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Effects of Federal Pressure on Santa Monica’s Cannabis Industry

On November 8, 2016, all of California was celebrating the official ballot votes approving Proposition 64. For those in Santa Monica, cannabis for recreational purposes was legal, and everywhere else in the state, too. Anyone over the age of 21 could use weed, carry it on their person, and even grow some at home. However, everyone is now anxious with President Trump being in office. Just ten days after his election, Trump instated Jeff Sessions as head of the Department of Justice. Sessions is an Alabama senator with strong opposing views on marijuana. Trepidation is now pervasive in L.A.’s cannabis industry, and stakeholders are extremely insecure about what will happen next or how to proceed. After all, cannabis is still illegal under federal law. California’s marijuana industry feels under threat.  Santa Monica cannabis industry do not feel that they have sufficient legal protection. Although Proposition 64 legalizes recreational weed, cannabis …

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5 Things People Do Wrong When They Are Growing Cannabis at Home

Are you preparing to venture into cannabis growing? Well, growing marijuana just like any other plant is not easy. You need to have ideas and information on how you’ll carry out your venture. Since the passing of the law to legalize marijuana, many farmers have been out there looking for licensing to start planting this drug. However, many of those already growing are making mistakes. As a potential grower or an already practicing farmer, here are 5 things people do wrong when they are growing cannabis at home. Are you among those making these mistakes? Here we go: Providing a Bad Growing Environment The first thing when it comes to growing marijuana is to get a unique environment. Without that, then you have no reason to undertake this very delicate venture. Production of high-quality marijuana requires that you provide a good growing environment that has a free flow of air. Even …

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Is There Really A Way To Increase The Potency Of Cannabis When Growing It?

A majority of marijuana growers if not all, sincerely ask this question. But is there really an approved method of increasing cannabis potency? We must admit that marijuana, just like everything else has become better over the years and has advanced strategically. However, it is also important to note that cannabis potency is not easy to achieve. It dearly needs some work and dedication.The question on whether cannabis potency can be increased is still a tale that has not yet been clearly told. Just like every other living thing, marijuana has genes. With each gene, is a certain percentage of both tetrahydrocannabinol  (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) that can be produced and no matter what is done, you may not surpass that percentage. Although the potency of cannabis is mainly attached to its gene, following certain guidelines would help improve the potency of cannabis. Factors That Improve Cannabis Potency There are …

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Maine: The Newest Entrant in Recreational Marijuana Legalization

The list of states legalizing the use of recreational marijuana continues to grow. This time around, California was not alone. There was still another state that voted for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. That was none other than the state of Maine. There was a delay in the delivery of the referendum results and after two days or so, the results were finally out. It was a very tight decision reported to be within a tiny proportion of a percentage point. There were high hopes from supporters during the 2016 election and even before the results were announced, they had already declared victory for Medical Marijuana.  Many of the supporters believed that they would be growing marijuana in their homestead by Christmas day. Voting for recreational marijuana required more than just making sure that it passed. Electing leaders who would implement it was also of equal importance. During …

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Recreational Marijuana is now Legal in the California

California is one of the states that were voting for the legalization of recreational marijuana on Tuesday November 8, 2016. Voters approved Proposition 64 making California the largest and most populous state to approve cannabis use for recreational purposes. The state had made a similar attempt six years ago but voters rejected the move. The win comes after an intense campaign that cost more than $16 million.The money raised by supporters was ten times more than that raised by the opponents. The proposition attracted support from all quarters including business executives who have no interest in the marijuana industry. Legalizing recreational cannabis has many implications for users and players in the industry. The state government will earn additional revenue from the proposed heavy taxation on cultivation and distribution of the drug. The move will lead to an increase in the demand for the drug, which will increase revenues from its distribution. …

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