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Weed Delivery Resumes Normalcy as Protests Become Peaceful

Over the last week, ever since Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, murdered George Floyd, a black man for using a $20 counterfeit note, protests have been happening countrywide. These protesters, initially peaceful, quickly degenerated into a violent mob rampaging though cities across the nation. Burning, looting, assaulting, and even murdering fellow citizens. California was no exception. Weed delivery companies continued to operate, but drivers were home before curfew kicked in. Some customers would wait until the next day for their orders. The riots shut businesses down. Forced people into their homes in a state of absolute terror, and had city mayors imposing curfews on everybody everywhere. Nobody could be outside after certain times. Police were out in full force arresting anyone caught outside after curfew or otherwise endangering civilians. Business Insider tells us President Trump mobilized the National Guard. Effectively, we have been under martial law. Effect on Businesses …

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