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Does Weed Really Change the Teen Brain?

Parents have been ordering cannabis delivery and cautioning their teenagers about it for at least a century, warning of its dangers. To no avail. Kids have been ignoring them just as long, now smoking weed at every opportunity, legal or not. Exaggerating the risk of addiction, Teen Brain damage, psychosis, has made no impact at all. Teens will do what teens do. How bad is weed really for their brains? Effect of Cannabis on Adult Brains It is fact that marijuana is psychoactive. It makes you “high,” which impairs memory, attention, and disrupts learning. Today, some of the most potent strains can make you delusional, paranoid, even physically sick, but these are temporary effects, as anyone who ever orders cannabis delivery soon figures out. Whether it harms the brain over the long term, causing lasting damage remains unclear. Numerous adult studies find nonusers performing better than chronic users on motor, …

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