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How THC Forms in the Cannabis Bud

Science is learning much about cannabinoids. We now know how they form in cannabis plants. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a particular favorite. It makes users “high.” It also offers an abundance of medicinal properties for healing and promoting homeostasis in the body. Weed delivery is now widely available in California and other legal states, so more and more, folks have easy access to it. However, despite THC being a common household name these days, its fame overshadows its origins. Few know where it comes from, or how it really works. They know only that it will make them buzz and that it is good for them, but do you know anything more about it? Unlike other cannabinoids, THC is psychoactive. It is unique that way, and in others too. Understanding THC THC is the notorious counterpart to cannabidiol, or CBD, the two being the most recognizable of over 100 cannabinoids …

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