to be quite flawed.

Norml also stated that researchers concluded, “[I]t seems unlikely that marijuana use has the same level of long-term deleterious effects on brain morphology as other drugs like alcohol. … The press may not cite studies that do not find sensational effects, but these studies are still extremely important.”

This research adds to the ever-increasing research and news supporting more use and commercialization of marijuana cannabis. Medically we are still only in the first stages of discovering the many medical marijuana benefits, and it is quite a versatile herb. Many consumers, doctors and patients have discovered its benefits for treatment of various medical issues. Marijuana treatment is used for diabetes, anti-aging, anxiety and there’s even marijuana cancer treatment. The marijuana industry is also creating jobs through online medical dispensary and medical dispensary shops being opened. Online medical dispensary allows consumers to order pot online for personal and medical cannabis use.

There are also other studies that help to make the case for marijuana use such as the correlation between smarter persons using Pot. A scientific study performed on a group of persons showed that persons who got a high IQ when they were younger were more likely to use marijuana in their adult life. As the time goes by and marijuana becomes legal in more states in America and countries worldwide the research will also increase, some disapproving, and some supporting the undeniable medical marijuana benefits.

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cannabis dispensary news

Cannabis Dispensary News: Governor Gary Johnson says 25 states to legalize weed in 2016

icon  03 Mar, 2015  /  icon  7        Author: Support Pot Valet

“We are going to legalize marijuana. You have 60 percent of Americans who want it. You’ll see California push it through in 2016, and then as many as 25 states will follow suit by passing laws through their state legislatures” said Governor Gary Johnson at the Conservative Political Action Conference event in Washington, D.C.

Legalizing weed will mean no more penalties for being caught with or using marijuana cannabis. It will be accepted, as a drug that persons can use freely for whatever purpose they choose, be it recreational or medical.

Colorado made the bold move by decriminalizing marijuana and has been reaping economic benefits. Marijuana is sold at a 28% sales tax that has contributed $53 million in tax revenue to the state in just one year. The experts anticipated more than $70 million for the period July 2014 – June 2015 and based on the $53 million it already accrued Colorado is not far from that target. And again, this is only in year one.

cannabis dispensary news

Latest cannabis dispensary news also showed studies indicating that marijuana is actually less risky than other substances such as alcohol and tobacco. A Scientific Reports study conducted an experiment on 10 substances: methadone, alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, diazepam, amphetamine and marijuana and results showed that marijuana had the lowest mortality rate than other drugs when each drug was compared with their lethal dose versus its regular dose.

Governor Johnson also said ““I think it’s safer than alcohol. Who is anyone to begrudge you as a human being the right to take the edge off the day by having a drink, or smoking a joint? Really? If you have issues you have to deal with, and weed helps you with that then more power to you.” And rightly so, especially in light of the news that marijuana is less risky and has a lower mortality rate than other substances such as alcohol and tobacco that currently has far less restrictions.

Marijuana has come a long way from being a get-high feel good drug to being used for a variety of ailments, it has also been linked with various diseases, marijuana AIDS, marijuana HIV, marijuana cancer and multiple others. It’s medical qualities that provide treatment to these and other diseases helped gain acceptance in the health industry; this boosted the medical cannabis dispensary system that allows consumers to order medical marijuana online. Those are the innovations that helped to change government legislation for decriminalizing the drug and that has started in quite a few countries and some states in America. Before we know it marijuana may just become a regular on the shelf/order from a pharmacist drug that has so many positive repercussions that the negative perceptions will be insignificant.

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Cannabis is Safer than Tobacco

icon  02 Mar, 2015  /  icon  10        Author: Support Pot Valet

Not a lie. That’s the truth. It may be surprising, but researchers published new Scientific Reports that says marijuana online is safer than other forbidden substances such as alcohol and tobacco.

The research performed a comparative risk assessment of drugs that looked at the ratio between the toxicological thresholds and estimated human intake of the drugs. The results concluded that substances such as nicotine, cocaine, heroin and alcohol would fall into the high-risk category; some would fall in the median ‘risk’ category while marijuana cannabis would fall into the low-risk category.

The study conducted the experiment on these 10 substances: methadone, alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, diazepam, amphetamine and marijuana. The researchers determined that marijuana online had the lowest mortality rate when they compared each substance lethal dose versus its regular dose.

And what does this mean for the drug, in the bigger scheme of things? For starters, it means legislators have been too focused on the laws of marijuana online and maybe not giving proper attention to high-risk drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. In the U.S. for example, the Controlled Substances Act have five Schedules. Schedule 1 hosts the most infamous and dangerously abusive drugs. Marijuana is in Schedule I and this study may have just provided the justification for its removal.


Marijuana’s perceived risk also meant that it’s been made a criminal activity ‘to-have to hold’ Potbut fortunately some countries and several states such as Colorado and Washington already made the move to legalize marijuana online. Other states are also legalizing medical marijuana for medical purposes. Colorado is a huge success story showing how legalizing cannabis drug can contribute to the bigger picture, in about one year of removing restrictions on obtaining the substance, the state earned $53 million in tax revenue from the cannabis drug.

Consumers of marijuana clearly knew that marijuana had an extra special something; their persistence to obtain the drug is probably what’s most responsible for the change in legislation and the opinion of cannabis. The marijuana online industry is booming, probably more now than ever, especially with the introduction of the online medical dispensary that allows you to order marijuana online. In addition to these innovations, the medical marijuana benefits are numerous. Many persons use marijuana for migraines, glaucoma, anxiety and marijuana cancer treatment, the drug has potent qualities that are used to provide treatment to persons suffering from these and other conditions.

This new Scientific Reports study is definitely a step in the right direction for marijuana cannabis and one of the most encouraging cannabis news in recent times. It will allow more growth, advancement and discovery of the healing and calming qualities that can be found in marijuana cannabis.

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Marijuana Cannabis or Pot for Pregnancy

icon    /  icon  6        Author: Support Pot Valet

Pregnancy is very critical and admiring stage in a woman’s life. Every lady wants to protect her baby in every possible manner. Some ladies consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes, which can cause ill-effects on the health of a baby. And as you all know that marijuana has many health benefits, but pregnancy can be affected and can lead to severe complications due to the presence of alcohol. Let’s discuss the effects of pot on pregnancy.

Effects of Pot for Pregnancy

Medical marijuana contains cannabinoids and THC in a large quantity and it has around 400 chemicals which can prove harmful for a mother and baby as well. Though, bad effects of marijuana cannabis or pot have not been studied particularly, but due to the presence of alcohol, it is suggested that pregnant ladies should avoid the consumption of marijuana. Many factors like stress, depression, family issues and problems with husband can be responsible for the complications, but why to take a risk with medical marijuana. Consumption of medical marijuana affects the fertility hormones, which as a result affects the menstrual cycle of a woman. And due to the reduction of reproduction capability, pregnancy gets affected. It has been seen in some cases that women who don’t consume medical marijuana have healthier deliveries than those who consumed it.

Effects of Pot on Baby

It is highly recommended not to smoke marijuana or pot in pregnancy as it can cause harm to baby’s health. An active ingredient present in medical marijuana named THC i.e. Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol irritates the placenta of a woman. It slowly enters the baby’s system and harms the baby. Many complications can occur like low baby weight, premature delivery, disabilities and in some cases, even cause death.


According to some studies, some newborn babies showed the bad effects of marijuana on them. It has been seen that babies exposed to marijuana cry more than the others. Medical marijuana can also hinder the development of the brain of the baby. Babies inherit the bad effects of marijuana from their mothers and get problems after their birth. They get problem in sleeping and are not attentive like normal babies. Impulsive behaviour has been seen in such babies which affect their academic performance.

Mothers who breastfeed their children should not consume marijuana or pot as the harmful chemicals get transferred to the baby through mother’s milk. With the consumption of marijuana, quality of milk deteriorates. The American Academy of Paediatrics has advised the breastfeeding mothers to quit the usage of marijuana cannabis or pot to protect their babies from its side effects. It always becomes difficult to stay away from your addiction, but to protect your baby from any such thing which can cause harm to his health, you have to say goodbye to pot or medical marijuana.

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marijuana cannabis

Growing Marijuana Cannabis in a Greenhouse

icon  26 Feb, 2015  /  icon  9        Author: Support Pot Valet

Are you considering marijuana for glaucoma? Marijuana for asthma? Marijuana for pain relief? Marijuana for arthritis? Whatever the reason you’re looking to accrue some medical cannabis, they’re several ways to get it and to grow it. One method of growing marijuana cannabis is the greenhouse method.

A greenhouse is essentially a building space where you grow plants. It can have either a glass or plastic roof and also glass or plastic walls. Sunshine is absorbed inside a greenhouse, which is good for growing plants. A marijuana greenhouse is usually a glass house.

The greenhouse needs to have the following systems in place, a watering system, row system, trellis system, darkening/blackout curtain system and automated environmental controls.

marijuana cannabis

You can choose to plant your cannabis in a pot or in the ground. Then set up a wide row system for planting the marijuana and you need an effective watering system to automate the water feeding process to the marijuana cannabis plant.

The trellis is the stake or wire that the plant is attached to, once you decide on how you want this system, set it up in your greenhouse. The blackout curtain system is essentially based on how many hours of light are available at specific times of the year, and is used to control the amount given to the plants. And you need automated environmental controls to maintain the ideal humidity level, ideally low, to grow cannabis in a greenhouse.

