Russian Bankers Enter Marijuana Fray

Two of Russia’s most famous banking pioneers have their sights firmly set on the next huge emerging market. Credit Suisse First Boston alum Boris Jordon, co-founder of Renaissance Capital over twenty years ago and ex-Goldman Sachs banker and co-founder of Troika Dialog, Bernie Sucher, believe that the U.S. cannabis industry will reap similar profits to those generated from communism’s rubble. Jordan, a controversial backer of Boris Yeltsin’s privatization programs that made those with connections overnight oligarchs, had this to say, “It is just like Russia in the 1990s. We are talking about an industry in its infancy that needs to be built up from scratch, legalization and all.” Although still federally illegal, state-approved marijuana sales have been exploding since Californian doctors began prescribing it 1996. Medical cannabis is now legal in 28 states. Over the last five years, eight made recreational use permissible. Even facing opposition from the administration of …

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Legal Marijuana States Attempt to Stop Illegal Smuggling

Long before cannabis became legal in Oregon, people were growing weed extensively throughout its thick, wet forests. The climate was simply ideal, and growers were sending it across state lines for bigger profits. Nowadays, smuggling continues, only this time, it is legally grown cannabis leaving the state. All of this trafficking is putting major strain on America’s multibillion-dollar cannabis industry. In response to this risk, weed-friendly states are doing everything they possibly can to stop this diversion, despite the fact that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is pressing for more enforcement of federal marijuana laws. Seed-to-sale tracking systems are helping states monitor their legal market, and they see this software as the best way to defeat illegal cannabis smuggling. The goal of seed-to-sale technology is to track legal marijuana from the field or greenhouse where it grows, to the shop that sells it, and finally to the person who consumes …

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Massachusetts Legislature Unveils 20 Percent Cannabis Tax Law

Massachusetts has been making headline news a lot recently.  The legislature will soon approve an overhaul of its marijuana laws. In an attempt to change laws voters approved for cannabis legislation, negotiators from the House and Senate agreed on Monday to a bill that would have profound effects for everyone involved in the marijuana industry: It would charge more cannabis tax in Massachusetts and oversee local weed shops. However, this “deal” has serious legal obstacles. Furthermore, it would be near impossible for local municipalities to implement. The bill increases total tax on weed purchases to a 20 percent maximum. Back when voters approved the ballot, 12 percent was the agreed-upon tax limit. Legislators also aim to merge oversight of all marijuana businesses into a five-member Cannabis Control Commission. Adults will retain their right to grow, purchase, possess, or use medical marijuana and recreational weed, but only in limited quantities. Legal …

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Massachusetts Lawmakers Want High Tax and Reformed Marijuana Laws

Legislators from the State of Massachusetts are proposing sweeping changes to its recreational cannabis industry. They want to combine the state’s existing medical marijuana laws in Massachusetts with its recreational ones, change the structure of oversight, and increase taxation. The Marijuana Policy Committee heard these changes formally proposed during Wednesday’s hearing. Marijuana Legalization in Massachusetts The House will vote on these proposals and on Thursday, amend legislation for it. The Senate plans to craft its own marijuana laws too, and the Conference Committee will discuss the differences and draft a final proposal for the governor to sign before month’s end. What does this mean for cannabis consumers in Massachusetts, and hopefully nowhere else? Here are some of the bill’s most notable takeaways: Higher Taxes Recreational weed will have 21.75 percent tax on it, 16.75 percent state tax and 5 percent an optional local tax on the gross income of cannabis …

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Will Marijuana Edibles Be Legal Under the New California Bill?

Marijuana-infused products are exploding in popularity. In fact, financial experts say that edibles alone have a 43 percent share in the total cannabis market. People are trying weed in different forms, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that more and more prefer eating it. Despite this, California lawmakers intend to ban certain edibles and tighten regulations significantly. Why? Children are eating them accidentally and emergency room visits are skyrocketing because of it. When marijuana edibles resemble typical candy, unsuspecting people unknowingly devour them, most notably kids already familiar with candy shaped like fruit, insects, animals, or people. Lawmakers want to ensure that cannabis edibles are unmistakably obvious in an attempt to eliminate future accidents. Legalization of Marijuana in California Back in 1996, California voters approved Proposition 215, or the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. This made marijuana legal in California for medical patients to treat themselves. It allowed them to …

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Does Smoking Weed Affect Oral Health?

