Cheaper to Buy Marijuana Online in Canada than in the United States

Buy online Marijuana Canada Vs USA

You may find Canadians south of the border pillaging outlet malls and buy marijuana online, cigarettes in bulk, but where weed is concerned, they are saving money. Wikileaf, an online database comparing marijuana dispensary prices in North America, published a report last week claiming weed 30 percent more expensive in the United States than in the Great White North.

Yes, Canadians are paying 30 percent less than you do in a marijuana dispensary. That is notably cheaper. Wikileaf unearthed this fact by comparing dispensaries in the U.S. and Canada at the start of April this year. It found that consumers pay around $40 for an eighth of an ounce in the United States, whereas Canadians pay only $27.90 for the same, which equals CAD $35.63.

Although this disparity decreases slightly as you increase the amount of cannabis that you buy from a marijuana dispensary online, Canadians are still saving consistent amounts of money, regardless of the quantities they purchase. The digital hub, based in Seattle, uncovered even more disparities between cities across North America.

By comparing weed prices between cities, it noticed certain regions having even more pronounced deviations. For example, San Francisco, the priciest city in North America for weed, sells cannabis at 39 percent more than Vancouver does. Just as interesting is the fact that prices in both countries are stable throughout the year. Since the start of 2018, the cost of cannabis has not shifted in any measurable way.

Even though the Canadian cost per gram dropped 7.7 percent in 2017, the general cost of pot has stabilized now, just as the federal government intends to legalize recreational marijuana, which will occur closer to summer’s end. Wikileaf also did a comparison of weed prices in the seven most popular cities for consumers using a marijuana dispensary online.

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According to this comparison, Seattle and San Francisco are the most expensive for those who wish to buy marijuana online. Vancouver and Toronto, on the other hand, proved the most affordable of all for online users. Globally, however, Canada is still average in regards to the price point for a gram. As the 2018 Cannabis Price Index shows, Canadian cities are not among the top ten cheapest or most expensive.

On the list, comprised of 120 cities, only five Canadian cities rank between 80 and 101, being Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, and Toronto. Tokyo, Japan is the most expensive city worldwide. At $32.66 per gram, or CAD $41.71, it is extremely pricey. If you want the cheapest weed, then Quito, Ecuador sells it at the lowest price of all. You will only pay $1.34 for a gram, or in Canadian dollars, just CAD $1.71.

In its same report, Wikileaf notes the likelihood of its ingrained weed culture, far-reaching efforts to legalize, and well-established cultivators and retailers being responsible for the reduced price point in comparison to the United States. We may have cheap booze, under-taxed tobacco products, and prehistoric drug laws, but the cheaper pot is across the border.

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