Weed Opponents Fear “De Facto Legalization” Nationwide

When Republican legislator Jason Nemes, from very conservative Kentucky, introduced a medical marijuana bill this year, he included stringent stipulations to prevent physicians from overprescribing the drug. Having never smoked pot himself, he is decidedly anti-drug and not advocating for the recreational use of marijuana. Until recently, he did not believe it effective at treating illness, like epilepsy or cancer. In speaking to Politico, Nemes clarified, “We are not interested in allowing people to go and smoke marijuana just for the heck of it.” With marijuana legalization spreading rapidly across country, his fears are well founded. Advocates on both sides worry that medical pot programs are increasingly becoming a Trojan horse for de facto legalization in states still undecided about the issue. Effect of Marijuana Legalization They believe this momentum is fast changing the policy and political landscape of the emerging industry. Despite legal markets flourishing in states like Colorado …

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