Transportation Of Marijuana

Here’s Why You can’t Cross State Lines with Your Weed Even as the Hazy Wave of Cannabis Legalization Sweeps the US

Moving of marijuana between states is still considered illegal, and the federal government has the power to prosecute those found committing the offense. With that said, it means that you cannot carry your weed from one state to the other even when both states have legalized medical marijuana. According to the federal government, marijuana remains as a substance controlled under schedule 1. In fact, that’s where controversy has been there between the state and federal laws. So if you thought you can now carry around your strain when you are crossing to other states, then know that the law can find you on the wrong side. That means until the government makes it legal to carry out interstate marijuana commerce, you cannot carry your favorite strain to another state at the moment. When we say that it’s illegal to take your medical or recreational strain to another state, we do …

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