You’ve now decided on the systems and how you’ll set them up in the greenhouse, and you have your medical marijuana seeds in pots. They will go through two phases a vegetative and a flowering phase. In the vegetative phase the plant needs about 18 hours of light daily while it grows to a desired size. Then it enters the flowering phase where the greenhouse uses the blackout curtains to sustain days that are 12 hours light and 12 hours dark. Then in about six weeks or more your flowers will be ripe and ready for harvest.

Some say growing marijuana cannabis in a greenhouse is easier than growing it outdoors or in a grow room. It is considered a safer method that also offers protection from natural elements. The greenhouse allows you to extend the growing season of the plant that can help the plant to ripen properly. It is also easy to control pests in a greenhouse environment. And, most importantly it is said that the greenhouse method produces more potent marijuana cannabis. So whatever the reason you need to get a good supply of your own Pot, if you’re up to the challenge, growing it in a greenhouse can is an option. But if you’re not, look up a medical marijuana delivery service and get your medical marijuana online.

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medical marijuana

How to Grow Medical Marijuana Indoors

icon  25 Feb, 2015  /  icon  6        Author: Support Pot Valet

Cannabis, more popularly known as marijuana, is used mostly for medicinal and recreational purposes. The drug has become so mainstream in recent years, so much so that consumers can order marijuana online, buy marijuana online and even make marijuana delivery request via online stores. But not everyone goes online to source Pot, via the usual online medical dispensary; some people make their own marijuana at home. If you’d like to make your own personal medical cannabis here are some steps to help you make your own indoor medical marijuana.

Firstly, you want to make sure it’s legal where you live to grow marijuana. Once you’ve made all your checks, get ready to plant.

Decide on the strain of marijuana you’d like to grow. There’s the indica strain that is good for managing pain and medical issues such as muscle spasms and tremors. And then there’s the sativa strain, usually a stimulant and is used by many HIV/AIDS and cancer patients. But you also have the option to go for a combination of the strains, a hybrid strain.

order marijuana online

Locate an area indoors where there’s a good light source but you’ll still need a sodium bulb for the initial phases.

Now to the seed of the matter, germinating the seeds. Here you drop the seeds in a cup of warm water and once you see the roots sprout, you plant it. Then put the young plant in unfertilized soil and make sure you water at least 1 to 2 times a day. Give the plant about 18-24 hours of light daily and control the temperature, not too hot or cold. Also make sure the plant gets fresh air to reinforce the stalk.

Fill a larger pot with fertilized soil, put about an inch of peat moss at the bottom, then add fine potting soil. Put the original young plant in the center of this larger pot. At this stage the plant should get about 16-20 hours of light daily and make sure you also keep the soil moist.

Check the sex of your plant by identifying whether there’s a bud, the male plant does not produce a bud but, the female plant does. The male plant won’t produce marijuana with good medical properties so you may toss those out and keep them for later pollination.

After making the switch from the young plant to the large pot it should take about 8-16 weeks for it to be harvest ready. It’s best to harvest when half of the hairs (trichomes are the “hairs” on the appendage of the plant) are milky.

And there you have it, your own home-grown medical marijuana guide. You can use cannabis as you please, legally of course. But if you’re not down for the planting process, you can order marijuana online or order pot online.

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Medical Cannabis

Raising tax revenue in California from Medical Cannabis Sales

icon  24 Feb, 2015  /  icon  7        Author: Support Pot Valet

With the latest in Cannabis News, Colorado, the first state to legalize marijuana, has shown other doubting states that this new industry – allowing for medical marijuana and casual Pot use provides an added additional source of medical supply and revenue. State governments should be interested because medical cannabis can help with national development through income obtained from taxation. Since Colorado made that epic move it has taken in $53 million in tax revenue. California can look to redeem similar benefits if it makes the step into the marijuana industry.

According to money.cnn.com, the governor’s budget office estimate Colorado will collect $184 million in the first 18-months of recreational pot sales. $40 million to public school construction, $85 million on youth prevention and substance abuse treatment, $12.4 million on public health, $3 million on law enforcement and public safety and almost $2 million on industry oversight.

Marijuana sales tax of 28% helped Colorado reached its tax revenue target, although experts say it was lower than expected, as they projected more than $70 million for the period July 2014 – June 2015, the state is still in line to meet goals.

Medical Cannabis

Several factors caused this outcome, firstly, the assumption that consumers would simply stop buying pot illegally. Yes, consumers may now be happy that they can indulge in pot legally but marijuana sold on the black market is cheaper than the proper kind sold in stores which has added tax and fees.

Another theory was that patients being treated with medical cannabis would start using recreational marijuana. However, medical cannabis has less tax than the recreational counterpart so that effectively deterred patients.

Additionally, research seems to indicate that though a number of persons have medical marijuana cards, which expire yearly, not all will renew the cards, thus sending more persons back to the black market and reducing the tax revenue from marijuana sales.

Despite the experts’ opinions and projected negative targets, the marijuana industry is clearly on the road to becoming a significant revenue earner. Medical Marijuana Benefits are numerous. This new industry is creating jobs through Online Medical Dispensary and Medical Dispensary shops being opened. Online medical dispensary allows consumers to Order Pot Online for personal and Medical Cannabis use.

The introduction of online sites that allow consumers buy marijuana online, helps to make the herb available to persons in need to use marijuana for migraines, glaucoma, anxiety and marijuana cancer treatment more easily and conveniently.

We are still only in the first stages of discovering the many benefits of this versatile and resourceful herb, Marijuana. Many consumers, doctors and patients have discovered its benefits for treatment of various medical issues. The government has already seen its income potential from tax revenue earnings in Colorado alone, and it’s just in year one.

California needs to get on the bandwagon and legalize marijuana. Not only will its citizens benefit from being able to legally attain marijuana for their various aces and pains, Marijuana Anti Aging, Marijuana For Anxiety, Marijuana For Glaucoma, the benefits are almost endless. But also, as seen by the Colorado case study, California will accumulate revenue from various sales taxes on marijuana sales thereby adding total state budget.

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Medical Marijuana for Asthma

icon  20 Feb, 2015  /  icon  9        Author: Support Pot Valet

Asthma is a common chronic disease which leads to chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing. Some Asthma patients describe their experience as painful.It can feel as if they are trapped inside their own prison. The patient’s lungs become constricted and you are not able to breathe properly. Asthma patients get panicky and then it becomes even more difficult for them to breathe freely. To overcome this problem, inhalers are used as a temporary relief. Many Asthma patients are looking for some permanent medical relief to their symptoms. Asthma patients would be glad to know that medical marijuana can be a permanent relief for the symptoms of Asthma.

History of Medical Marijuana for Asthma Treatment

Studies have shown the positive effects of medical cannabis or marijuana on asthma patients. Smoking medical marijuanaor cannabis can condense the niggling symptoms of asthma patients and provides the desired relief to the patient. Medical marijuana has been consumed for treating asthma for hundreds of years. The medicinal properties of medical marijuana were discovered by aChinese Emperor named Shen Nung in early 2700 BC. And it was used to treat glaucoma and asthma at that time. Medical marijuana can be effectively used to quash the painful symptoms of an asthma attack.

Medical Marijuana For AsthmaHow Does Medical Marijuana Work to assist Asthma patients?

Asthma causes the constriction of lungs leading to chest tightness and shortness of breath. Medical marijuana has a substance named THC, which has a power to widen the airways in the lungs, while keeping you relaxed. And this way, oxygen flows freely as the airways in the lungs react favorably to THC. So, Medical Marijuana is a best remedy to cure asthma patients and can change the painful life of being an Asthma patient completely. Excessive consumption of medical marijuana can lead to severe health effects like paranoia, panic attacks or anxiety, hallucinations and distressing emotional states etc. Be careful while consuming marijuana for asthma as too much ingestion,can be harmful. Overdoses of medical marijuana causes dizziness, sleepiness, low blood pressure, dry mouth and disturbed heart functioning. Those who don’t want to smoke marijuana can switch to vaporizing the medical cannabis or taking the pill, as it will keep you away from the harmful smoke.

You can buy medical marijuana online at Pot Valet and we deliver the package directly and safely, to your home.You just don’t ever have to worry about driving to another dispensary. Just place an order at potvalet.com and get your product delivered safely. We offer free delivery in all areas of California, in just 45 minutes or less. We ensure that all the products of Pot Valet have been checked and are safe for consumption. So order medical marijuana online and let your health issues ease away.

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Opioid & Cannabinoid Pharmacokinetic Interactions of Cannabis Drug

icon  16 Feb, 2015  /  icon  14        Author: Support Pot Valet

If patients have cancer and feel chronic pain, cancer can become seriously problematic and painful. Some Opioid’s are effective analgesics but can cause nausea and other negative side effects. Dr. Donald Abrams has proven that Cannabis treats the chronic pain of cancer patients, with limited side effects.