In the United States alone, nearly two million people use marijuana every single day. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, it is popular among all demographics. It is harmful if smoked, however. As with tobacco, cannabis smoke is high in cancer-causing chemicals. As such, pot smokers are at risk of mouth problems. What are the effects of Marijuana on oral health? Oral Health Effects of Marijuana Marijuana and Oral Health Other Cannabis Alternatives Effects of Marijuana On Oral Health Doctors consider aging the prime cause of gum disease, but this is not the case for people who smoke cannabis regularly. Heavy pot smokers have a strong predisposition toward periodontitis. According to WebMD, a study conducted by The Journal of the American Medical Association found a strong association between cannabis use and gum disease, and many were not that old. The study concluded that, of the 32-year-old …

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The Science of Why We Get Marijuana Munchies

Every cannabis smoker in California knows hunger. Even non-smokers know about this common side effect. Why does weed give you the munchies? Science explains it.   If you smoke weed, then you must know impulsive hunger. Even after emptying the fridge into your mouth, you still want more food. Although your logical brain knows you are consuming enough to feed California, you just cannot stop yourself from eating more. This is marijuana munchies, and there is a scientific explanation for it. Read on to learn why it happens: Why Does Weed Give You the Munchies? High Mice in a Scientific Study Real Reason for Marijuana Munchies Weed and Its Brain Changing Cannabinoids Last But Not Least Why Does Weed Give You the Munchies? The reason for marijuana munchies has nothing to do with your stomach. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, it all happens in your brain. It is actually the …

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5 Steps to Make Cannabis Tincture the California Way

Weed lovers in California are taking cannabis in every form that exists, but using a marijuana tincture is extremely popular. So, how do you make it at home?     In California, people are using pot in every way imaginable. Medical patients mostly use a cannabis tincture, but it has recreational and preventative benefits too. You can find guides for all types of edibles and extractions online, but they are not always organic or effective. Tinctures can be particularly potent, however, and if you are a weed grower, then you should try making it from your harvest at least once. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, making marijuana tincture involves extracting the THC and cannabinoids in an alcoholic solvent. Experts recommend using Ever clear because it has a high alcohol content and is clear in color. Remember, though: The higher the ethanol percentage, the more THC it will …

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Support for Cannabis - Celebrities That Help Clean Marijuana’s Image

Marijuana has received a lot of publicity in the past few years and it’s legalization for recreational use has been heavily debated. Recently, the public voted to legalize recreational cannabis in California and that provided significant momentum to the industry. This is mostly because marijuana has gotten a lot of positive press and support from high-profile people, including celebrities. There are many who are quite vocal in favor of either medical or both medical and recreational marijuana and some of them are mentioned below: Bill Gates This might come as a surprise to many, but Bill Gates is a supporter of marijuana. He might not have spoken on the subject much, but sometimes actions speak more than words. The billionaire and business wiz said “Yes” when the vote for initiative 502 to legalize recreational marijuana use was carried out in Washington State. He has publically stated that it’s a good …

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Elderly Swing Vote In Florida for Medical Marijuana. Will it Suffice?

Medical marijuana in Florida is facing such a big battle and the elderly in the land are believed to posses the answer to end it. In about three weeks, the state of having a medical marijuana dispensary is about to be known in this wonderful State. Both the opponents in the vote are fighting hard to get the votes from the senior citizens, which are considered to be the deciding vote. This is expected to take center stage in round two of Amendment 2. Back in 2014, Amendment 2 almost succeeded after it got a 57% support in what was seen as a let down from the senior citizens. Of all the voters who engaged in the process, only 38% of voters aged 65 years and above voted in favor of it. The required percentage for it to pass was 60%. Looking back at what happened last time, the seniors …

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The Top 10 Marijuana Topicals of 2016

Topicals are creams, lotions, balms, and oils that are infused with marijuana and applied to the skin. They’re not formulated to be consumed and many people consider them to be a waste of weed. After all, why would you apply marijuana to the skin when you can smoke it and experience the relaxation and pain relief it can bring? Most people don’t realize that marijuana actually is great for your skin and offers a number of benefits. List of Top 10 Marijuana Topicals 1. Prana Roll On from Harborside Health Center The Prana Roll On is a mix of essential oils and cannabinoids from Harborside Health Center and United Cannabis. It comes in several doses and is a part of a line of Bio Nutrients from the company. This oil works with aromatherapy to provide wide-surface relief from aches and pains. The formula transfers through the skin and sinks into the …

