California Rejects Ban on Statewide Pot Delivery

Last week, 24 cities across California banded together to sue the state over its stance on cannabis delivery. Now new information is emerging. We recently discovered that politicians have been sidelining the bill for at least a year since it is so clearly unpopular and runs the risk of hampering California’s already lagging cannabis market even further. The information leaked just a few days after 24 Californian cities filed a lawsuit against the state, including Covina, Riverside, and Beverly Hills. They are requesting the courts to make invalid a state regulation drafted early this year that would permit home delivery, including in cities that are specifically prohibiting cannabis stores in their jurisdictions. Assemblyman Ken Cooley, a Democrat from Rancho Cordova, will decide whether he will attempt to breathe new life into his proposal next year. This on Wednesday, the next day after it failed to pass. The Assembly Business and …

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