Researcher’s view:

Dr. Donald Abrams conducted this study to show the interaction of opioid and Cannabinoid in a cancer patient. Donald Abrams is the chief of Hematology/Oncology Division at the General Hospital of San Francisco. Dr. Donald Abrams discusses the interaction of opioid and Cannabinoid in this quote from his book:

“The anti-nociceptive effects of morphine are predominantly mediated by mu receptors but may be enhanced by delta-9-THC activation of kappa and delta opioid receptors (Manzanares et al., 1999). It has been further postulated that the cannabinoid: opioid interaction may occur at the level of their signal trans-duction mechanisms (Pugh, Smith, Dombrowski, & Welch, 1996; Welch & Stevens, 1992). Receptors for both classes of drugs are coupled to similar intra-cellular signaling mechanisms that lead to a decrease in cAMP production by way of G, protein activation (Pugh, Welch, & Bass, 1994; Welch & Eads, 1999; Welch, Thomas, & Patrick, 1995). ‘’

Donald Abrams conducted a pharmacokinetic interaction to identify the effect of medical cannabis on disposition kinetic of opioid analgesics. There are no adverse effects of combining opioids and cannabinoids which was observed over much research and patient evaluation.

Purpose of the study

 The study was put forth to assess the positive effects of smoking marijuana for cancer patients. Cannabis drug effects the patient’s absorption, metabolism, distribution and excretion of largely used opioid analgesics.

Medical cannabis is generally in taken by smoking, for medical use. Marijuana contains Cannabinoid and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). FDA approved medical cannabis for the treatment weight loss, cancer and chronic pain. People generally buy Medical marijuana in California from Cannabis Dispensary. Cannabis is widely used as a pain relieving agent, for the benefit of the patient.

Cannabis drug

Opioids and cannabinoids are helpful for the treatment of ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, and sleep in trial of medical cannabis, euphoria is often scored as an adverse effect. Online Medical Dispensary and Medical Dispensaries provide Medical Cannabis for treatments. The only way to receive medical cannabis is by getting a recommendation from your doctor.  Most doctors are helping people understand the many benefits of medical cannabis. The population in the United States is becoming more aware of the beneficial impact of medical cannabis.

You can buy Medical Marijuana after you receive a recommendation from your physician. It the digital age you can also buy Cannabis online from an online dispensary. Medical Marijuana Delivery services are very popular in California. Medical cannabis can really help alleviate stress and pain in cancer patients. Patients are describing overwhelming positive result, after using medical cannabis. Please consult your physician before using any form of Medical Cannabis.

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medical cannabis

Sex on Medical Cannabis - Advantages

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The effect of marijuana on sex is an interesting subject. It depend’s on the person, situation and strain. Marijuana does not affect everybody the same way. Different strains have varying concentration of CBD, THC, CBN and other Cannabinoids and variations of those levels can help stimulate one’s sex life.

Medical Cannabis and Sex: A Classic Combination

Medical Cannabis and sex is starting to be known as a great combination among a wide range of people. Some believe there is very little difference between sex on marijuana and sex off marijuana, either way, I’m sure everyone enjoys the experience.
Marijuana can sexually arouse the user and can produce physiological responses such as: heightened sensitivity, increased heart rate, changes blood flow and relaxation. The hormonal systems, is primarily affected as neurochemistry in the brain is stimulated by the sexual arousal and marijuana.
Marijuana and Sex can provide euphoric peak experiences, and a healing escape from one’s routine existence. Some also say Cannabis can help unify the body and mind. When people involve cannabis with sexual activity, some experience of intimate and revelatory, loving, lasting relationships, facilitating trust; cocooned in love. Many people are now interested in knowing the vast wonders of sex on marijuana. Every testimonial we need, states that sex on marijuana is vastly favored.

Advantages and Euphoria

Marijuana provides a euphoric feeling which can help the male user last longer and help the female climax. When used for sex, cannabis clearly heightens the senses, which can result in a better sexual experience.
Mental uplift generally occurs after taking marijuana. The body becomes high and the user experiences heightened awareness.

medical cannabis for sex

Contemporary Cannabis Sexuality

There are many countries such as Canada and the United States, where vast numbers of citizens have had favorable experiences with sex on cannabis. The politics between marijuana and sexuality is complicated by gender, puritanism and stresses of industrial living but, one thing cannot be denied, sex is a great thing, when or when not taking Cannabis.

Different books and research articles provide useful information about Sex on Marijuana. Researcher concluded that people who enjoy. The combination of marijuana and sex can be powerful. There are many people who reviewed positive about the sex on marijuana. Many people reported that they become hornier when they stoned. It not only increase the power, also appreciate sexual pleasure.
According to sex columnist Lisa Kirkman, Both Cannabis and intercourse promote to release oxytocin. It is said that the love molecule. The hormone is related to maternal and paternal behavior, sexual patterns and act as neurotransmitter in the brain.
Argentine activist Alicia Castilla says,
“Marijuana in general increases sensitivity and corporal perception, and works as a desinhibitor. This being said, sativa works very well for couples seeking to increase their pleasure. As with both sexuality and relationships, however, with substances each individual has to find the right formula”

Pot the aphrodesiac

It is effective during the sex on marijuana use. It is used as aphrodisiac since thousands of years. There are also ancient sacred texts reveal how marijuana effect on increasing sexual pleasure. The modern research tells: The enjoyment of sex on marijuana determined the personality, environment, physiology, culture and intention of the user.

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Marijuana and Insomnia

Relationship between Marijuana and Insomnia

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To know about Relation between Marijuana and Insomnia, you have to delve into the causation of Insomnia

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder. Patients experience trouble falling or staying asleep due to this disorder.Insomnia can vary in range and depths of symptoms. Nearly 40% of adults suffer from some sort of insomnia. Insomnia causes depression which can ultimately lead to different mental disorders.

Marijuana and Insomnia

Medical marijuana is beneficial for the treatment of insomnia. Patients of insomnia feel relief when using marijuana for their disorders. In some extreme cases, insomnia can last more than 3 weeks, this is called chronic insomnia.Doctors are starting to suggest Marijuana and Insomniaas being hand in hand treatment for patients suffering from insomnia.

Marijuana and Insomnia
Marijuana and Insomnia

Insomnia affects all age groups and it’s actually more common in women. The short term effects of insomnia should be identified and treated otherwise it can turn into chronic insomnia. Chronic insomnia can lead to a variety of different medical condition, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, acid reflux and others. There are some common psychological problems that turn into insomnia including bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and stress.

To treat insomnia one needs to address the cause. Studies show that non medical as well as medical Marijuana is helpful. The topic: Marijuana and Insomnia came into action after the effectiveness of marijuana treatment was identified by many doctors.

How Can Marijuana Help?

Insomnia can lead to various symptoms of other illnesses. In terms of regulating sleep, the endocannabinoid has great role and scientists are now aware of the endocannabinoid effectiveness. To maintain regular sleep, endocannabinoid can be ingested and used. Studies show that cannabisincreases sleepiness in the consumer. A functional endocannabinoid system can be an easy remedy to insomnia.

Marijuana and Insomnia
Marijuana and Insomnia

People take Marijuana and Insomniato calm down, before bed. There are some others drugs for the treatment of insomnia. Some of these drugs shows side effects, dependence, addiction and even death,due to overdose. Some treatments and drug should not be used over a long period time.


Scientific research supports that the cannabinoid CBD helped people with insomnia. After inhaling cannabis, via smoke free vapor, it provides the immediate effects and lastsat least 3-4 hours. The Cannabis which are taken in form of an edible, usually takes an hour to work. The edible generally lasts six to eight hours. To get a full night sleep, you can take an edible an hour before bed.

Doctor suggests Marijuana and Insomnia patients take additional nutrition that may also help with sleeping. Such nutrition that can be taken is melatonin and L-tryptophan. There are some alternative of Marijuana and Insomnia patient, like taking different herbal remedies: valerian Root, California Poppy, Kava Kava and passion Flower. Alternative therapies are meditation, biofeedback, acupuncture, relaxation and hypnosis. One should talk to their doctor when experiencing symptoms. A Doctor will suggest what medicine is best for you.  Patients can also do their own research on Marijuana and Insomnia and then consult their local doctor.


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Marijuana for Glaucoma

Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma Treatment

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Marijuana for Glaucoma treatment has become widely used. The bud of Marijuana, which is generally a mixture of top of the cannabis plant and dried flower leaves. The flowers, leaves, seeds and stems of cannabis contain physiologically active and psychoactive chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma treatment has been used medically to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) in people who are affected by primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG).

medical marijuana for glaucoma

Concerning Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the major reasons for blindness in more than 60 million people, worldwide. The leading cause of Glaucoma is optic nerve damage, intraocular pressure (IOP) and that is why doctor use medical marijuana for glaucoma. It reduces the pressure.

In glaucoma, there are many eye ailments. In some cases, symptoms may not be apparent. Glaucoma affects adult via angle closer glaucoma and open angle glaucoma. Babies can also be affected by glaucoma.  Normal-tension glaucoma is a kind of glaucoma where patients lose vision, despite normal IOP. You can identify the disease, by the optic nerve diagnosis.  Another and last type of glaucoma is secondary glaucoma, which generally occurs after tumor, an eye injury, diabetes, or other eye conditions which weaken the nerve. To manage all these ailments, doctor suggests Marijuana for Glaucoma.  It is helpful in diminishing the effects of glaucoma.

Is Marijuana the Right Choice for Your Glaucoma Treatment?

If you are interested in taking Marijuana for Glaucoma, you came to the right place. It is the most common medical condition treated with Marijuana. Traditional treatment is not appropriate for glaucoma treatment. With the ophthalmologist’s’s suggestion, you can use Marijuana for Glaucoma. You can apply marijuana for glaucoma along with traditional glaucoma drugs. Some doctors say Marijuana is an effective treatment plan, to avert surgical intervention.