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Increasing Mainstream Use of Marijuana and Health Benefits

With each passing day, a lot of the negativity about marijuana is being proved increasingly wrong. As a result, the mainstream use of marijuana is gaining more and more popularity. There is a perfectly valid reason behind it too – marijuana has plenty of health benefits. Not only has it been legalized in many places, but doctors are prescribing the use of marijuana for medical purposes as well. As a result, medical marijuana dispensaries are seeing an increase in sales. Globally Growing Popularity of Using Marijuana Many American states (24 to be exact), including California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Washington D.C., have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. In Australia, New South Wales may extend the use of medical marijuana to non-terminally ill patients, while Vancouver has recently issued a license to its first medical marijuana dispensary. Moreover, Macedonia could legalize the sale of medical marijuana …

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A Brief Overview of the Cannabis Movement

Cannabis has been around for centuries, ancients used it as a means of healing and relaxation, and more recently it has begun to regularly be used seriously for both medical and recreational purposes again. In fact, with cannabis news continuing to grow, and the word continuing to spread of it’s supposed medical benefits and lack of negative side effects, (in regards to the negative effects of other illicit drug usage), many, in the United States specifically, have really begun to advocate for it’s acceptance and legalization across the board. Because of this, three states have currently legalized the sale, distribution and use of medical, as well as recreational cannabis (including: Colorado, Washington and Oregon), and many more have legalized just medical cannabis, with more and more states seeming to consider it every day. In fact, the number of cannabis dispensaries has sky rocketed in the last decade, now including up …

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Medical Marijuana For Pain Relief

There has been a lot of ongoing discussion as to whether or not medical marijuana is effective in treating pain. Many scientific studies have proven that medical marijuana is a great way to treat patients with chronic pain. Some doctors that find its use effective will continue to research and prescribe marijuana as a first means to reduce pain in patients and hope to spread the word about its benefits. Patients suffering from severe pain, persistent muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, naura, HIV, arthritis, PTSD and epilepsy can greatly benefit from the use medical marijuana. Patients and doctors have discovered that the most effective use for medical marijuana for pain relief are for pain caused by the damage of the nervous system. Along with treating pain, patients have also stated that there are even more benefits that this drug can help with. More benefits of using medical marijuana …

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Cannabidiol Shows Therapeutic Promise for a Range of Diseases

Children born with Dravet syndrome – and their families – are extremely challenged, to say the least. This rare yet severe form of intractable epilepsy – also known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI) – causes dozens of seizures every day, leaving these young patients exhausted and anxious and with anything but a normal life. With few effective treatments available, the parents of these patients have had nowhere to turn. Some of these parents have turned to oral Cannabidiol (CBD) and it has positively impacted their children’s conditions. Cannabidiol (CBD), a very active chemical contained in marijuana – also known as cannabis – is a potential bright spot in an otherwise bleak medical prognosis for patients with Dravet syndrome. CBD has been shown to be a well-tolerated treatment that can reduce or in some cases, eliminate seizures associated with Dravet syndrome and other childhood epilepsy disorders. Some parents of …

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Cannabis Dispensaries in California

Cannabis dispensaries in the United States are a local government regulated physical location, typically inside a retail storefront or office building, in which a person can purchase cannabis and cannabis related items for medical or recreational use and/or consumption. There are many cannabis dispensaries spread across the United States including the state of California. California was the first state to establish a medical marijuana program via Proposition 215in 1996 and senate Bill 420in 2003. With California being a pioneer in the regulation and decriminalization of cannabis, dispensaries began to open up in the state. One of the most notable cannabis dispensary in the state of California is the Harborside Health Center, with locations in both Oakland and San Jose, California ‍— which is considered the “largest pot shop” in California, according to the Huffington Post.Harborside Health Center has been doggedly pursued as a criminal enterprise by the western region Department of …

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The Science Behind Cannabinoids and the THC

