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Is Canada’s Weed Legalization Affecting NHL Pot Rules?

Canada’s weed legalization is having a profound effect on the country, even the world, in just about every industry, but it will not change the rules for its National Hockey League. Expected to generate multiple billions for the country’s federal coffers, the imminent legalization of pot is a long-awaited, much celebrated event for the country and its peoples. However, there are some facts to consider, some apparent now and others that arise as the market stabilizes. What will happen to drug testing laws? Will employers still have a right to an office free of inebriated workers, for example, or the National Hockey League bending the rules for stoned players? How far will society allow legalization to go? Canada’s Weed Legalization Canada intends to legalize marijuana across the country. It plans to wipe out the black market with legal trade instead, by those licensed, qualified, and authorized to operate within the …

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