According to state medical marijuana law, you can legally buy marijuana for glaucoma treatment. If you have knowledge about relevant legislation and with the help of an ophthalmologist, you can try marijuana for your glaucoma treatment. If you are confused about the usage of medical marijuana for glaucoma, you may need to consult with medical marijuana specialist, as well as a doctor. It will be better if you find a doctor who is experienced in prescribing medical marijuana for glaucoma.  It is recommended to moderate the use of medication for medical marijuana treatment. Don’t worry about any sort of hassle when trying to get your medical marijuana. For the treatment of glaucoma and other diseases, there are many Online Medical Dispensaries in California. We provide the best Marijuana Delivery Service in California. You should Order medical marijuana Online for the treatment of glaucoma in the California. Obviously, only use medical marijuana after the confirmation of doctor, for your glaucoma. Check us out at: www.potvalet.com

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anti aging

Marijuana for Anti Aging - Skin Complexion

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Medical marijuana has numerous health benefits for the skin if consumed in an appropriate quantity. In the previous article, we discussed the positive effects of medical marijuana in stopping the aging process of the brain. Today, I would like to discuss the benefits of medical marijuana on the skin, as it is a perfect solution for treating skin conditions. Medical marijuana or cannabis produces oil which is great for the skin. It helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

marijuana for anti aging

Hemp Oil or Marijuana for Anti Aging?

The positive effects of medical marijuana on anti aging were uncovered by the two dermatologists based in New York. They stated in an interview that there are some medical ingredients in marijuana or cannabis, which worked well in reducing wrinkles and promoting a younger complexion. Hemp seed oil is the perfect solution for dry skin as it hydrates the skin and keeps the skin moisturized for longer durations. Skin contains ceramides and polyunsaturated fatty acids which keep the skin hydrated and younger looking. And with age, the level of these ingredients start decreasing which gives birth to wrinkles and skin aging. As you age the metabolism of skin gets affected and you cannot stop the formation of wrinkles. So, to reduce the aging problem, the use of medical marijuana is recommended, as it has many skin benefits and the potential to hydrate your skin.

Cannabinoids or THC is another chemical which is found in medical marijuana. Dr. Ariel and Dr. Bobby Buka explained that Cannabinoids are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents which are powerful in treating skin problems. These benefits are only realized if you consume medical marijuana in proper quantity. Excessive usage of marijuana can be harmful to your body, so to actually get the best results from medical marijuana, take it in moderate quantity. Overdose of medical marijuana leads to negative results and causes the skin to age faster rather than slower. Dr. Buka said that smoking cannabis in a large quantity can worsen the skin conditions like rosacea and psoriasis. As already discussed, medical marijuana has an ingredient named THC which makes you feel better and gifts you with wonderful skin due to many factors. Stress and depression are the main reason of fine lines and wrinkles. So Dr. Buka suggested the use of medical marijuana as it is the perfect solution in relieving anxiety, depression and stress levels.

You can easily buy medical marijuana online at Potvalet.com and get instant home delivery within 45 minutes across California. Our products are checked and vetted legally; we strive to offer the best medicine in the industry. Get a hydrated and moisturized skin with the regular use of marijuana. Order marijuana for aging online now and say goodbye to aging issues.

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cannabis news

Current News on Medical Marijuana or Cannabis

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There is a great buzz on the establishment of medical marijuana as a legal drug in the last 2 years. The movement of placing medical marijuana in a legal category has picked up significant momentum in recent years. The Drug Enforcement Administration says that marijuana is a drug and dangerous for health. Most studies have shown its positive effects on an array of conditions. Marijuana has healing properties for many diseases like glaucoma, arthritis, migraines, cancer and asthma. The legalization of medical marijuana or cannabis has gained momentum due to its health benefits. As everyone knows, marijuana is a drug, but after seeing its amazing benefits in treating glaucoma and cancer, the federal government has now pushed itself behind medical legalization in California. The federal government has approved Marijuana consumption for seriously ill patients.

cannabisWith the progression of legalization, the consumption of medical marijuana has increased as people have observed the healing properties for themselves. Just search the internet and you will see some of the amazing benefits of medical marijuana. Just open this link and read some stories of people who have actually benefitted with its usage: http://medicalmarijuana411.com/category/patient-stories/. Some conditions like migraines, nausea, skin cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer and breast cancer and lack of appetite etc. can be cured with the proper use of medical marijuana.


  1. A person named Andy Ashcraft recovered from pleural mesothelioma completely.
  2. Marijuana totally cured a baby who was suffering from the brain tumor.
  3. Michelle Aldrich says goodbye to cancer with the consumption of medical marijuana.

The usage of medical marijuana has been legalized in around 32 states including California and districts of Columbia. Other states are also working on getting medical marijuana legalized and setting up their policies without the interference of the federal government. And most notably, in the near future, the federal government will allow these states to regulate the medicine. The process of approving medical marijuana as a legal drug started in 1990s and now with the passage of time, it has gained official value in many states. The ingredients found in cannabis or marijuana has many health benefits and this is the reason why the federal government is showing a favorable attitude towards legalization.

The Rohrabacher- Farr amendment of medical marijuana states that “Federal government will no more prosecute the patients who consume medical marijuana or cannabis for their well-being”. And as already discussed, those states where its usage has still not been legalized, have the full rights to make their own policy regarding its usage and federal government will not intervene in their decision. And patients suffering from various diseases will also feel safe to consume medical marijuana as they don’t have to be worried about being hassled by the government.

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Marijuana Concentrates

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Marijuana concentrates can sometimes be a confusing term in the cannabis industry. Concentrate can be anything like wax, tincture drops, edibles and oils etc. Sometimes people need a bit more THC than the normal plant offers, which is where concentrates come into play. There has been a tremendous increase in the medical marijuana users due to its amazing health benefits. People find it easy to take medical marijuana in the form of edibles and concentrates to treat their medical problems.

marijuana concentrates

Working of marijuana concentrates in the body

When you consume marijuana in the form of edibles, its concentrates enter the body through gastrointestinal tract moving onto the liver for further processing. After processing, the liver transforms the cannabinoids or marijuana concentrate into more powerful 11-hydroxy-THC. Ingestion of marijuana edibles is best for insomnia patients as it shows its positive effects within 45 to 60 minutes and the patient gets to sleep immediately. The effect of marijuana concentrates last for around 6 to 10 hours.

Let’s take a look on the type of marijuana concentrates:

Tincture drops:

Tincture drops is one of the types of marijuana concentrates. It came into existence in 1840s and is the best alternative for medical marijuana patients. The tincture drops is a type of alcohol based solution in which cannabinoids is dissolved to be taken as drops. The drops are put under the tongue of the patient to let it go directly into the bloodstream and then to brain within minutes. These drops can also be put into the food and drinks so that the liver can process it like cannabis edibles. To start with, you can take 1-2 drops moving on with more after seeing the effects on your body. It has fewer calories and doesn’t cause any throat or lung irritation. Due to the presence of alcohol, it tastes unpleasant to some patients. It is suggested to take tincture drops before bedtime as it works best at night.


Oils are marijuana concentrates which came into existence in 2003 when a man named Rick Simpson used it to treat his skin cancer. He tried a homemade remedy in which he soaked hemp plant in isopropyl alcohol which results in the extraction of therapeutic compounds out of it. And a liquid was prepared from that when the solvent evaporated. This oil is perfect in treating skin ailments and can be applied directly onto the skin.


It has been said that eating raw marijuana doesn’t give that amount of relief which marijuana-infused edible can give. Marijuana oil has therapeutic benefits as it is made by soaking the plant in vegetable oil which leaves the beneficial residue behind. Marijuana edibles are made with cannabis butter or oil. 2-3 drops of oil are put into the food items like cookies, soups, sauces, candies and brownies etc.

So these are some of the marijuana concentrates which you can consume as well as eating raw marijuana. Order marijuana concentrates online at Potvalet.com and get free home delivery.

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Marijuana Edibles for Medication

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Medical Marijuana has evolved vastly throughout the past years; you can now buy pot in the form of medical edibles. Marijuana edibles are variations of food which including hash brownies, space cakes, candy bars, milk, peanut butter and so much more.  Herb and resin make up a majority of marijuana edibles in California. Edibles are an alternate way to take cannabinoids without smoking or vaporizing cannabis. Edibles gibe the user the user the ability to intake cannabinoid’s in the form of treats like brownies, cakes, cookies, which are consumed and used for medical purposes.   Doctors suggest cannabis for the treatment of various diseases like Glaucoma, Migraine, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, As Anti Aging, Anxiety, Diabetes, Asthma, Pain Relief, Insomnia, Arthritis and AIDS/HIV. Patients consume cannabis edibles every day for medical treatment in California. Some doctors believe edibles are better than traditional ways of using the medicine. Patients generally find out what works for them.

Growing Sophistication of Marijuana Edibles

With the increase sophistication and grades of strains of marijuana edibles, most patients can find exactly what they are looking for. Some patients are looking for hybrid products some India and some Sativa cannabis. Most marijuana edibles have explanations of the specific strain in the marijuana edibles and the amount of THC and CBD levels. There are many manufacturers who provide many different Sativa, indicia or a hybrid strains. Most edibles are easy to divide into portions and consumed.

marijuana edibles

Commandments of Marijuana Edibles Safety

Marijuana edibles are suggested by doctors or people take it for recreational purposes in places like Colorado. But there should always be safety measures in place, which makes sure the patient follows doctor’s proper instructions.