What are cannabinoids? Well, cannabinoids[1] are the class of complex naturally occurring chemical compounds, they act as cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are found in the brain cells that repress neurotransmitter release. There are three types of cannabinoids: endocannabinoids (found in humans and animals), phytocannabinoids (found in certain plants) and synthetic cannabinoids (they are man made). Cannabinoid receptors, discovered in 1988, which lead to the search for the binding chemical that binds to them. The receptors have been identified into two groups CB1 and CB2. They have many locations throughout the body including the Brain, liver, lungs, kidneys, immune system and hematopoietic cells. They are associated with various physiological responses such as appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. Endocannabinoids were first discovered in 1992, called the Anandamide. It has similar chemical properties to the most well-known cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The anandamide can be found in the variety of animals, some plants and …

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Our Top 5 Marijuana Loving Celebs

As we’re still a little loved up in the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d take a look at our top crushes of 2016 who have made Cannabis News so far this year.  With these personalities supporting such a great cause, we can have hope for the future of cannabis and medical marijuana in the US. Carl Hart – Medical Dispensary Research Dr. Carl Hart is someone who all sapiosexuals can get excited about.  This guy is all brains, as well as being one of the most inspiring cannabis researchers around.  He is not only a professor of psychiatry and psychology, but he is also a neuroscientist.  He is based at the prestigious Columbia University and his specialism is drug research to make sure for example, that the cannabis you buy from the Medical Dispensary is effective and safe.  He is also the first black tenured professor at the …

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Top 3 Most Popular Uses For Medical Marijuana

The Top 3 Most Popular Uses For Medical Marijuana At this point, only 6% of medical studies about marijuana are analyzing its medicinal properties. It seems there are at least 2 active chemicals with medicinal applications in this plant. These chemicals are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While CBD impacts the brain without the high, the THC provides the high and pain relief, plus other properties. With that being said, let’s have a look at the top 3 most popular uses for medical marijuana. Marijuana Can Be Used to Treat Glaucoma The eye disease known as glaucoma causes the pressure in the eyeball to increase. This damages the optic nerve and ends up in loss of vision. Marijuana can be used to treat and prevent glaucoma, as it decreases the pressure in the eye, according to the National Eye Institute. The effects of marijuana slow down the way the disease …

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What Does the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Mean for Oregon?

Oregon is preparing for the commencement of the sale of recreational marijuana in November. Whilst it had been believed that it would be around 3 months later that the chances would come into force, it was decided to bring the launch date forward. Whilst this is an exciting time for the people of Oregon, the legalization of the recreational use of the cannabis drug also brings some trepidation and uncertainty to those who grow and sell the substance. Medical marijuana dispensaries apply for recreational licenses There are 345 medicinal marijuana dispensaries across the state of Oregon, and of those, there have been 200 who have expressed an interest in offering the drug for recreational sales too. This is not surprising, as marijuana is a profitable item to sell. With marijuana dispensaries offering marijuana to recreational users as well as those who use it for health purposes, it is expected that …

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Tax Revenue Flows In From The Legalization Of The Cannabis

Those who oppose medical cannabis have been known to state frequently that legalizing the sale and distribution of the substance would be unlikely to create any tax increase for states who relax their laws. It is looking as though the sceptics will have to accept defeat however as statistics begin to emerge to prove their theories wrong. Whilst at first, tax was only coming in in small amounts from cannabis drug sales, in Colorado the revenue coming into the state from the sales of cannabis have now overtaken the revenue for alcohol. The state has been doing so well when it comes to taxes charged on both marijuana and alcohol that a one-day tax holiday was even offered to citizens in September 2015. More Taxes Made From Marijuana Than Alcohol For Colorado This Year Although these statistics do prove the doubters wrong, Colorado is still so far the only state …

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New Research Into Cannabis Brings Breakthrough For Broken Bones

One of the most recent studies into the healing benefits of the cannabis drug is creating a storm across the world. Researchers in Israel seem to have uncovered a property of part of the plant that apparently causes broken bones to heal. Believe it or not, this important research has found that when given the medicinal component of the drug, cannabidiol or CBD, as it is also known, patients who were suffering from breaks and fractures experienced faster healing. Not only did their bones heal at a faster rate than they would if they hadn’t have been taking the substance, but they also had stronger bones following the healing process so they were less likely to experience further breaks in the same area. CBD Research Proves That Those Who Buy Medical Marijuana Can Have Stronger Bones After Breaks Interestingly, the collagenous matrix, which is paramount for mineralizing bone tissue, is …

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