Thou shalt go low and slow

For taking marijuana edibles start with 10 milligrams of THC. If you eat an edible after you have finished a meal, the digestive may process the edible a little slower than normal. Find you balance

Thou shalt label homemade Pot foods

You can make marijuana edibles homemade food at home. Before preparing, make sure you are careful and prevent accidental ingestion by a friend, roommate, neighbor, house guest, babysitter, family member, etc.

 Thou shalt not mix with alcohol

You can combine the marijuana edible with the alcohol, but most doctors would advise against this.  It can cause nausea and dizziness.

Thou shalt eat a proper dinner

You should take solid, nitrous meal before using  marijuana edibles.

Thou shalt keep away from children

Keep your marijuana edible far away from children.

Patients take cannabis edibles for treatment of various diseases or ailments. Some patients have fun learning cannabis recipes of their favorite food. There are so many fantastic food items that can be infused with cannabis, which many patients enjoy.

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Marijuana for Attention deficit disorder & ADHD

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Marijuana is not only used for recreational purpose as people are doing in Colorado; it has huge impact on the human body. Medical Marijuana is very helpful for irritability, depression, anxiety, mood swings, attention deficit disorder and insomnia. People generally buy Medical Marijuana Online to alleviate pain or stress. Most people face these issues almost every day. Medical Marijuana Delivery is a great new way for people affected with symptoms/diseases to receive their medicine. People can Buy Medical Marijuana Online after they receive a prescription from their doctor.

Marijuana is used for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention deficit disorder). Marijuana generally calms the patient down, to the pace of the rest of society. Marijuana is a controversial topic and there is much scientific research continuing to prove that ADHD is real disorder, which should be treated. Research shows Medical Marijuana is effective in treating this common disorder.

What is ADHD?

Actually, it is a behavioral disorder and its effects 5% adults and 6-9% of school children. Patients show a wide range of symptoms. Most of the patients of ADHD suffer from neurological disorders, depression, bipolar, anxiety, obsessive compulsive and sleep disorder. Marijuana increase levels of dopamine just as alcohol and tobacco.

How Can Marijuana Help?

A lot of research on medical marijuana has just recently started. Health professionals have come out in support of medical marijuana for ADD and ADHD. Medical marijuana is less addictive and harmful than traditional stimulant medications. Physicians suggest medical marijuana as a non-conventional treatment. California pediatrician Dr. Claudia Jensen says, Marijuana can help a patient manage symptoms of ADHD.

attention deficit disorder

Marijuana increases impulsivity in recreational users. Some doctors don’t recommend marijuana use, due to lack of knowledge in the field. Concerning ADD/ADHD, medical marijuana is an effective medication. Many physicians are starting to recommend marijuana use, for the treatment of ADD. 

Buy Medical Marijuana                                  

Buy Medical Marijuana services for the treatment of ADD/ ADHD. In the California, we provide the best Medical Marijuana Delivery Service. You can Order Medical Marijuana Online services and you can treat this disorder. Before taking the medical marijuana services, just visit a doctor and take proper treatments. People have some confusion about the medical marijuana. That is why you need to take knowledge before taking the medical marijuana.  There are many controversies about the treatment procedure with the medical marijuana. But, physicians are optimistic to the medical marijuana uses. As a result people in the California, uses medical marijuana for the treatment of ADD. Medical marijuana is not only helpful for ADD but also effective for other diseases also. Now it’s time to change the outlook of conventional treatment methods.

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medical marijuana for Aids

Marijuana for HIV/AIDS

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AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome and it is a non-curable disease. Many studies have been conducted, but no treatment has been found to cure AIDS yet. A patient suffering from HIV/AIDS experiences frequent vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite and weight loss. Medical marijuana has proved effective in relieving all these problems, to a great extent. According to some recent studies on AIDS, mind-blowing benefits of marijuana for HIV/AIDS have been seen. HIV/AIDS gives birth to neuropathic pain and weight loss, which is eliminated with the inhalation of cannabis or consumption of medical marijuana. The patient restores weight again and essential nutrients are maintained in the body with the help of medical marijuana.

Marijuana for HIV/AIDSA capsule named Marinol was prescribed to HIV patients as a supplement to smoking medical marijuana. But patients get more relief from inhaling cannabis as it contains cannabinoids and terpenoids which Marinol sometimes lacks. It is suggested to smoke medical marijuana instead of Marinol. Although, Marinol does stimulate the side effects in some patients. Medical marijuana or cannabis enhances the appetite of a person and you need only two to three puffs to feel the effects. Inhaled cannabis gives faster relief to patients as compared to Marinol. It works within minutes and you just don’t need to wait to enjoy its soothing effect. There are some claims that marijuana can cause harm to the immune system which can be dangerous for HIV patients. But according to the San Francisco General Hospital, consuming medical marijuana

Experts’ sayings about Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana was considered illegal before seeing its health benefits. And now the experts of HIV/AIDS organizations have approved the use of medical marijuana for seriously ill patients. After seeing its amazing health benefits, The American Academy of HIV Medicine stated that cannabis or marijuana should be consumed in an appropriate quantity to avoid any ill effects.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana acts a substitute to the pills which are given to the HIV patients. Smoking the plant generally has more power to provide relief, than the Marinol pills. These pills cause harm to certain organs in the body if consumed on a daily basis while medical marijuana has been proven helpful. A study was conducted at the University of California by Prof. Ronald J. Ellis, which showed that patients who consumed medical marijuana have had 30 percent less pain than those having pills. There have been many debates on the benefits of medical marijuana and scientists have approved this drug as a life saving plant. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from HIV/AIDS, then you must give medical marijuana a try as it can be a very good medicine for your disease, instead of medicinal pills.

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orange kush(marijuana online)

Best OG Kush or Marijuana Online in California

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Marijuana Online services should be secure and fast. The Orange Kush strain is one of the most popular among patients in the California. To get Marijuana Online people search many websites and online-based companies.  Pot Valet features exclusive Orange Kush strains as well as straight OG Kush, in California.  The strain is generally Indica dominant. OG Kush is a hybrid of Orange Bud and the OG Kush strain.  Pot valet is very popular in California for providing the best OG Kush.  OG Kush came onto the medical scene in 1994 and from then on, Orange bud’s reputation has enhanced.                                 

orange kush marijuana onlineBest Quality and flavor among Online Marijuana services

Pot valet strives to offer the best quality products among all types of Marijuana Online services.  OG Kush has an orange pungent taste, earthy smell and skunky flavor. When you intake OG Kush, you will generally get strong orange flavor along with the smoke. This flavor has undertones of sugar and spice which is very attractive.   The OG Kush has strong narcotic hit which will give your body a super relaxed feeling. People order Marijuana online  to help with a variety of issues,  ADD, poor appetite and muscular pain are some of the chief issues, addressed with Medical Marijuana.

Orange Kush strain is available

Pot valet features Marijuana online and Orange Kush’s strain that is always available. The strain is generally grown indoors, in-between 90-120 centimeters of space. It is also grown outdoors and can reach heights as tall as three meters. OG Kush’s leaf color is light green with long fingers. The buds of OG Kush are fluffy with lots of orange hairs and silvery crystals. THC levels for the OG Kush strain ranges from 18 to 20 percent.  You can find OG Kush featured on Pot Valet, for all medical patients in California.

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cannabis online

Cannabis News How to Buy Marijuana Online

icon  07 Jan, 2015  /  icon  7        Author: Support Pot Valet

To Buy Marijuana Online you have to get a doctors recommendation. You can find a lot of information through searching Cannabis news on social media platforms or on Google. Pot valet provides the best news updates about Cannabis news and Marijuana online. Customers searching the internet, for news about marijuana online need to know what is forbidden and what is allowed. Pot valet provides a secure, comfortable and safe way to Buy Marijuana Online. We are open 365 days a year and we try to keep our customer informed by posting different articles about marijuana online Cannabis news.

Current Medical Marijuana Conditions

Dispensaries are set to follow different rules about marijuana, sales, and transportation. There fixed taxes on legal medical marijuana. There are also black markets selling marijuana. In the Washington, black marketer’s legalized marijuana by voting the medicine legal for all. Pot Valet provides the best pot delivery for their customers. To Buy Marijuana Online people should place an order on pot valet.

cannabis news

Pot Valet posts and Cannabis News

Pot Valet posts weekly articles about cannabis news, Marijuana online, and content about cannabis. We try to make it so all content is helpful. We try to provide as much information as possible, so our customers have confidence when they Buy Marijuana Online. Pot Valet, you will get you the necessary information, so you can get the medical effect of marijuana. Marijuana can be used for a variety of ailments. You can find all the information you need from Pot Valet. Pot Valet provides weekly content and posts about marijuana online. To Buy Marijuana Online simply order form Pot Valet and your order will arrive in 45 minutes or less. Pot valet provides maximum support from providing information to transporting safely to your home, Pot Valet is your one-stop shop for delivery of marijuana.

Upcoming Updates about Cannabis News

To get information and knowledge about the cannabis, Pot valet features many articles for their customers and clients. All information and description about marijuana are very necessary for getting benefit. To Buy Marijuana Online people need below discussions to know about pot valet services.

  • How to Buy Marijuana Online,
  • News about Medical Marijuana Online,
  • Order Marijuana Online, what is the procedure of Marijuana Delivery and Medical Marijuana Delivery,
  • Online Medical Dispensary of marijuana
  • Order Pot Online by pot valet
  • Marijuana For Glaucoma treatment
  • News updates for Cannabis.
  • Marijuana For Migraines treatment
  • Marijuana Cancer Treatment
  • Medical Marijuana Benefits
  • Marijuana Multiple Sclerosis
  • MS Marijuana
  • How Marijuana Anti Aging effect work on the human body.

Keep connection with us to get maximum supports from the Pot valet services. See upcoming news updates about cannabis news and post to buy Marijuana Online. Pot valet works for the maximum satisfaction for their clients. Become a part of them by getting services from the pot valet. Cannabis news will help you to get knowledge about it.

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Marijuana for Insomnia

icon  03 Jan, 2015  /  icon  1        Author: Support Pot Valet

Insomnia is a very common sleeping disorder, wherein a person faces difficulty sleeping. A common side effect of insomnia is a mental anarchy named depression. Depression is actually found in about 40% of adults. Insomnia patients generally take sleeping pills to get relief. Most patients are unaware of the many side effects associated with the pills that put them to sleep; some effects are even known to cause death.

Effects of Insomnia

Sleeplessness or Insomnia makes a person irritated, depressed and annoyed. Are you one of those people who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? If you are experiencing those issues, you are definitely suffering from Insomnia. Not sleeping properly at night becomes very tiring and can cause adverse effect on your daily tasks like eating, driving, exercising and interacting with people. Many sleeping pills or medications are available at medical shops but, one can also take the medical marijuana pill or possibly smoke medical cannabis to relieve the symptoms of insomnia. Sleeping pills can cause many bad effects on a person’s health like:

• Anxiety and restlessness
• Nausea, constipation and abnormal dreams
• Headache, depression and muscle pain
• Lack of interaction and coordination
• Weakness and drowsiness, bad mood or depressed mind
• Sore throat and blurred vision

Medical Marijuana Insomnia

Benefits of Marijuana for Insomnia

Patients suffering from Insomnia have had some amazing benefits, when taking medical marijuana or cannabis. Pain is one of the reasons why some people face problems falling asleep and lack of sleep ends up affecting the life badly.  To get immediate relief, you can give medical marijuana a try and see if Marijuana will work for you. Researchers have noticed that smoking medical cannabis gives instant relief to the patient. It is suggested to smoke cannabis two hours before bedtime. It is a natural treatment to insomnia with very little side effects. Consuming medical marijuana for insomnia is a very good choice, as it improves the appetite of the patient and makes the patient drowsy/sleepy.

Medical marijuana is easily available online at Pot Valet with free home delivery around California. And the best thing is that Pot Valet drivers arrive, in just 45 minutes or even less. You can order medical marijuana with a few clicks at your convenience. If you are suffering from Insomnia, you can use marijuana at your discretion. Insomnia is a major health ailment which leads to poor productivity and loss of interest from work.

Medical marijuana is the best viable alternative, to sleeping pills. Smoking cannabis provides immediate relief and generally lasts for up to 3-4 hours. For treating insomnia, it is suggested to take marijuana before bedtime, for a peaceful night’s sleep. Order it online now to enjoy the benefits.

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Marijuana for Anxiety

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Anxiety is a disorder or a feeling of nervousness which leads to panic attacks and unexpected outcomes. Researchers are finding medical marijuana to be a new treatment of anxiety. There have been numerous finding about the medical properties in marijuana. Medical Marijuana has therapeutic properties and researchers are finding Marijuana to be a good remedy for many diseases. Medical marijuana has the potential to decrease anxiety and provide relief.

We are finding, there are some parents who are currently asking their Doctor to approve Medical Marijuana for their children as well. According to a recent study, it has been seen that medical marijuana doesn’t need to be in-taken for the calming effects to take place. The body generally becomes relaxed and calm after its consumption. Anxiety leads to depression, where a person loses interest in social activities and pleasurable acts. And seeing the benefits of medical marijuana, it is suggested to give its dosage to the patients who are suffering from anxiety and mood disorders.

Medical Marijuana For Anxiety

There might be a question in every mind while reading this article, does marijuana actually treat anxiety? Keep in mind, that medical marijuana can treat anxiety, but only if it is taken in appropriate quantity. Too much consumption of POT can lead to memory loss. Long term usage of medical marijuana is not at all recommended, as excess of anything can destroy you. We want to make clear, that Marijuana may help your symptoms but, excessive use of marijuana can make the problem worse than before.

Medical marijuana is available at medical dispensaries or you can buy it online too. I suggest buying medical marijuana online as you don’t have to go anywhere. Pot Valet provides medical marijuana or cannabis for various diseases like glaucoma, asthma, diabetes and anxiety etc. Get your pack delivered at your home safely and easily in 45 minutes if you reside in California. We are proud in offering free home delivery safely and legally, the POT VALET way. Pot valet makes it easy to buy medical marijuana online

Basically, medical marijuana is made of plant extracts and used as an herbal therapy. It is said to give temporary relief to anxiety one is not recommended to become dependent on it for longer duration.

How it Works:

Taking medical marijuana for anxiety makes you feel euphoric and hungry. After using Medical Marijuana; you will feel better than ever before. It will keep you relaxed and calm for some time and your panic attacks will erode away. This is a temporary remedy of course, Marijuana cannot cure you completely, and you would need to deal with your problems yourself.

Visit us at Pot Valet and let Marijuana assist you with your mood disorders in one go. Buy medical marijuana online and enjoy its benefits, and get the product delivered at your home within 45 minutes or less.

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How to Buy Medical Marijuana Online

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Pot Valet provides easy access to Buy Medical Marijuana Online in California. All you have to do is Order online and your Medical Marijuana will arrive within 45 minutes or less. Pot Valet is your one-stop shop to Buy Marijuana Online. We take pride in offering the best medicine, at affordable rates, for all of our patients.

Signing up for an account is easy. Click: “Join Now” and fill out the necessary information online. Once you are approved, you can order from Pot Valet anytime.

Medical Marijuana online

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Pot Valet Strives to offer the best atmosphere to buy Marijuana online, safely and legally.

We are here to help. Check out our Medical Marijuana Online, then sit back and relax while you experience the best treatment in the business, “The Pot Valet Way”.

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marijuana for diabetes

Marijuana for Diabetes

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Today, many people are suffering from the problem of inadequate insulin production which is known as Diabetes. It’s a disease which causes high blood sugar levels and a person is unable to produce insulin properly. As such, there is no cure for diabetes but taking proper medicines, exercise and healthy diet. According to a recent study, it has been seen that medical marijuana can be a deterrent towards getting diabetes. The Study shows the benefits of medical marijuana and state that people who consume marijuana have less of a chance in having low blood sugar levels and obesity problem.

Medical Marijuana Diabetes

Some studies have shown that cannabis or medical marijuana is great sustenance in providing relief to diabetic patients. The neuropathic pain coupled with diabetes gets lessen with the consumption of medical marijuana. We, at Pot Valet offer Marijuana for diabetes, Marijuana for arthritis and you can easily buy it from our online store. Marijuana offers pain relieving properties and you don’t have to go anywhere to buy it. Just order medical marijuana online and get it right at your doorstep.

Cannabis is another name for medical marijuana which also serves almost the same purpose. Marijuana can help you live a normal and fit life. As we all know, Insulin injections are life savers for diabetic patients, but now, with the help of medical marijuana, many health problems can be solved. One of the main concerns in diabetic patients’ i.e. weak eye-sight can be treated with Medical Marijuana. High glucose levels destroy the nerve cells of the eyes and make the eyes ischemic. It can lead to blindness, but thanks to medical marijuana it prevents the nerve cells from getting destructed, saving you from the blindness.

Complete Check on the Quality of Marijuana for Diabetes

Pot Valet offers various types of medical marijuana online for various types of diseases. For diabetes, you can take marijuana along with your insulin dosage to cure the disease properly. We give all the information required for you to enjoy your medicine safely and offer our services in California. You need not go to any medical dispensary to buy medical marijuana. We are certified by the California Government, don’t worry about waiting in long lines, we deliver directly to your home. We take pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations and we currently provide free, safe, easy delivery to your home. We pride ourselves in delivering 100% original and high quality medical marijuana. Every single product is checked and inspected to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our staff is happy to serve you and answer your queries about the usage of marijuana.

Say goodbye to Diabetes with the help of Medical Marijuana and live a healthy and wealthy life. We are here to provide solutions to your health problems by offering medical marijuana online.

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Medical Marijuana for Arthritis Pain

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Evidence shows that Medical Marijuana can be a great treatment for Arthritis Pain

.There are numerous studies that suggest cannabis is effective in treating pain, specifically related to arthritis and similar conditions. A meta-analysis was carried out that included four random trails. This study was published while researches also analyzed rheumatic diseases. Researchers found that cannabinoids which were taken orally (like cannabis oil) could actually show significant improvement in comparison to placebo effected patients. It was shown that Marijuana relived suffering from pain in the musculoskeletal region. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis experience back pain and found significant positive changes from Marijuana. The authors of this research found that the effects were generally positive when the patient smoked medical marijuana.
Medical Marijuana For Arthritis Pain






In 2011, a British pharmacology study reviewed eighteen different studies of medical marijuana when taken orally and when smoked, safely and modestly, patients found positive affects on the neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is caused, due to the dysfunction in nerve fibers. The most amazing part of this review was, it provided hardcore evidence that medical marijuana was able to bring significant positive changes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover this study showed that patients with fibromyalgia were also relieved of their pain. Lack of sleep is also a common  factor in causing symptoms of arthritis. Medical marijuana for arthritis is a great option, as the medicine usually causes the patient to sleep.
Cannabis also can have significant effect in osteoarthritis. Since chronic joint pain is a common symptom in osteoarthritis, Marijuana really helps in the relief of such pain. The reason pain is relieved with arthritis patient is because of the endocannabinoids, which enter very quickly into the joints. The endocannabinoids enter into the system through the joints in a very complex manner.  Hence, endocannbinoid help relieve pain and the body cannot naturally produce endocannabinoids on its own efficiently. Since cannabinoids are a major part of cannabis in the species, it can be summarized that when used for treating pain or symptoms, Marijuana is a wonderful ailment.  Phyto-cannabinoids are well received by the human body and the receptors and the endocannabinoid enter easily into the human body. It was found in another study that injecting cannabinoids in the joints, blocked certain enzymes, thereby relieving the patient of chronic joint pain.

Other than these studies there are more studies that suggest that medical marijuana for arthritis is effective treatment.  Marijuana can ease inflammation as well as other symptoms. It was found the in-vitro marijuana and herbal marijuana are both capable of suppressing inflammation.

How can medical marijuana for arthritis be taken?

The most effective way of getting all the benefits of medical marijuana for arthritis is by smoking the plant, most studies suggest. But here are a few other ways you can use Medical Marijuana

  • Vaporized marijuana: in this case marijuana is vaporized  and the consumer still receives a majority of the THC and Cannabinoinds
  • Liquid in the form of extract
  • Eaten in the form of candies or even cookies
  • Concetrates in the form of Wax, Kief or Crystals

Most studies have revealed  huge benefits from using medical marijuana and further studies are yet to reveal only more practical medical uses.

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Marijuana Anti Aging

Marijuana and Anti Aging

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Marijuana or cannabis is thought to be a significant drug in the treatment of several ailments. The role of marijuana in treating various diseases, is currently under research. Researchers have already found many positive uses of Marijuana in treating diseases like multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and  many others. This plant has chemicals called cannabinoids and THC which generally vary in concentration from one plant strain to another. When smoked, Marijuana has a great effect on the central nervous system. This is is part of the reason why marijuana is somewhat criticized and not legalized in some states. Overall, it’s hard to overlook the facts… Marijuana is an essential drug, in treating several diseases and ailments.
Marijuana Anti Aging

Working principle of marijuana in anti-aging properties

Anti aging is considered a great benefit of smoking marijuana. Marijuana is not only responsible for anti-aging of the skin but, also of the brain. To understand the effectiveness of marijuana we first need to understand why aging fatigue occurs. Aging fatigue is a result of stress. Marijuana works to relieve stress in patients. Smokers generally relax and get high by smoking marijuana. This mainly happens due to the presence of two chemicals in marijuana. Namely, cannabinoids and THC. These provide the ecstatic sensation by de-stressing the brain, and provide a feeling of euphoria and relief. Patinets tend to think marijuana helps relieve them of daily stress and anxiety. Research shows that stress is a huge factor in causing wrinkles, and aging of skin and brain. Not only are stress, anxiety and depression huge factors of aging but, these are actually the main factors which cause aging signs. Aging seems to be slowed to a great extent with Marijuana by reliving the stress, thereby increasing the longevity and delivering anti-aging properties to the body. In terms of marijuana, patients may show signs of anti aging as a result of smoking this plant. Marijuana generally provides a calming sensation to the brain and slows the activities of the central nervous system, thereby causing the user to de-stress, which helps reduces anxiety and depression.

Marijuana in slowing the aging of the brain

To those who wonder about the different practical uses of marijuana, anti aging seems to be a great benefit. Research carried out on rats showed that cannabinoids had the ability to reduce the inflammation of the brain. Rats in the study actually had restored cognitive functionality of brain, showing that Marijuana has the power to actually slow the aging process of the brain. It was also found that in about twenty five years of research all over the world, only cannabinoids have been able to perform both these functions effectively as a drug.

Researchers now believe that the marijuana has anti aging properties and has great potential to work well for patients who suffer from stress, anxiety and/or chronic depression.

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medical marijuana benefits

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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To understand the benefits of Marijuana, we need to understand the basics. Marijuana is type of dried flower, of the Indian hemp plant. Marijuana has many names like weed, pot, ganja, dope, and grass. The health benefits of medical marijuana cannot be denied, people who consume medical marijuana have observed some wonderful pain relieving benefits. Diseases like Glaucoma, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, and Arthritis can be re-leaved with medical marijuana. In many countries, medical marijuana has been legalized because of the many health benefits.

Medical Marijuana Benefits






Take a sneak-peak below to know about its benefits:

  • Putting a full stop to cancer cells: One of the most important medical marijuana benefits,  hones on marijuana’s magical power to stop the growth of cancer cells. It prevents the blood vessels from growing and can prevents tumors from occurring. Any type of cancer like brain, cervix, lungs, prostate and pancreas etc. can be eased with Medical Marijuana. You can buy marijuana online in California and you wont have to worry about waiting in long lines.
  • Marijuana for Arthritis: Medical marijuana act as a chief agent of pain relieve, it has certainly proved its mettle in relieving arthritis pain. Many patients find taking this drug lessens the pain and increases their sleep stamina.
  • Cure Brain Trauma: Medical marijuana has been found to cure brain trauma as well. It has the properties to cut down  on the bad effects of knocks. As a result, brain’s healing system activates.
  • Wonders of Marijuana for glaucoma: Glaucoma effects the patients nerves. Medical marijuana has proved very effective in treating this disease. But, you have to make sure the use of medical marijuana is legal in your country. To find out all benefits of medical marijuana, you can ask your doctor and possibly explore if adding marijuana into your treatment, is right for you.
  • Say goodbye to side effects of Chemo: Cancer patients suffer a lot of side effects from chemotherapy. One of the chief effects is pain. Chemo can lead to many health complications and side effects, so according to studies, medical marijuana is a very good drug in relieving a patient from the dreadful pain and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.
  • Kick-starting the Metabolism: With the consumption of medical marijuana, some find their metabolism and weight stays manageable. Most patients find Marijuana helps them sustain a healthy lifestyle. You can get marijuana online in California and other states, as there are many online sites, which offer the medicine.
  • Improving lungs function: It is known to everyone that tobacco smokers end up with unhealthy lungs’, which can lead to lung cancer. And according to the American Medical Association, medical marijuana is very helpful in increasing the in-taking capacity of the lungs. When someone consumes marijuana, he takes deep breaths which is thought to enhance the health of the lungs.

These are some of the many medical marijuana benefits, which can be utilized if consumed in an appropriate quantity. Take a deep look into these benefits and share the information with anyone who is currently experiencing any of these issues.

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Medical Marijuana Online

Pot Valet – Online Medical Marijuana Provider

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Pot Valet provides medical marijuana which is a dried flower. This flower has healing properties which relieve pain and reduces inflammation. Pot Valet is the best place to buy medical marijuana. We are the best online providers of medical marijuana in California. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and provide immediate delivery right at your doorstep. Take a look why our service is best:

  • We are the #1 Medical Marijuana online provider in California and we provide medical marijuana online to relieve you of waiting in long lines and having to head to conventional shops. Medical marijuana is of the best medicines, for various diseases. You can order medical marijuana online at Pot Valet and we guarantee your medicine will arrive within 45 minutes or less.  Pot Valet takes a courteous and professional approach whiled delivering your medicine to the safety to your home.
  • We offer free delivery to all California locations, so kick back and relax, you won’t  have to leave the comfort of your house. Say goodbye to long queues and dealings with shady people. Now you can get medical marijuana from the comfort of  your home.

Medical marijuana







Pot Valet’s medical marijuana is certified, which ensures your health benefits are meeting the standards of California. Currently, we are offering our services in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Goleta and almost all the locations of California. Medical marijuana is a wonderful pain reliever and Pot Valet cherish the ability to help patients receive their medicine. All deliveries of medicine will arrive in 45 minutes or less, as we have the fastest delivery service in California. Medical marijuana and Pot Delivery is a one-stop solution to diseases like: Crohn’s disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Glaucoma, Asthma, Insomnia, Anxiety, HIV Aids, Migraines, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis,  Appetite malfunction and Aging. Order marijuana online and avail its amazing benefits. To order medical marijuana, you must have a medical recommendation from a reputed and licensed doctor. Every patient must have a medical recommendation and a valid I.D. Patients with doctor’s prescription can get medical marijuana with ease and comfort. Medical Marijuana Delivery has never been easier, order online and we pride ourselves in providing the fastest and safest delivery in California.

To order medical marijuana online, you need to fill out an application form, submit your ID, doctors recommendation and wait for  instant approval; uploading your documents is easy with Pot Valet. We offer extremely fast medical marijuana delivery. The medicine has an array of different health benefits, we take pride in offering a medicine with such wonderful ailment properties, in relieving painful diseases.. Medical Marijuana can be consumed by any medical marijuana patient in California in an appropriate quantity. We are proud to offer the best medical marijuana in the industry, for fast and easy delivery.

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medical marijuana in multiple sclerosis

Medical Marijuana and Multiple Sclerosis

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The role of medical marijuana in multiple sclerosis is questioned umpteen of times. The effectiveness and power marijuana in treating aliments remained a very complex question. The crown of the flower, also known as cannabis, is the part of the plant used for general consumption of marijuana. Research has found that marijuana does possess the power to reduce the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, pain, ataxia, anxiety and depression and spasticity in multiple sclerosis patients. As you are reading this article, alternative treatments for multiple sclerosis are under research.  Many doctors are finding marijuana act’s well, as a treatment; as found in various clinical trials by many different institutions. Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis neuro-degeneration are often observed by doctors and various studies have found that marijuana can even slow the rate of neuro-degeneration.
Marijuana Multiple Sclerosis

Effects of Multiple Sclerosis?

To understand in depth, the effectiveness of  medical marijuana in multiple sclerosis one must understand a brief history on what multiple sclerosis is and does to the human body. It’s an auto immune disease, in which the myelin layer, which is a sheath covering the nerve fiber in brain, is attacked and damaged by the body’s immune system. This damaged sheath turns into scar tissue and over time can lead to sclerosis. Patients suffer from various symptoms of this disease. Patients also suffer from relapses and remissions as long as the disease is present. Patients have a choice of using medical marijuana in multiple sclerosis to relieve pain and the symptoms of degeneration of their neurons in their system.
The use of marijuana helps in alleviating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis including pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, spasticity, numbness and more. Through much medical research it was found that out of 112 patients that were kept under observation, almost eighty percent of the patients had shown improvement in symptoms like; Multiple Sclerosis, exhibiting a significant reduction in spasticity, pain, depression, anxiety and more. A meta-analysis conducted in the year 2007, was conducted  for the treatment of neuropathic pain in patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, it was concluded that cannabinoids of medical marijuana in multiple sclerosis had shown significant positive changes in symptoms. In another report in 2008 presented at the world congress on pain, the report stated that patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, when treated with medical marijuana, had reduced pain and spasms.

Is medical marijuana a good idea for Multiple Sclerosis patients?

There are four stages in Multiple Sclerosis including relapsing-remitting, primary and progressive stage, secondary and progressive stage and lastly the progressive relapsing stage. All of these patients face severe symptoms of pain and spasms. Most of the patients may face more than one symptom. Patients of Multiple Sclerosis and studies have found that marijuana can indeed reduce the symptoms of pain and inflammation. Many believe it’s a great idea to include medical marijuana, with the common treatments of multiple sclerosis. Patients are recommended to consult with their doctors, before using Medical Marijuana; to reduce the progression of pain.

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Medical Marijuana and Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is one of the many diseases in which medical marijuana plays a chief role in helping patients. With the sales of medical marijuana increasing in the states like Colorado, Washington, California, Oregon and Alaska; most think the procession will soon been legalized throughout the country. It is easier than ever to receive a medical recommendation, for medical marijuana if you are a Glaucoma patient. This can be done without the consultation of an ophthalmologist. But the bigger question; does medical marijuana really works in treating glaucoma?
Marijuana For Glaucoma

What is glaucoma?

It is a condition of eye in which the optic nerve gets damaged over time and thus reduces the vision of eye. This can also lead to blindness over time if it left untreated; or if it is not treated with the proper medication. Glaucoma effects the patient when pressure leads and damages the optic nerve. In some cases Glaucoma increases more than normal pressure  and that is known as intra ocular pressure (IOP). As per medical research, the only well-known way of controlling glaucoma at present is to lower the levels of IOP. The most common treatment of glaucoma that ophthalmologists offer, includes eye drops and surgery. When it comes to choosing between surgery and medical marijuana, some Glaucoma patients find Medical Marijuana a safer option than, having to go through surgical procedures.

Is Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma an effective treatment?

Trying medical marijuana for treating this optic nerve related diseases is something you should consult with your doctor. Marijuana is now becoming a very common medicine in treating glaucoma. Before choosing Medical Marijuana, consult your ophthalmologist and see if introducing medical marijuana in your glaucoma treatment can delay or even avoid, the surgical procedures. You can start with looking up if your state permits the use of medical marijuana and see if medical marijuana is legal in your state. There are many medical marijuana specialists who can suggest doses of this drug, for glaucoma treatment. You can consult your ophthalmologist and your medical marijuana specialists when considering using medical marijuana for glaucoma. Medical Dispensaries in your state, generally have medical marijuana in the right dosages, which contain a pure form, displaying the proper amount of cannabinoids and THC, which can help treat glaucoma, by reducing the IOP.

Medical researches suggest using medical marijuana for Glaucoma.

The idea of using medical marijuana for the treatment of glaucoma actually dates back to the 1970s. Studies were conducted and many came to conclusion that the patients who were undergoing the treatment of marijuana with glaucoma had, successfully reduced their IOP. In addition to the positive conclusion of this research,  additional research was carried out, which concluded that active ingredient in marijuana known as THC was the reason behind the lowering of IOP ( intra ocular pressure) in patients. This research received the support of National Eye Institute which is an integral part of federal National institute of Health. This research resulted in the ultimate conclusion that when marijuana was smoked, taken as pill or,  injected directly in the body, marijuana lowered the IOP levels in Glaucoma patients.

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Medical Marijuana and Migraines

icon  12 Dec, 2014  /  icon  12        Author: Support Pot Valet

Migraines have always been a topic of debate by some of the best doctors in the world. There are umpteen of causes, as to why a migraine might happen. To understand the role of medical marijuana for migraines, it’s important to know the underlying causes that may have caused the migraine in the first place. Medical marijuana assists in relieving headaches. Marijuana can bring about a relief to the patients headaches. Lets try to understand the causes of Migraines. According to modern medical science, about thirty items are listed, as giving cause to severe headaches and migraines.
Medical Marijuana For Migraines

Reasons to implement the use of medical marijuana for migraines:

There are twelve common drugs used world-wide to treat migraines. Some of these treatments sometimes end up being too complicated for the doctors and patients. In some complicated cases where the patient is allergic to a certain migraine relieving medicine, the migraine treatment might be very difficult. Their are numerous reasons a patient may want to avoid taking prescription drugs, one being, the various side effects some of the twelve commonly used drugs possess. One of the drugs used for treating severe migraines are phenobarbital. Some treatments even involve tranquilizers with minor effect like valium and Ativan. Sometimes patients are made to go through painful procedures. Including,  being injected with Demerol, ergotamine or other drugs an an effort to treate migraines

Use of Marinol for migraines: why and how it works

Cannabis doctors in California have developed a tremendous new method in treating migraines and are  currently putting medical marijuana into great use. Marinol is the main such product being recommended by these doctors and has had ravingly positive reviews, by users who claim Marinol has great positive effects on their migraines. Marinol is a fantastic treatmetn as the user does not get as effected as traditional pot smoking does. Marinol’s medical effect is a true wonder. Marinol/Medical Marijuana works miracles for people with migraines. Patients tend to say Marinol helps them carry on with their daily lives an chores.

Uses of smoking pot for instant relief from migraine pain: medical marijuana for migraines

Although marinol is a good substitute, it takes a bit of  time to act and sometimes doesn’t instantly remove the migraine.  Some doctors belive smoking medical marijuana is a better idea, in a limited amount. Smoking Marijuana provides instant relaxation and relieves the user of pain. Marijuana can relive the migraine and can also relieve the patient of nausea. Very often migraines are caused as the result of anxiety or stress. Marijuana provides the patient with a euphoric effect that relieves the patient of lingering anxiety and stress. For that moment in life, marijuana momentarily calms the person down, thereby reducing the migraine pain. Several studies observed that taking medical marijuana for migraines in limited dosage,  is one of the safest modes of treating  a migraine and has few to no side effects other than feeling wonderful.

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Medical marijuana strains 2014

icon  09 Dec, 2014  /  icon  3        Author: Support Pot Valet

There are a variety of medical marijuana strains that have been quite popular in relieving stress and providing a relaxing sensation in 2014. Here are some of the top and most debated marijuana strains of the year.

The Jilly bean marijuana strain

Jilly Bean

This is a strain that offers a sweet flavor with a fruity bud that tastes very close to pineapples and jelly beans. The orange velvet strain of cannabis was crossed with space queen strain of cannabis to produce the Indica variety of this strain. This strain does have a lot of sticky resin and is of a dark green; resembling the forest color with a few red hair strands here and there. This provides the smoker with a rich flavor and a great light-headed feeling. It is sometimes used to treat unceasing pain and relieves stress as well and is mostly used in daytime.

Ingrid strain of marijuana


This is an Indica dominant hybrid. This strain is produced after crossing the UK Cheese strain and the hash plant strain. This strain has an instant effect on the user. This strain is not easy to come across and is hence very popular. This growth of this strain is favored when done indoors but can be grown outdoors. This strain smells very earthy. It’s mostly used for relief from pain or dealing with sleep trouble.

The blue crack strain

Blue crank

Another popular strain among the medical marijuana strains is the blue crack strain which is originally a hybrid with the dominant being sativa. It’s a hybrid produced when blue dream is crossed with green crack strain. Users have an opinion as this being a very energetic strain and great for beating procrastination unlike some that makes the user a slouch on the couch.  The aroma that this strain provides is of blueberry and tastes similar to it. It works well for daytime use.

The chocolate chunk marijuana strain


It’s a pure indica strain and is the best for a couch lock or having early long naps. Works well if there is trouble with sleeping. This strain flowers almost in 55 days. This strain sticks to the classic earthy flavor. It’s also great for relieving pain besides dealing with insomnia.

The purple dragon marijuana strain